5 Most common urination mistakes

Nothing is better than emptying your bladder that is full of urine. The joy of emptying the bladder can be related to pee-gasm. You don’t have to force yourself for a bathroom visit. The urination happens naturally. The body will naturally tell you when you need to pee. So when you get the urge to … Read more

Why Is My Urine Cloudy?

The normal human urine is a pale yellow colour, and it is transparent. But when you have cloudy urine, then there might be several reasons that cause cloudy urine. Here is a detailed post on urine colors. Why Is My Urine Cloudy? Dehydration, urinary tract infection,┬ámedication, kidney stones, STI, diabetes can cause cloudy urine. We … Read more

Why Is My Urine Orange?

I found out that there is very little information available on the internet about urine color. So i decided to write the posts on urine colors. Generally, the pee is yellow to white, but when your pee color is orange or red, or green, serious issues are happening in your body. It is possible to … Read more