Does aldi drug test 2023

Does Aldi drug test its employee? Let’s find out detail about the Aldi drug and alcohol policy. Established in 1961 in Germany, Aldi is a leading supermarket store across 20 countries. Knowing about the Aldi drug test policy will help you to prepare for it.

Aldi German supermarket chain has 20,000 stores across 20 countries. You will find all types of grocery items, kitchen accessories, and other products at low prices at Aldi stores, around 50 million customer shop monthly in the Aldi stores. The Aldi offers various career opportunities that fresher and experienced candidates can apply for. But to get a job in Aldi, you should know its drug and alcohol policy.

Aldi drug test policy

The Aldi has a strict drug test policy that prevents the buying, selling and possessing of illicit substances in the workplace. It is forbidden to consume alcohol and illicit drugs on Aldi premises. Aldi conducts pre-employment and random drug tests to ensure its workplace is clean and drug-free. Aldi uses drug tests to check for marijuana, opiates, meth, cocaine and other illicit substances. Applicant must pass the Aldi pre-employment drug test to get the job in the Aldi. Both part-time and full-time employees need to pass the drug test.

ALDI drug test

In most cases, Aldi conducts the pre-employment drug test during or immediately after the first round.

Not all jobs in Aldi require one to pass the drug test. You must pass the drug test to get a job in a warehouse, manufacturing, production, store manager, and other high-level positions. Aldi also conducts random drug tests in case of a workplace accident that results in serious injury or damage to Aldi’s property. Aldi can conduct random drug tests without prior notice if the employers notice drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace.

What kind of drug test does Aldi use?

The Aldi uses the urine drug test to check the presence of an illicit substance in the applicant or employee’s urine. The urine drug screening detects past substance and alcohol abuse. If you have intaken any illicit substance like weed or PCP opiates in the past, then those substance traces will show up in the urine test. Usually, it takes one week to get the drug test results. You will not get the job if you test positive for the illicit substance.

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How to prepare for a urine test.

To prepare for the urine test, you must stop consuming alcohol and illicit substance. If you have intaken alcohol or illicit substances in the past, you have to remove those substances from your body before the urine test. Detox programs like toxin rid 5 Days can help remove those illicit substances from your body before the urine screening.

Some people use powdered urine to pass urine tests. Powdered urine is clean human urine that can pass the urine screening.


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