Does Butler Transport drug test 2024?

Does butler transport drug tests? Of course, but first, let’s find out the detail about its drug test policy and what kind of drug test it conduct.
If you want a job in a family-oriented, respectful, and safety focus transport company, then butler transport is a good option. Butler transport is a successful company because of its hard-working and happy employees. If you want to start a career in the trucking and transportation industry, then butler transport is a good option for you. But you must clear the drug test to get a job in the butler transport.

Butler transport drug test policy:

The Department of Transportation (DOT) led out specific rules that require the truck driver to get tested multiple times every year. The truck driver should also clear the pre-employment drug test to get a job in a transport company. Butler transport has a strict drug test policy that requires drug testing of its employees and candidates looking to get employment in butler transport. Drug testing is necessary to ensure its employee is clean from illicit substances. The urine test checks the presence of an illegal substance in urine.

Butler Transport drug test

Does butler transport drug test?

The butler transport conducts the urine test to drug test its employee. So if you are an existing employee of butler transport or a CDL trainee, you must prepare for the urine test.

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Does butler transport hair follicle test

No, butler transport does not do the hair follicle test. They only conduct a urine drug tests.

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Preparation for the butler transport test.

If you have taken any illicit substance or alcohol in the past, you must clean your body before the urine test. The Urine test can detect past substance abuse, so even if you smoked several days ago, you must ensure that those toxins will not stay in your urine. You must clean your urine of drug toxins to pass the urine test. The toxin rid 5-day detox program can help clear your body from illicit substances. The toxin-rid detox program will remove those unwanted toxins from your body and clean your system before the drug test.
Some truck drivers try to pass a urine drug test with the help of synthetic urine. Synthetic urine, like powdered urine, mimics real human urine and helps pass the urine test. Here is the complete List of fake pee for truck drivers.

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