Can Labs Tell The Difference Between Real and Synthetic urine?

In order to get through a drug test, it is the first step that you provide the labs with a urine sample. The urine sample should be free of all kinds of drug-related toxicants to have a clean and good drug test report. There are two ways to submit the urine sample- either naturally or artificially.

You can excrete out the urine, store it for up to an hour and give it to the laboratory, or else you can consider buying a fake pee sample and then have a drug test on that basis. Even though the naturally produced urine and the synthetically derived urine look more or less alike, yet it is evident that there lies a significant amount of difference between the two.

But the question is, are the lab assistants able to distinguish between natural and synthetic urine? If so, let us look through how they can distinguish between the two urines and what happens if they catch you red-handed.

Can labs tell the difference between real and synthetic urine

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Can Labs Tell the Difference Between Real and Synthetic Urine?

It is almost next to impossible to distinguish between natural urine and fake urine merely by looking at them. This is because of the reason that synthetic urine is formulated in such a way that it is composed of all the naturally occurring chemicals that are present in natural urine. Still, the labs can differentiate between natural and synthetic urine in two ways-

Physically– If there occurs a temperature variation in the synthetic urine regarding natural urine, then it becomes absolutely easy for a lab to understand that the urine sample is fake. The urine temperature should range between 32° Celsius to 38°Celsius, which is the average body temperature. Also, the change in color of the synthetic urine and the kind of smell that it produces varies somehow from the natural urine. This could indicate that medical professionals understand that the urine is synthetic. So to keep pee at right temperature always use digitally controlled urinator device

Chemically– Another way to figure out whether the urine sample given to a laboratory is real or fake is through some chemical tests. The chemical tests are costly and time-consuming, yet they are done if the urine sample submitted by you is found to be suspicious by the lab members in any form. If it is concluded that the urine sample is synthetic, you can be stuck into a serious problem. You would also be restricted from going through the drug test again.

What Happens If a Lab Finds Out That the Urine Sample is Synthetic and not Natural?

Usually, the laboratories do not perform any specific test to determine if the urine is natural or synthetic. Yet, their experience in this field of work gives them a hint if the urine sample is artificial or purchased. The difference in the color and odor of synthetic urine can be a significant determinant in separating it from natural urine. Testclear dehydrated urine and Quick Fix plus 6.3 urine are the best fake pee products you can use to pass the urine drug test on short notice.

If a lab finds out that the urine sample provided to them is not natural but rather synthetic, they will discard the urine sample. It would be termed as “adulterated” by them. Not only this, you will not be allowed to test again for the same. No kind of urine sample will be accepted by you further from the laboratory.

On top of everything, if the overall drug test process was organized by your business company, you are at a significant loss of your image and, most importantly, your job. Therefore, it is always better to try to give a natural urine sample for your drug test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I store the synthetic urine?

 Yes, it is safe to preserve synthetic urine. The only thing to remember is to place it in a cool and dry place, specifically away from direct sunlight. Too much heat can destroy the urine sample, and after that, it would be of no use. It is better if you freeze or refrigerate the synthetic urine.

2) Can I submit the natural urine sample taken an hour ago?

 Definitely yes. You can store the natural urine in a bottle and give it to the lab after an hour. Within this period, you have to be sure to keep the urine sample at a temperature between 32° Celcius to 38° Celsius. Otherwise, the urine might not be efficient and effective in giving a clean drug test report.

You can use both natural and synthetic urines to pass a drug test. Each has its advantages. For instance, natural urine will give you the much-needed odor and color. Contrary to this, if you go for synthetic urine, you will likely get a favorable report if the laboratory accepts the urine sample.

But if you fail a drug test, there are lesser chances of you getting a second chance to give the urine sample. Therefore, you must follow the instructions and procedures carefully before finally deciding to undergo a drug test. Also, ensure to have a sufficient amount of water and juices before you pee out the natural urine.

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