Best defense for positive drug test

Drug tests are usually carried out by employers before recruiting an employee and by sports authorities before a match. Drug tests are done to test for the presence of illicit drugs in the body of an individual. And quite understandably, a positive drug test report can prevent you from getting a job or it can pave your way out of your sports team. This can impact your personal life severely and so you need to have a good defense for a positive drug test. 

How To Prepare For A Drug Test?

When you are asked to appear for a random and instant drug test, there is hardly anything you can do to get through it. However, when you are pre-informed of the drug test, you must carefully analyze the time you have in hand and then prepare yourself accordingly for the drug test. 

First and foremost, you should be knowing the kind of sample (urine, sweat, blood, saliva, or hair) that you will be asked to submit to trace the presence of drugs in your system. And then, the drugs that you will be tested for as some of the drugs stay in your body for a comparatively more number of days than others.

Most of the drug tests screen for PCP, Cocaine, TCH (Marijuana), Opioids, and amphetamines. Once you are aware of this fact, the next thing that you should be doing is detoxifying your body as early as possible. Either you can rely on detoxifying drinks and shampoos or you can undergo a natural detox by drinking excessive water and doing regular exercise. 

Best defense for positive drug test

Which Medications Can Give A False Positive Drug Test Report?

At times, people are on pills and medications that can lead to a false positive drug test report. Certain medicines could be prescribed by a doctor while others are over-the-counter medicines, however, both can end up giving you a false positive drug test report and put you into unsaid trouble. 

For instance, if you consume cough suppressants that contain dextromethorphan before your drug test or regularly, it is going to give you a positive urine drug test report for PCP. Similarly, if you intake Diphenhydramine, a medicine to cure allergies, it will produce positive test reports for PCP and opiates. 

Thus, as the best defense against a positive drug test report, you must always inform the lab authorities about the medicines that you are consuming and the medicines that you intake as a prescription such as sleeping pills that can give a fake positive for amphetamine. At times, the traces of these medicines can still be found in your system after weeks of use.

Thus, it is better to be on the safer side and undergo a sophisticated and secure drug test that only produces a positive result if you have been on drugs for a few days and not because of the consumption of medicines. The lab people should know that you are on medications so that they can carry on the drug test accordingly.

The Best Defense For A Positive Drug Test

Getting a positive drug test report after an unannounced drug test can be troublesome as you might have to give up on your job and work life once and for all, also putting a bad impact on your reputation. Thus, the best defense that you can put forward for a positive drug test can be the mixing up of specimens by the lab professionals. 

People often claim that they have been intaking the prescribed medicines for a few weeks or months and that has ended up giving a fake positive drug test report. Not only this, one defensive answer is that you had kissed someone after they had smoked or you have inhaled second-hand marijuana smoke. Eating poppy seeds and natural supplements can come up as another reason.

Moreover, you can put a reason that the drug test report came positive due to the shampoos and lotions that you use. However, if you feel that you have got a fake positive drug test report, you can always claim for another chance at the drug test, but the next time the test will be conducted on even higher levels. But, if you have not been consuming illicit drugs, you will easily be getting a negative drug test report the next time. 

What To Do If You Receive A Legitimate Positive Drug Test Report

If you get a positive drug test report and you know that it is legit, you need to accept the fact that you are an avid drug consumer and the traces of prohibited drugs still exist in your system. In such a scenario, certain organizations might terminate your relationship with them, however, other employers can be a little less strict and ask you to join a rehabilitation center. 

The best thing to do once you receive a legitimate positive drug test report is to accept your fault and work towards your betterment before continuing your job as an employee. It is always advised that you trust professionals to stabilize your drug addiction. You can join drug and alcohol treatment programs that can assist in removing absurd substances from and body and controlling your addiction. 


1) What can I do to overcome a positive drug test report at work?

1) If you have got a positive drug test report, you must seek immediate help from a professional and commit to attending a rehabilitation program for drugs and alcohol and ask your employer if he or she can support you meanwhile. 

2) Is it possible to get a false positive drug test report?

2) Yes, it is a possibility that you might get a false positive drug test report. It can happen because of the medicines that you might be intaking as a prescription from your doctor.  


No one wants to get a positive drug test report. At times, it can be because of a mistake in the sample collection or other products such as shampoos, lotions, or the medications prescribed by your doctor. However, if you know that the positive drug test report you have got is legitimate and you are addicted to drugs, you must consider getting help from professionals. 


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