Most people don’t take care of the bladder. They don’t know the importance of bladder in-person system. At a young age, we ignore the bladder’s health, and later when we get older, we regrate it. Most adults are suffering from problem-related with the bladder. As people get older, they start to suffer from various bladder problems like urinary tract infection, bladder infection and urinary incontinence. This post will share some of the best tips that improve bladder health and improve your overall urinary system. If you follow the advice that I shared below, most of the urine related problem will be solved.

bladder health
1> Hydration: I can’t stress enough how hydration is good for your body.95% of urine is water, and rest 5% is waste. If your urine has less water and more waste, it can cause several urine-related problems like smelly urine, dark or cloudy urine. We should drink plenty of water every day for better bladder health. We should at least drink 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Keeping your body hydrated is good for your bladder health. If you are suffering from kidney and health problem, then consult with your doctor about how much water is healthy for you.
2>Avoid Excess Alcohol and smoking a cigarette:
We heard many times that smoking is injuries to health. Excess alcohol consumption is bad for the liver and kidney. The kidney is the organ that produces urine. So the excess alcohol drinking and smoking cigarettes can damage the functionality of the liver and kidney.
3> Limit caffeine intake: The excess caffeine intake can cause frequent urination, smelly urine and polyuria. So limit your caffeine intake to avoid bladder problem.
4>Avoid constipation: Constipation puts pressure on the bladder. Eating foods that rich in fiber can solve the problem of constipation. Keep your body physically active and drink plenty of water to solve the problem of constipation. Here are the Diet Tips For a Healthy Urinary System.
5>Healthy weight:
Eating foods loaded with fiber help you to keep fit and active. People who suffer from obesity also suffer from several bladder problems.
6>Regular exercise:
Regular exercise is very important. It keeps you active. It fixes all your bladder related problem. Regular exercise will help you to lose weight. It also cures the problem of constipation.
7>Kegel exercise:
Kegel exercise increases the strength of the pelvic floor muscle, which supports the bladder. Doing kegel exercise increases the strength of the bladder. Kegel exercise prevents urine leakage and the problem of frequent urination.
8> Avoid holding urine:
Holding or delaying urine can affect the bladder. It can weaken the bladder muscle. Holding urine for a long time can cause urinary tract infection.
9>Do not force urination:
Do not force the muscle around the bladder to pee. Try to relax your muscle during urination so that it will relive the pressure present on bladder muscle.
10> Clean your genitals:
After using the toilet, you should clean your genitals to prevent bacteria from entering the urinary system.
11> Pee after sex:
Pee after sex is important for men and women. Peeing after sex will help you to flush the bacteria present in your urinary system. It also prevents urinary tract infection.
12> Wear lose cloth:
Do not wear tight underwear. Use light cotton underwear to keep the air around the urethra dry. Tight innerwear can cause infection, so avoid wearing tight jeans and underwear.