Can synthetic urine be reheated multiple times?

With the coming of synthetic urine on the market, many people have been relieved of going through some tough tests, one of the most crucial being the drug test. No matter how clear a natural sample you provide to the laboratory, there are still some chances that you might not pass the test. This calls for a need to use best synthetic urine for the drug test. Though it is not much of a trend, it can be relied upon by you without any trouble.

While you store or freeze the synthetic urine, the first question that might have come to your mind would have been, can synthetic urine be reheated? Knowing the answer is yes would have saved you from a significant burden. But how that synthetic urine can be reheated? Further in the article, we will discuss whether or not it is safe to reheat the synthetic urine and, if yes, how to do that!. 

Can Synthetic Urine be Reheated?

Indeed, you can safely reheat synthetic urine multiple times within its shelf life. To achieve this, just place the fake pee in the microwave for about 10 seconds, aiming for a temperature between 90 °F and 100 °F to replicate body warmth. Trusted brands like Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Plus and Synthetx5 permit reheating without compromising the synthetic urine’s integrity. Monkey Wizz, another well-known option, can be reheated an unlimited number of times. Even for powdered urine, reheating it two times is possible to keep it warm and suitable for use. If using a bottle, wrapping it in the microwave helps maintain the desired temperature. Crucially, reheating the synthetic urine won’t alter its chemical composition, ensuring a reliable solution for various needs.

Luckily, yes! If you do not want to give any test in person, or you want to rely on synthetic urine for that, you can obviously do that without much worry. In fact, it is recommended that you heat the urine before giving it for a test. Warm urine restores the necessary components, and it is best known for producing excellent and clear reports.Whether the urine is naturally produced or synthetic, you can continually heat or reheat both of them and then pass them on further to get tested by medical professionals.


If you seek synthetic urine that can be reheated multiple times before a test, Quickfix is suitable for you. It maintains its quality even with repeated reheating, ensuring reliability for the test.

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The powdered synthetic urine kit comes with two air-activated heaters, which means you can reheat urine two times. However, if you want to reheat it multiple times, you must purchase an extra heater.

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There are certain specific ways to reheat the synthetic urine for better results. Let’s go through a few of them!. Before moving on how to reheat urine, please look at how to keep pee warm so that you will get an idea of maintaining urine at body temperature. Devices like the urinator kit do an excellent job of heating the urine.

Can synthetic urine be reheated

 Reheating Synthetic Urine: How can I do it?

Once aware of the fact that you can reheat the synthetic urine available with you, you might be concerned about how you can reheat synthetic urine. Let us talk about some of the most effective and convenient ways in which you can do so. When you purchase synthetic urine, including Quick Fix 6.3, Upass, or even Real Test Clear urine, always look at its expiry date. Here we created a post on when the synthetic urine Expires?.

Microwave the Urine:

Most effectively, you can try out the method of microwaving the synthetic urine if you are willing to reheat it. You can heat up or cool down the synthetic urine at your convenience. In order to microwave the synthetic urine, you need to follow the given steps-

▪︎If the synthetic urine is placed in the refrigerator or freezer, first and foremost, you have to defrost it.
▪︎Defrosting requires bringing the sample down to normal room temperature.
▪︎Once it is done, you have to simply heat the urine sample for 8 to 10 seconds in a microwave.
▪︎While doing so, keep checking the temperature of the synthetic urine. It must not exceed 38° Celsius or 100° Fahrenheit.
▪︎Hence, the synthetic urine will get heated.
▪︎To keep it warm further, ensure to place it between your thighs or armpits.

Use Heat Pads

In case you do not have a microwave at your place and you still have to reheat the synthetic urine, it is advised that you go for the heat pads. The heat pads are sort of use-and-throw-like bags that help you to keep the urine warm or to reheat it after taking it out from the refrigerator.

Before bringing heat pads into use, you have to be careful of the fact to shake them well. It becomes of great help in mixing the chemicals within the pouch well. The chemicals in mixing radiate heat that would assist you in keeping the urine warm and heating it gradually.

Also, make sure that the urine does not spill on the heat pads. It otherwise might result in damaging the urine sample ultimately, and it would be a sheer waste of money for you after that. Hence, if you work with precautions, you can reheat the synthetic urine in this manner too!. 

 Reheating Synthetic Urine: Exploring the Disadvantages

Although synthetic urine can be reheated as many times as you want daily as well, evidently, there are certain disadvantages of reheating synthetic urine. These disadvantages can be truly painful at times. While reheating the synthetic urine, you need to be highly aware of the following issues.

Firstly, if you heat the synthetic urine repeatedly, the urine will lose the necessary components that you might need to carry out the drug test well. With missing components, it is likely a possibility that you might not pass the drug test. Apparently, it would cause trouble for you.  Here is the detail guide on passing the urine test.

Moreover, if, during the heating process, the synthetic urine gets overheated, it would simply result in eradicating the specimen. The medical professionals would know the same, and they would not accept the urine sample. If the actual composition of the synthetic urine changes, it would be termed an “adulterated” specimen.

Hence, it is recommended that you only heat the synthetic urine up to the maximum limit or the most number of times it is possible. Going beyond that would definitely give a poor result. It might, in turn, affect your personal life at times, and ultimately, you will be forced to submit a second specimen for the drug test.

Reheating synthetic urine is safe and secure only if done correctly and adequately and after following a chronological process. If not so, the medical professionals will not accept the urine sample, and you will be bound to have the trouble of giving another urine sample to get the tests done.

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