Best Synthetic Urine For Drug Test 2024 – Fake Pee Brands Comparison

Your search for the best synthetic urine for drug tests ends here. We listed the top fake piss brands you can use for the drug test. Let’s check does it works and where to buy them.

What is Synthetic Urine?

Crafted in a laboratory to closely mimic real human urine in composition, chemical properties, and appearance, this chemical substance, synthetic urine, finds various purposes, surpassing its well-known role in attempting to deceive urine drug screens. With components like nitrates, sulfates, creatinine, ammonia, urea, and uric acid, synthetic urine serves as a crucial matrix for quality control preparations in drug testing laboratories.

It also plays a key role in evaluating the impact of urine on everyday products like diapers, mattresses, and cleaning agents, ensuring their effectiveness and durability. In the field of medical research, synthetic urine serves as a valuable tool, providing a controlled substance for experiments with medical devices. Its versatility extends to alternative medicine methods involving urine, showcasing its relevance in various fields beyond drug testing.

Most synthetic urines contain urea and uric acids to resemble real urine closely. Finding synthetic urine that closely matches the characteristics of genuine pee is crucial, as labs can easily detect fake urine lacking these traits. Using pure compounds in the fake urine sample, matching the composition and density of real urine makes the sample nearly indistinguishable.

What is the Best Synthetic Urine?

Now that you know about synthetic urine and how it works, you must definitely be looking for something that can help you out. However, with so many brands out there, it can be confusing to find out the best synthetic urine that will help you pass your urine drug tests with 100% surety.

Well, the first thing that you need to ensure is that you don’t go for any cheap fake urine because, with them, you’ll be at a high risk of failing the test. Moreover, they are easily identifiable too. 

It’s essential that you find a brand with the correct ingredients and composition. You want to check if the fake urine kit you’re picking up has creatinine and urea in its ingredients list. Additionally, you need to check for the balanced pH levels and specific gravity too. The ease of use and convenience of hiding your fake urine kit also determines how well it will work out for you.

Factors to consider while buying synthetic urine for drug tests:

1> Ingredients: The synthetic urine must contain urea and uric acid. The synthetic urine should have the correct PH, gravity, and creatinine level. The lab can easily detect synthetic urine that does not contain urea and uric acid.

2> Purpose: When purchasing synthetic urine, it’s important to consider why you need it. To beat the urine test, you should purchase fake pee with ingredients found in real human urine. You don’t need an expensive synthetic urine kit if you purchase synthetic urine for pranks or non-serious purposes.

3> Heating pad: A heating pad keeps urine warm for a long time. You can purchase a heating pad separately or use the one that comes with the kit. Not all synthetic urine comes with a heating pad, some have a heater, heat activator powder, and handwarmer, and some kit does not include a heating pad.

4> Time taken to reach the correct temperature: Synthetic urine should not take much time to reach the correct temperature(94 to 100 degrees). For example, some synthetic urine, like clear choice sub solution, takes 10 seconds to reach the correct temperature, while others take 45 minutes. Synthetic urine, like a Sub solution, is a good choice when taking a random drug test.

5> Temperature maintenance: The lab checks the urine temperature for a drug test. So it is essential to keep the urine warm for the test. 

6> Shelf life: Synthetic urine does not work after the shelf life is over. So it is a good idea to check the expiry date of synthetic urine before using it for the test.

7> Type: There are two types of synthetic urine: powdered and liquid. Powdered form urine requires mixing before use, while liquid synthetic urine is ready to use. Liquid synthetic urine can leak sometimes, so choose a reliable product that won’t leak.

8> Biocide: Biocide is the ingredient that keeps urine fresh for a long time. Real human urine does contain biocide. However, advanced lab procedures can detect the presence of biocide, so choosing a product that does not contain this ingredient is important.

9> Manufacture details: It is essential to look at manufacture details. You should not use synthetic urine, which has no long history of success. There are lots of replica synthetic urine available in the market. So you should buy synthetic urine from a genuine seller.

Considering all these factors, you can understand how thoroughly you need to research when purchasing a product like that, especially given the fact that it’s not much known and probably a new concept to you too.

Well, you can take a sigh of relief as we have done all the research that’s required. After all the research, test, and analysis, here we have a list of some of the best synthetic urine kits that you can purchase for faking your drug tests and passing them without any problem at all.

We updated the list based on feedback we received from our users and our research. So this latest ranking of synthetic urine brands of 2024.
For those needing more time to read the full article, we have provided our top 5 picks. However, we encourage readers to read full articles to examine each brand and its features comprehensively.

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2024 Best Fake Pee Brands For Drug Test.

We have tested the most popular brands of synthetic urine that are commonly used by truck drivers, nurses, CDL drivers, and Reddit users. Our ranking of these brands is based on a range of factors, including their ingredients, usability, shelf life, and user reviews.
In creating our list, we also considered additional factors such as overnight shipping, price, and included accessories. For those who prefer a complete synthetic urine kit with a heating pad, we have included details about the kits that include this feature.

Test Clear 

TestClear Urine has been around for a long time, and it’s one of the best brands you can find for synthetic urine. It is powdered synthetic urine, but the entire kit comes with everything you need to safely give it as a urine sample for your drug test.

The kit contains the powdered synthetic urine, a transport vial, temperature strips, and two air-activated heaters to heat the urine correctly to room temperature.

So, all you need to do is just hide the kit safely till you’re alone to give the urine sample, and then you can prepare your sample by mixing the powdered urine in water and heating it up using the air-activated heaters till the temperature strip shows 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best part yet is that the entire kit costs just $50. Now, we understand that it falls within the cheaper range, and you don’t want to try your luck with cheaper kits. 

However, you can really trust Test Clear, given the bold claims that it has never failed a drug test ever. They give that claim also because they claim their product to be dehydrated urine rather than synthetic urine. So, technically, it’s just real pee that you will be mixing with water. So, there’s hardly any chance of it failing the test. Read the full Test clear urine review.

powdered urine kit



  1. It has bold claims with guaranteed results.
  2. It’s more affordable than other synthetic urines.
  3. Its temperature strip is reusable.


  1. It’s in powdered form, which makes it tricky to prepare right.

Features overview:

  • Main Ingredients: Urea, Uric acid
  • Overnight shipping: Yes
  • Heating pad: No, but it comes with two heaters.
  • Time taken to reach the correct temperature: 45 Min
  • How long does it keep urine warm: 4 hours
  • Heaters: 2 air-activated heater
  • Manufacture Name: Testclear.
  • Shelf life: Once opened, use it within 72 hours
  • Biocide: No
  • Unisex: Yes

Quick Luck

Quick Luck is another best synthetic urine in the market made by Clear Choice brand that’s been around for years and has other synthetic urines, too, such as Sub Solution. Quick Luck is liquid synthetic urine that’s ready to use. So, it’s great for drug tests that you need to take on very short notice.

Since it’s a premixed solution, all you need to do is heat the solution to the right temperature and leave it for drug testing. Heating the solution is easy, too, as the kit comes with heating pads and temperature strips to help you know the correct temperature when heating synthetic urine.

Talking about whether it works or not, you will be amused at the success rate of Quick Luck. Clear Choice is committed to making sure that its products are effective and keep making the necessary changes and enhancements to them for better success. As such, Quick Luck is prepared using all the essential compounds and components that give it the characteristics of real pee.

So, Quick Luck looks and smells like real pee, and when put to drug test, it will give the results you want it to give. This simply means that you’ll have 100% surety of passing your drug test when you use Quick Luck.

quick luck urine


  1. Pre-mixed solution that works best for drug tests taken on short notice.
  2. Comes with heating pads and temperature strips.
  3. They have a phenomenal success rate.


  1. It’s a costly product.

Features overview:

Main Ingredients: Urea, Uric acid
Overnight shipping: Yes
Heating pad: Yes, it also contains heat activator powder that can warm the urine
Time taken to reach the correct temperature: less than 20 seconds if heat activator powder is used or 1 hour if the heating pad is used
How long does it keep pee warm: 8 hours
Heaters: No
Manufacture Name: Clear Choice
Shelf life: 2 years, 48 hours if you keep it open.
Biocide: No
Reheat: It supports multiple time reheat
Type: Liquid, pre-mix synthetic
Unisex: Yes

Clear Choice Sub Solution:

Sub solution is affordable synthetic urine that works for the drug test. Sub-solution urine was first launched in 2003 by clear choice. The sub-solution contains all the chemicals, ingredients, and compounds in real urine. It has the correct PH, Creatinine, and gravity level.

Clear choice sub solution synthetic urine
The sub-solution kit contains the following:
1> Clean Toxin-Free urine powder
2>Heat activator powder
3> Temperature strip
4>Mixing container with cap
5> Instruction manual

Features overview:

  • Main Ingredients: Urea, Uric acid
  • Overnight shipping: Yes
  • Heating pad: No, But the kit has heat activator powder that can heat the urine.
  • Time is taken to reach the correct temperature: less than 20 seconds
  • How long does it keep the urine warm: 8 hours
  • Heaters: No
  • Manufacture Name: Clear Choice
  • Shelf life: 2 years, 48 hours if you keep it open.
  • Biocide: No
  • Reheat: Only reheat once
  • Unisex: Yes
  • Type: Powdered synthetic


Like its name, it’s definitely a quick fix for you to pass your drug test even when you have taken drugs. It’s premixed urine composed of creatinine, urea, and uric acid, which makes it much like real pee and makes sure that it never fails a drug test or even gets detected.

In addition to having the right ingredient and composition to resemble closely to real pee, this premixed synthetic urine also has a balanced pH and gravity that further makes it undetectable and unidentifiable.

Another great thing is that all the compounds are organic in this synthetic urine, which makes it pass more for real urine. Besides that, the kit also has extra synthetic urine to come in handy in case of emergencies.

In addition to this, it comes with a temperature strip, a urine bag, and a tube. So, the ease of use is just phenomenal with this synthetic urine brand. Also, since it’s a premixed solution, you need not prepare it, so it will come in very handy in case you face a circumstance of a surprise drug test. Read the full quick fix synthetic urine reviews.

Quick Fix 6.3 Plus


Features overview:

  • Main Ingredients: Urea, Uric acid
  • Overnight shipping: Yes
  • Heating pad: Yes
  • Time taken to reach the correct temperature: 45 Minutes
  • How long does it keep pee warm: Upto 8 hours
  • Heaters: No
  • Manufacture Name: Spectrum labs
  • Shelf life: 2 years, 48 hours if you kept it open.
  • Biocide: Yes
  • Unisex: Yes


  1. It’s a premixed urine solution to come in handy for emergencies.
  2. It comes with an extra amount of synthetic urine.
  3. It has a balanced pH and organic compounds that make it more realistic and resemble more closely to real urine.


  1. It’s not easily available given that there is high demand for it.


U-Pass is another excellent synthetic urine kit that is prepared by Safeguard labs. It’s a blend of different chemicals and ingredients found in real urine, such as creatinine and uric acid. Additionally, it has coloring and is prepared with a balanced pH to ensure that it closely resembles human pee. Moreover, it’s a unisex blend. So, men and women can both use it to pass their drug tests without any difficulty.

The kit also comes with a heating pad so that it’s easy for you to heat the synthetic urine solution correctly so that it resembles more closely to real pee and increases your chances of passing the drug test. Moreover, it has a temperature strip so that you can be sure that you’ve heated the solution to the correct body temperature.

In addition to all the essentials in the kit, the product also comes with proper instructions, further adding to the ease of use of the urine kit. Read the full Upass synthetic urine review.

upass synthetic urine


  1. Unisex blend.
  2. Looks and smells exactly like real pee.
  3. It’s pretty affordable.


  1. Some users have complained of failing their drug tests with it.

Features overview:

  • Main Ingredients: Urea, Uric acid
  • Overnight shipping: No
  • Heating pad: No
  • Time taken to reach the correct temperature: 10 seconds if kept in a microwave
  • How long does it keep the urine warm: At least 6 hours when handwarmer is attached
  • Heaters: No
  • Manufacture Name: 513 VENTURES, LLC
  • Shelf life: Two year
  • Biocide: No
  • Reheat: NO
  • Type: Liquid, pre-mix synthetic
  • Unisex: Yes


The Urinator is one of the most advanced kinds of synthetic urine that you can find on the market. It is a complete system that allows you to make the impression that you’ve actually peed in the cup. So, it will be best in case your drug test tracks your movements as well.

The advanced system has a fluid bag, a heating device, and a temperature monitoring computer chip. In addition to this excellent system that allows you to correctly heat the synthetic urine and use it for the drug test, it also has a velcro binding system that helps you place the bag anywhere, making it really convenient to use and easy to hide.

The heating device is advanced, it works on cells, and the best part is that it will keep the synthetic pee warm for up to four hours once you’ve heated it. So, even though it takes 20minutes for the system to start working, it doesn’t come as a problem as you can prepare the solution well before the time for the actual test and use it easily. Read the full the urinator review.

the urinator



  1. Advanced technology synthetic urine system with electric parts.
  2. Long life of the electric parts.
  3. The synthetic urine stays warm for up to 4 hours once heated.


  1. The system will take up to 20minutes to start, which will not be a feasible solution if you’re called for the drug test all of a sudden.

Features overview:

  • Main Ingredients: Urea, Uric acid
  • Overnight shipping: Yes
  • Heating pad: Yes, It is Digitally controllable electronic urine heating device
  • Time taken to reach the correct temperature: 15 to 20 minutes
  • How long does it keep the urine warm: At least 4 hours with one set of Duracell batteries.
  • Heaters: No
  • Manufacturer Name: The urinator
  • Shelf life: Reusable
  • Biocide: No
  • Reheat: It supports multiple time reheat
  • Type: Liquid Synthetic
  • Unisex: Yes


Whizzinator is another state-of-art advanced technology synthetic urine kit that is great for coming clean in your drug tests. The kit not only has synthetic urine, but it comes with a device that allows you to pass the urine into the cup as if you have actually peed. So, for those higher-end drug tests where movements are tracked to ensure that the person is not faking their tests, this synthetic urine kit will come as your savior.

The synthetic urine, called the Whizzinator Whizz, is composed of all the chemicals and components found in real urine, such as creatinine, urea, and uric acid. In addition to having the correct composition of chemicals and components, the synthetic urine is also balanced for pH and gravity to give it more characteristics of real urine.

The kit also comes with a heating device and temperature strips to help you heat the synthetic urine to the correct temperature before passing it through the Whizzinator device into the cup.

The Whizzinator device looks exactly like the male genitalia, and it even comes in different colors. So, you can choose your device accordingly. This way, you can be sure to create the illusion of real movements happening while giving the sample in case your actions are being tracked.

The only problem with this particular synthetic urine kit is that it is extremely pricey, which makes you want to look for alternatives even when you are not on a very tight budget.

The Whizzinator


  1. A complete synthetic urine kit that comes with a device to pass the urine when giving the sample.
  2. The Whizzinator device comes in different colors that you can choose as per your preference.
  3. They offer overnight shipping, so it’s a good option in case of emergencies.


  1. The kit is extremely high in price, which can make it quite heavy on your pockets.

Features overview:

  • Main Ingredients: Urea, Uric acid
  • Overnight shipping: Yes
  • Heating pad: Yes
  • Time taken to reach the correct temperature: 45 minutes
  • How long does it keep the urine warm: At least 8 hours with one heat pad.
  • Heaters: No
  • Manufacture Name: Alternative Lifestyle Systems
  • Shelf life: Two year
  • Biocide: No
  • Reheat: It supports multiple time reheat
  • Type: Liquid, Pre-mix Synthetic
  • Unisex: Yes

We do not advise people to cheat on urine drug tests. Users should research before using synthetic urine for job drug tests. All the information mentioned in this post is for informational purposes only.

Comparison of Fake Pee Brands

Product NameHeating PadTime to Reach Correct TempKeep Warm TimeManufacturer
Powdered UrineNo, but comes with 2 heaters45 min4 hoursTestclear
Sub SolutionNo, but has heat activator powder< 20 sec8 hoursClear Choice
Quick LuckYes, with heat activator powder or 1 hour with pad< 20 sec or 1 hour8 hoursClear Choice
Quick FixYes45 min8 hoursSpectrum Labs
UpassNo10 sec (microwave)at least 6 hours with hand warmer513 Ventures, LLC
UrinatorYes, digitally controllable15-20 minat least 4 hoursThe Urinator
WhizzinatorYes45 minat least 8 hoursAlternative Lifestyle Systems

Does Synthetic Urine Work?

We’ve explored top synthetic urine brands, each boasting about their effectiveness. However, when facing a critical drug test that can impact your life and future, it’s natural to question if synthetic urine truly delivers on its promises.

Recent research “Can synthetic urine replace authentic urine to “beat” workplace drug testing?” by Victor J Kim, Catherine K Okano, Caroline R Osborne, Deanna M Frank, Christopher T Meana, and Marisol S Castaneto evaluated adulteration and Onsite Synthetic Urine (SU) test strips. Remarkably, all synthetic urine products screened negative in the drug immunoassay and successfully passed specimen validity testing (SVT) as authentic urine.

This research provides valuable insights, assuring users that synthetic urine, when prepared correctly, is a reliable solution for passing drug tests. It’s essential to follow proper procedures to ensure success. The study’s findings reinforce the effectiveness of synthetic urine, adding a layer of confidence for those relying on it during drug testing situations.

Now, you may ask what it means to do everything right? Well, here are the things that you need to take care of from start to end when using synthetic urine for your drug test-

Never Purchase Cheap Fake Urine

When you’re purchasing synthetic urine, it’s essential that you go for a product that assures quality. If you purchase cheap synthetic urine just to save yourself some bucks, it can cost you your job as there are higher chances of failing the test with cheaper products.

Always go for a brand that’s highly known and has a good success rate with good customer reviews.

Check for the pH Balance and Gravity

The pH balance and gravity are important. You need to ensure that the synthetic urine is balanced for its pH and has a realistic gravity. So, always check for the same before putting your money into any brand.

Check the Ingredients and Composition of the Synthetic Urine

It’s essential that synthetic urine has all the chemicals and components that pass on the characteristics of real urine. You must always check that the synthetic urine contains creatinine, urea, and uric acid in its composition. Coloring and odor are also important to make the synthetic urine look and smell like real pee.

Ensure that You Heat Synthetic Urine Properly

The biggest possibility of something going wrong with the use of synthetic urine is that you haven’t heated it properly. It’s essential to heat the synthetic urine properly to the ideal body temperature to ensure that it works for you. Most synthetic urine kits come with temperature strips. So, make sure that you use those strips well and heat the urine correctly.

Ensure a Proper Mix

This applies when you are using powdered synthetic urine. It’s tricky to get powdered synthetic urine right. Such synthetic urine kits come with detailed instructions and guides on mixing and heating them. So, make sure that you follow the instructions to the T to ensure a proper mix that passes the test.

Be Assured that The Product Has Not Expired

Every product comes with a shelf life and expiry date. For synthetic urine, they last for 2-3 years from the date of manufacturing when kept and stored correctly. So, once you’ve purchased your kit, ensure that you store it correctly and be assured that nothing has gone wrong with it or that it hasn’t expired when you’re using it.


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Legal Consequences Of using synthetic urine

Using synthetic urine for drug tests can lead to severe Legal Consequences. Defrauding a drug test through synthetic urine is a misdemeanour, carrying penalties of up to a year in jail. States like Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma classify the use of synthetic liquid as a Class B misdemeanour offence. Aside from the legal implications, individuals caught using synthetic urine may also experience the distressing consequence of job loss. Thus, it is crucial to be aware of the legal risks associated with synthetic urine and seek legal alternatives when facing drug tests.

So, that’s all about the best synthetic urine kits available on the market. We have compiled this list after a lot of research and analysis and can say that these are the best brands with excellent success rates.

We have also made an effort to guide you on using these kits correctly so that nothing ever goes wrong with you.

We hope this was helpful and that you are in better awareness of synthetic urine kits now. So, what are you waiting for? Have a drug test coming up that’s dreading you? Well, you no longer have to worry. Just get your synthetic urine kit and pass the test with confidence!


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