Does Big Lots Drug Test?

Does Big Lots drug test? Let’s find out the details about the Big Lots drug test and substance abuse policy. Founded in 1967, Big Lots is the United States’ leading retail chain company that has around  1,426 stores in the United States. Big Lots helps customers save money on various popular products such as groceries, personal care products, kids, personal care and various other types of products.

The Big lots offer lucrative career opportunities with various benefits such as employee discounts, dental and vision insurance, PTO and retirement plans. The big lots offer corporate, store and distribution center jobs in around 1400 stores in the United States. But to get the job in the Big Lots store, you should be aware of the Big Lots drug and alcohol testing procedure.

 Big lots drug test and alcohol testing policy.

Big Lots is committed to providing a safe, discrimination and harassment-free workplace to employees. Big Lots has a strict drug and substance abuse policy, which prevents substance and alcohol abuse in the workplace. As per the policy of the big lot, it is prohibited to consume drugs and alcohol on the premises of big lots. It prohibited to buy, sell or trade any illicit substance in the premises of big lots store.

big lots drug test

Does Big Lots drug test?

The big lots do not conduct pre-employment drug tests. The big lots conduct the drug test in the following situations.

  • The big lots can conduct drug tests in case of a workplace accident that results in injury or death.
  • Employer notices any suspicious drug-related activity in the workplace.
  • Employer found any illicit substance in the workplace.
  • Employer notices employee working under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What kind of drug tests does Big Lots conduct?

The big lots use the urine drug test to check the presence of illicit substances in the urine. If an employee fails to pass the drug test, then the employer has the right to suspend or terminate the employee. In case of a workplace accident, Big Lots conduct instant urine drug test without giving any prior notice to the employee.

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