Bulletproof X2 Synthetic Urine Reviews : Does It Works?

Intaking drugs is pleasing and relaxing until you are stuck with the news of having to appear for a drug test. The fear of getting a positive drug test report is something that everyone faces, no matter if someone is an avid drug consumer or a frequent one. The consequences that a person has to face if the drug test report comes out to be unfavorable are challenging and disappointing. This is the reason people often try to cheat on their drug tests.

The most common way of faking a drug test is by taking a sample of false urine and sending it to the laboratory for the drug test. The availability of synthetic pee is the primary reason people try to have a urine-based drug test. However, it is not easy to get through the drug test with a fake urine sample. One has to be highly conscious about it. Certain factors such as the smell and color of the fake pee have to be known before relying on it.

If not, it will take no time for the medical professionals to detect that the urine sample is not natural, and then you could land yourself in big trouble. Considering that, today we will discuss a synthetic pee, that is, the Bulletproof X2 or Bulletproof. Let us find out if this fake urine is effective or not. Also, can you rely on Bulletproof Synthetic Urine, or will it be significant pain for you? Keep scrolling to get to know!

Bulletproof X2 Synthetic Urine Reviews

Bulletproof synthetic urine or Bulletproof X2 is artificially synthesized urine that contains urea and uric acid. Usually, people get confused between X2 and Agent X, another fake urine, although there is no evidence to prove that the same company manufactures these two products.

Like other synthetic urine, Bulletproof X2 is formed by keeping in mind the correct pH balance, and it appears and smells quite like natural urine. However, there is no assurity that the area and the uric acid mixed in creating this fake pee is done in the correct proportion, which accounts for a risk factor in going for the Bulletproof X2 synthetic urine.

Bulletproof X2 Synthetic Urine Reviews
Bulletproof synthetic urine is no longer good for the urine test. Bulletproof X2 premixed synthetic fetish pee easily gets caught by the labs like LabCorp, Concentra, and Quest diagnostics. So Avoid using Bulletproof urine for passing a urine drug screening test.

Test Clear urine kit is currently the best fetish pee you can use to prepare for the test. Here are some Test Clear urine review and Quick fix 6.3 review. Quick fix 6.3 and TestClear Powdered urine are great alternatives to bulletproof x2 urine.

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It is seen that the urine gets detected in the drug test as “adulterated,” which results in hindering your reputation and well-being too. People have tried using the Bulletproof X2 Synthetic Urine to pass their drug tests. While some have gotten through the test well, others have not. The manufacturers have tried their level best to combine the Bulletproof Synthetic Urine will all the good features and make it look no less than a natural pee.

Still, you can not blindly trust the Bulletproof X2 Synthetic Urine. The results given by the urine are not always accurate and not cent percent reliable. Several people use the Bulletproof X2 Synthetic Urine, but there is no security that the urine will give you the desired results. Therefore, do not rely on this fake pee entirely.

Is the Bulletproof X2 Synthetic Urine Effective?

Although the Bulletproof X2 Synthetic Urine has been brought into use by several people, it is a fact that this fake pee is not reliable. This synthetic urine is made from artificial chemicals and compounds like urea and uric acid, which the lab professionals conveniently detect. This poses a significant problem because the laboratory rejects the fake urine sample you submit.

After that, you are either asked to give another sample if the result comes “inconclusive.” Otherwise, you have nowhere to escape. You get caught in a trap, and there are chances that you might have to give up on your professional career. In my opinion, I would suggest you check for the authenticity of the product before you go for it.

Also, make sure that once you have the synthetic urine in your hand, you keep it securely. Usually, placing the pee wrongly leads you to not getting a clear drug test report. Hence, preserve the Bulletproof X2 Synthetic Urine properly so that it can be used by you anytime when there occurs a need. If not this, you can also go for other better fake urines that are brought into the market by some tremendously efficient companies.


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How to Preserve Synthetic Urine?

In order to keep the synthetic urine safe and away from any sort of destruction, you must put the package containing fake pee in your freezer. At lower temperatures, the urine does not lose its necessary components that are further needed in a drug test. It also helps in maintaining the shelf life of synthetic urine. 

The urine lasts longer than expected, and you do not have to worry about purchasing the urine first, especially when you have a next-day drug test. But it would help if you kept in mind that before you use this synthetic urine sample, you have to bring it back to the average room temperature.

How Should Synthetic Urine Be Sent to a Laboratory?

Before sending the sample of synthetic urine to the laboratory or the medical professionals, you must know the proper procedure by which you have to submit the fake pee. Otherwise, you might fail the drug test, and in most cases, you will not be given another chance to appear in the test.
Primarily, you have to check that the urine temperature is maintained between 32°Celsius to 38°Celsius. This is the ideal temperature for natural urine. When you have to make the fake pee appear natural, you have to send it to the medical professionals only after ensuring that the temperature does not vary from the usual ones.

Furthermore, two things that have to be noticed in the artificial urine are that it has the same smell and same color as that of the natural pee. Usually, the color differs by being slightly less yellowish, and the smell signifies artificiality. Try to make the fake pee look as accurate as possible for better results.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Synthetic Urine

Over time many people have been purchasing synthetic urine rather than using their natural pee because fake urine shows no traces of drug metabolites even when they might have been on drugs in the last few days. But in most cases, people purchase a fake pee in a hurry which in turn results in giving them poor or unexpected outcomes. Therefore, you should consider the following factors before you make the final decision to buy synthetic urine.

•Buy a Urine With Good Shelf Life
First and foremost, you must be careful with buying fake urine with a good shelf life. A good shelf life ensures that you can preserve the false pee beforehand and then use it anytime whenever you are called for an instant drug test. Usually, most synthetic urines have a shelf life between 12 months to 18 months, but certain companies offer you synthetic urine with a shelf life of 24 months. Hence, you should always check the shelf life of the fake pee that you will chase, even if you have to spend a good amount of money on it.

•Rely on Good Companies
A wiser decision lies in buying synthetic urine from trusted and reliable companies that have a success rate over the while. One such brand is TestClear. It provides synthetic urine kits that have a commendable shelf life and ensure that you pass the drug test with ease. The TestClear fake pee is tough to differentiate from the natural urine, which has added worth to the product. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you always go for good companies first and purchase synthetic urine only from efficient and effective sources.

•Do Not Buy Cheap Products
This is something done by ninety percent of the people. They usually prioritize cost over quality and place orders for cheap and low-budget fake urines that ultimately show no effect when they are brought into use. These samples have a different color and smell from a natural pee, and hence it takes no time for the lab people to figure out that the urine sample given to them is false. Therefore, always keep this in mind to spend some money on high-quality synthetic urine to save yourself from all kinds of future troubles.

Artificial urine has generated demand in the past few years. Many people claim to get good results after using fake urine. If I talk of the Bulletproof X2 Synthetic Urine, it is good to use, but it does not promise to give you utmost satisfaction. At times, the urine smell might not be like that of the natural one, so it can be problematic for the person who sends it for the drug test.

Also, the artificial components used in making the urine are effortlessly traced in a drug test. As a result, the person does not get the expected results. Hence, it is suggested to put your money, time, and efforts only into products with the same value. Apart from everything, you can also use someone else’s urine to send for a drug test and get away with it easily.

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