How Long Do Urine Drug Test Results Take?

A urine drug test takes 24 hours to 48 hours to get a result. In the laboratory, the urine test is conducted by a “detection window” which is commonly known as a lab-based test. A urine test detects the drug which is used recently and can identify from the past 24 hours to 72 hours because the drug which is in taken remains up to 10 days.

Why let a Drug Test Scare You?

A urine test helps the doctors to diagnose the disease and suggests the correct components for the cure. Urine tests are also helpful in detecting a different disease in the urinary system for metabolic diseases like liver disease and diabetes problems. The window drug detection is used for finding individual metabolism, type of drug, and dosage quantity. The Clean dehydrated human urine can help you to prepare for the test.


What Type of Drugs Does Urine Test Notice?

  • Alcohol drug
  • Amphetamine’s drug
  • Barbiturate’s drug
  • Benzodiazepine’s drug
  • Cocaine drug
  • Marijuana drug (cannabis)
  • Methamphetamine drug
  • Opioid’s drug
  • phencyclidine (PCP) drug
  • nicotine drug
  • cotinine drug

The above drugs are identified in a urine test as this test analyses the person’s body.

What Are The Types of Urine Tests?

  • Red blood cell urine test.
  • Protein urine test.
  • Glucose urine test.
  • Urine pH level test.
  • Ketone’s urine test to identify high blood pressure
  • Urine specifies drug gravity test.
  • Bilirubin Urine test.
  • Leukocytes urine test is used to detect bacterial infection

These types of urine tests vary from one another and specific urinalysis is tested to check the particular problem or drug content in the body.

There are 3 variant methods where urine is evaluated, they are:

  • Visual examining
  • Dipstick testing
  • Microscopic examination

In these three steps, visual examining is done by a lab technician; he/she observes the sample and decides its type by comparing the color, odor, tint, and infection.

In dipstick testing, a strip-contained stick is dipped into the sample to check the abnormalities of the urine. In this method, this can be identified by its pH level such as:

  • Type of Color – Yellow (light/pale to dark/deep amber)
  • Clarity – Clear or cloudy.
  • pH range – 4.5-8.
  • Specific gravity – 1.005-1.025.
  • Glucose – ≤130 mg/d.
  • Number of Ketones – None.
  • Number of Nitrites – Negative.
  • Leukocyte esterase – Negative.

Dipstick testing also checks for; acidity, concentration, protein, sugar, ketones, bilirubin, infection evidence, and blood, It tests and checks for mentioned categories.Microscopic exam analysis the sample with the microscope, and checks for the average levels of the below-mentioned categories:

  • White blood cells give a sign of infection
  • Red blood cells give a sign for kidney diseases, bladder cancer, and blood disorder
  • Bacteria or yeast indicates the infection
  • Casts are tube-shaped protein which identifies the kidney disorders
  • Crystals indicate the kidney stones

Examining the urine test sample below 50ml with a cut-off yield takes an average time of up to 42 hours. In this test, cannabinoids can be detected. 50ml can only be tested before few days. If urine is given for a test in the laboratory, the results cannot exceed more than two weeks. A simple urine test can reveal your biological age and determines the age-related risks from your body, even it can estimate the time of death nearly.

The normal results of a urine test in 24 hours can calculate the volume from 800 to 2,000 ml per day. This test is valid with a normal fluid intake of a minimum of 2 liters a day. Glucose, protein, bilirubin, and ketones are not detected in the urine.

Urine Drug Test Results

Which Factors In Your Body Determine The Drug?

  • Frequency of usage drug
  • Type of the drug
  • Quantity of the drug
  • Body mass
  • Hydration levels
  • Drug tolerance
  • Physical activity of the body
  • Metabolism rate
  • Ethnicity
  • Medical conditions to estimate the elimination of the drug
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Drug lifetime

The above factors can be estimated to determine the drug characteristics. There are many types of drugs that stay in your body below 90 days or above 90 days.

What Are The Preparations For A Urine Test?

The urine test requires a mini preparation. The primary step includes urinating in a plastic container which prevents the bacteria. Then the urine sample should keep in the refrigerator for 24 hours. If any medical supplements are used the test can result as negative. If any unusual supplement is taken it must be informed to the lab technician. The lab technician may ask few questions to proceed with the urine drug test.
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After the collection of urine, the technician measures the urine temperature to estimate the confirmation. Then seal the sample without tampering. Then the sample is sent to the lab to interpret the results. Negative results come faster comparatively positive results take time to ensure the accuracy of the test sample. If the result is positive another test is conducted called the “GC-MS test” to provide more effective and confirmation of the result. For these positive results kidney disorders, diabetes, infections, and liver problems are the common results. For pregnant women, urine test confirmation is needed.

Urine Analysis and Its Structure:

Usually, urine is in a sterile condition. In the process of urine collection, contamination of skin bacteria is persistent. Bacteria of 10,000 colonies are considered normal, more than 1 lakh colonies are considered as “urinary tract infection”. In urine protein looks like a structure of foamy, bubbly, and frothy. There are five standard methods of urine tests that are examined to find different components in urine. Among five, two of the tests can be done at your home another three tests are conducted in the lab.

Drug content can be guessed, which depends on the type of the test such as; cannabis drug is detected after consumed for several weeks. Other drugs like cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy are detected within 5 days. Some drugs can be detected in the rapid test which results at the workplace itself and some other drugs are detected in the laboratory. Urine samples are taken from athletes and other sports persons to check the drug availability in their bodies. If the drug content is identified then their performance will be banned.


What Is The Most Common Drug Test For Employment?

“Urine test” is the most common drug test used for employment. The urine drug test is used before the job applications and conducts the screening test to identify the usage of drugs or alcohol. A urine test is conducted for employment because urinalysis tests the presence of the type of drug as drug residues remains in the urine. The powdered urine is most commonly used to pass the employment drug test.
Why let a Drug Test Scare You?

How Do Drug Tests Are Conducted For Employers? 

  1. Blood and alcohol drug tests
  2. Mouth swab drug and alcohol tests
  3. Hair drug tests
  4. Urine drug and alcohol tests
  5. Breathe alcohol tests

In the process of job application, they ask the applicants for a screening test to identify the drug or alcohol usage. This drug testing is dependent on the company’s policy and state law. Employers should consider this screening test as the primary thing to get a job offer. A drug test can be conducted in any workplace which is permitted by state law.

Drug Test For Employment

There is also another type of employment drug test to identify the presence of drugs and alcohol. The tests include; urine drug tests, hair drug tests, blood drug tests, saliva drug tests, sweat drug tests, and breathe alcohol tests. The list of drug tests that employers utilize are:

  1. Pre-Employment Drug Test and Alcohol Screening: Pre-employment drug test is done before joining the job. During the process of hiring, drug tests are conducted under some circumstances. Hiring is done after the screening test, in some places screening test is done after the hiring process. US Department of transportation is covered by the federal government, they can’t test the employers selectively, as all the employers are tested for alcohol screening. If the test reports are unusual then the hiring process will be canceled.
  2. Company’s policy for alcohol and drug testing: Some of the companies initially tests the applications of job and the applicant’s history to check the illegal drug usage of applicants. According to state law screening test is done before the hiring process. Acknowledge the company’s policy of drug tests which specifies the company’s screening test policy.
  3. Alcohol and blood drug tests: A blood drug test and alcohol test is conducted when the employer is addicted to illegal drugs. The blood test calculates the alcohol content in the blood when the blood is fatigued. During a drug test screening employment considers the drug types like; PCP (phencyclidine), cocaine, barbiturates, marijuana (cannabis), opiates, alcohol, methamphetamines, and nicotine.
  4. Alcohol Blow test: To know the alcohol content in our body alcohol test is done with a device called breathe analyzer, it measures the quantity of alcohol in your body with a single blow. It estimates to results of alcohol in your bloodstream. Alcohol blow test shows the accurate results of intoxication and impairment.
  5. Hair test to identify the drug: A hair drug test is usually called a follicle test to identify the drug content from your scalp, hair test cannot identify the alcohol content but can identify other drug impurities such as; cocaine, opiates, marijuana (cannabis), phencyclidine, and methamphetamine. In order to perform this, test a piece of your hair is taken which is close to your scalp. Testing your hair near to the scalp gives accurate results.
  6. Company’s and marijuana drug testing: The federal government had not given legal permission for the usage of marijuana so employees cannot use this type of drug. Some of the states have given legal rights to use marijuana. In an instance, New York empathetic care provides an act towards the employees. Under the human rights law of New York State, a person who is prescribed marijuana is reviewed as a disabled person.
  7. Mouth swab and drug alcohol tests: Mouth swab test is also known as oral fluids test and saliva test. This test is conducted by collecting the saliva from the tongue or from inside the mouth. This test is conducted as a screening test and post-accident testing for employees before hiring. The saliva is examined and collected before the past two days. A swab test is easily collect saliva and test them. This testing is the least invasive drug test.
  8. Urine and alcohol drug testing: Urine test is the primary test conducted for employment test or pre-employment test. Click here to read about how much urine is needed for a drug test?
  9. Passing/Proceeding with a drug test: All the employees will follow a rule of attending a screening test to identify the alcohol and drug content before hiring. Employees tested even in workplace or company’s place. If the employee is concerned about passing a drug test. Make sure about taking all the precautions to pass a drug test. Learn the things about how drug testing is conducted.
  10. Workstation material of misemploy directives: There are several federal policies to provide instructions about abusive drugs in the workplace. Employers can be charged for illegal drug usage which may be drug and alcohol or positive results in a drug test can be prohibited. If employers are charged then the federal government and the state laws will punish them for the illegal drug usage by regarding them as disability and discrimination.

Passing a Test has never been this Easy.

Why The Drug Tests Are Conducted In The Workplace?

 Drug tests are conducted in the workplaces to ensure the safety of other employers and to maintain a dignity level with some standard measures. Usually, every company follows a health policy in order to keep the employer’s health stable by providing them insurance. If the employers are drug-addicted and alcohol addicted then there are chances of getting unstable with high insurance, so to save the additional costs and productivity of the company drug tests are conducted to certify the employees with benefits.

What Are The Consequences of Conducting A Drug Test?


Many companies follow different strategic rules and there are many consequences for a drug test such as:

  1. Pre-employment drug test
  2. Post-accidental drug test
  3. Random drug tests
  4. Reasonable suspicion drug tests
  5. Come-back drug tests
  6. Periodic drug tests

The above-mentioned drug tests are used according to their company rules and regulations. A company takes the drug test as the most important aspect to set a goal for their company. If the company detects and announces an employer as a disabled person then he may not get another employment at other workplaces.


What are the consequences of failing a drug test?

Drug tests are given in a range of scenarios for a multitude of circumstances and the only results fail or a pass. You might even be asking what follows if you fail, whether you’ll know if you really do, and whether there are any legal ramifications for failure. Buy real human urine in case you don’t want to fail in a drug test.
Why let a Drug Test Scare You?
The results are contingent on why you’ve been examined in the first instance, the laws of the state or region you are now, and the leniency of all those concerned. The below are some of the most likely causes for performing a drug screen:

  • Pre-employment
  • At the workplace
  • For the purpose of probation

What are the consequences of failing a drug test?

Pre-Employment Drug Tests:

Pre-employment substance screenings are frequent, and several individuals have questions concerning both the purpose for screening and also the testing procedure itself. If someone fails a pre-employment drug test, you will have a very slim probability of gaining the position. Corporations only invest money on drug screening if the findings are important to them.If you’re seeking employment in a specialist industry with difficult-to-fill openings, still there is a chance you’ll obtain the job. In general, though, failing a pre-employment drug test implies you won’t be able to get the job.If you are serious about the job, you should contact the firm and request a retake of the examination.

Pre-Employment Drug Tests policy

If you clear the drug screen, it’ll be likely to not be contacted by the firm, however, if you flunk, you may expect a visit from a Mental Health Review Officer (MRO). The MRO may interact with you personally or via the firm that arranged for the testing. Their role is to figure out if you didn’t pass due to a legitimate health cause.At the time of, the test you might have been using medicinal cannabis or using prescribed drugs for an accident or illness. You’ll fail the test even if you don’t reply to the MRO. They will find out if you lie since they have accessibility to the medical reports and know what was in your body at the time you took the drug screening.
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There seems to be no open record of drug tests that potential employers or others can view. However, if you’re using the firm whose drug screen you failed as a recommendation for another employment, they may disclose it, or they could maintain a record in case if you apply for this position there again in the coming years. Since a probable employer has no legal basis in relation to your findings, your screening will not be submitted to the official authorities. However, there would be legal consequences if someone fails a probation doping test, but not if it comes to pre-employment drug testing.

On-work Drug Tests:

Let’s imagine you clear a pre-employment drug screen and are subsequently offered the position. One of 2 things could happen. Either that the drug screen is complete and we won’t be required to do that anymore or you serve in an industry that does randomized or monthly drug checks. You could be referred to a laboratory or tested on-site. You may even be required to visit the laboratory with a supervisor to ensure that you will not be able to cheat upon screening.

If an organization is likely to invest time and resources testing its personnel, it is clear that they really are concerned about the outcome. They would just not be bothered about the tests if they didn’t have to. If you fail the drug screen, you will most likely lose your employment.

However, if this would have occurred, there may be a few options available to you in order to maintain your position provided you are a trustworthy staff member:

Inform them you aren’t a habitual user and request if you can retake the test at a later time. This, in fact, implies that the medications must be completely removed from your body by that time. Inform them that you are willing to pursue substance addiction treatment. If you’d like to figure out what you need to do to retain your job after failing a drug screen have an open and honest conversation with your HR supervisor or manager.

They are humans, too, and you just never know if they’ll be supportive if they wouldn’t want to lose you. Instead of ending an employee’s contract, more and more firms are providing them a second opportunity to pass a drug screen. Every justification for failing a drug screen has been heard by HR. While it’s unlikely that you ate a consumable at a gathering or were exposed to second-hand smoke all weekend, the corporation understands as well as you seem to do that this is not a realistic scenario.

Since the policies are not quite the same pre-employment drug screens and on-the-job drug screens vary in this aspect. Unless you are working for the Department of Transportation, only the company that paid for the drug test will receive the results.


A probation drug screening result has significantly more weight than a job drug screening result. The consequences could be severe based on how liberal your probation investigator is, your state’s regulations, and the offense that got you under probation in the very first instance. Since we cannot provide legal advice but instead recommend that you seek legal representation, we can provide some basic facts on not passing a probation drug screen.

The risks are enormous because if you fail this drug screen, you could be sentenced to prison. This isn’t to say that incarceration is a predetermined outcome, but really there is a probability in this situation. A lenient judge may merely issue a warning or the first offense, but they may also sentence you to additional probation, therapy or rehabilitation, penalties, or community work.

A harsh judge, on the other side, may send you to prison or even withdraw your probation, forcing you to spend the rest of your term in prison. It’s also possible to be prosecuted with another felony. Because failed drug samples are recorded on your criminal background, if you fail a drug screen again, the judge may know.



While failing a drug screen can be frightening, it is important to understand what will follow if this occurs. If you suspect you’ll be subjected to a drug screening, you must prepare in advance as much as possible. It should go without stating that the easiest approach to avoid failing a drug screen is to avoid using substances in the first hand.


How do I prepare for a urine test?

Urinalysis is a test that is performed to detect diseases or to check for potential health issues. Depending on what is discovered, kidney disease may be anticipated in some circumstances. In some circumstances, nothing significant is discovered. Diet, stress, medications, workout, and other characteristics can all alter the findings of urine samples. You may be requested to return and provide another sample on occasion. You should know where to buy clean urine because it will help you prepare for the urine drug test if you consumed any drugs.

Many people have heard of pregnancy testing that utilizes urine to determine a chemical produced exclusively by expectant mothers. Everyone else is familiar with urine testing for a job or to rule out drug usage in sportsmen.

Among the most commonly conducted laboratory procedures is the basic urine test. The sample must be properly prepared and collected. So, what is that you can ensure to make the outcome truly reflects your current health situation?

A urinalysis is a test that is performed in a laboratory. It can assist your doctor in detecting abnormalities that are manifested in your urine. The way your body eliminates junk and pollutants is affected by a variety of diseases and ailments. Kidneys, lungs, digestive tract, skin, and bladder are among the organs implicated. These issues can have an impact on the look, consistency, and substance of the urination.

Well before urinalysis, some substances and meals should be eliminated. They could manipulate the outcomes, lowering the probability of gaining precise findings. All of these dietary and other limitations are intended to get your body and system ready for a urine test. Here are some of the pharmaceutical restrictions:

  • Metronidazole
  • Vitamin C supplements
  • Methocarbamol
  • Anthraquinone laxatives
  • Nitrofurantoin
  • Riboflavin

Since some medications may alter your results, you should tell your doctor about them before testing or submitting the sample.

How do I prepare for a urine test

Name of the test:

You can take care of your body and system by keeping in mind the following points related to various tests which use urine.

Metanephrine Urine Test: 

This urination test is used to determine the existence of a tumor called pheochromocytoma. A urine sample can confirm the existence of a hormone called Metanephrine, which is produced in excess by this tumor.

Avoiding food and drugs containing Metanephrine is beneficial and will help in extracting the most precise results.

(5HIAA) Urine Test:

The level of serotonin in our body and system is determined through this test, and high levels of serotonin suggest the presence of carcinoid tumors. Hence, it becomes important to avoid medicine and foods which might act as a source of serotonin in your body and system. Dates, plums, avocadoes, bananas, grapefruit, Isoniazid, Methyldopa, Antidepressants, Methenamine, and Phenothiazines should be eliminated from the diet and list of drugs to be consumed.

Catecholamines Urine Test:

The level of catecholamine is determined through this test, the high concentrations of the same suggest the presence of a tumor. Avoiding drugs such as Aspirin, Alcohol, Acetaminophen, Antihistamines, Caffeine, and Vitamin B, which contains amines is vital.

Vanillylmandelic Acid:

This testing is intended to diagnose a tumor that is predominantly located in kids known as neuroblastomas. An individual must eliminate using medicines and meals containing vanilla.


From all the activities that happen in our bodies when we are sleeping at night, early urination is concentrated, and so this testing provides a much more accurate result. It holds all of the toxins in the bladder. Afternoon urine is clearer and diluted. This can be modified by utilizing the right detox products. If you have consumed any form of medication late evening, it is often recommended that you forego the early tests. When you’re doing a morning test, your chances of arriving sanitary in a drug screening are incredibly slim. To detoxify your system, you should pass urine 2-4 times during the day, then drink lots of water and consume detox vitamins.


Urine collector:

Urine is collected in a particular, throwaway tube available at any drugstore. Keep in mind that the tube you buy for bacterial tests (urine culture) has to be sterilized. Urinate in flasks, bottles, and other vessels that are not meant for this use and are not allowed. The existence of germs or remains of different drugs, such as glucose, might substantially skew the evaluation of the outcomes.

Balanced diet:

Before the scheduled examination it is vital to consume a balanced, regular diet, etc, and drink a standard number of liquids, corresponding with the sensation of thirst. Urinary testing is greatly influenced by the diet. For instance, Beetroots, which color the urination red, is a great illustration of this. The concentration of urine is lowered by a meat-heavy diet, whereas the alkaline is raised by a milk-based or vegan diet.

Intense physical activity:

Intense physical exercise can cause the production or growth of ketone bodies and proteins in the urine. Orthostatic proteinuria is a condition that occurs when people spend extended periods standing.

Sexual activity:

Due to the presence of testosterone in the urination, a urine sample following sexual activity may be challenging. The huge quantity of them inhibits a precise microscopic analysis of the urine sample. There could also be mild urethral lesions, leading to an elevated quantity of RBCs, epithelium, or germs in the urination.

Menstrual bleeding:

When testing in period, the urine is frequently contaminated with a considerable volume of RBCs plus epithelia, making meaningful results unattainable.

Drug urine test:

The result is affected by a combination of circumstances, including the time of the test as well as the number of liquids and foods consumed. Most clinical trials will come back positive even if you’ve not taken any drugs. It’s mostly because of the meals and drugs people took just before testing.

When undergoing a urine sample, it is strongly advised that the individual consume enough liquid; because the more liquid you consume, the more you’ll urinate, the more drug metabolites would be washed out of your body. It will reduce their quantity to the point where a drug test can detect them. People who do not drink adequate liquid have a difficulty in flushing sufficient urination.


There’s a big list of items to avoid till a urine test. However, because all of these things contain only a trace amount of hazardous substances, eating one of them a few days until the testing is uncertain to be fatal. Following the above points would help an individual to prepare his system before the test.





What should you not do before a urine drug test?

A urine test is used to diagnose abnormalities or illnesses via testing the urine of an individual. Almost 50% of the difficulties which we confront influence the waste that we emit in fluid form. The components and organs involved are kidneys, lungs, skin, and bladder. Any abnormalities relating to this organ can be diagnosed by a urine test. If you did anything wrong before the test, you should look for clean human urine for sale because you need clean urine for the test.
Why let a Drug Test Scare You?
A urine test is done mainly for the following reasons:

  • Pregnancy test
  • Before surgery
  • Medical check-up

However, certain food and drugs should not be consumed such as riboflavin, vitamin C supplements, anthraquinone laxatives, etc. The rest of the drugs and foods are mentioned further in the article.

What should you not do before a urine drug test

Certain medications and foods must be avoided before a urine test. They might tamper with the results, reducing the likelihood of receiving reliable findings. If the test you’re taking isn’t listed, don’t panic; you won’t have to skip any meals. The dietary and medication limitations are shown below, along with the test name. However, if your doctor has prescribed any dietary or medicine restrictions, you must adhere to them.

Medical Test:

  1. Catecholamines Urine Test: This test determines the concentration of catecholamine in the urine for the last 24 hours. A high level of this amine indicates the presence of a tumor in your body. Before taking a test, one should exercise extreme caution and avoid eating anything that raises amine levels in the body. It is also important to avoid taking any drugs 3 days before the test.
  •  Aspirin
  •  Alcohol
  • Acetaminophen
  • Antihistamines
  •  Vitamin B
  •  Caffeine


2Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid Urine Test:

This test is used to measure the level of serotonin in our body, and the high level of serotonin indicates the presence of a carcinoid tumor. Hence, before going for this test it’s advised to avoid food and drugs which contain serotonin as this might decrease the chance of getting accurate results.

Following is the list of food and drugs that should be avoided at least 48 hours before the test:


  • fruits: Dates, avocadoes, plums, bananas, hickory nuts, grapefruit
  • Drugs: Isoniazid, Antidepressants, Methenamine, Methyldopa, and Phenothiazines


3Metanephrine Urine Test:

This urine test is done to detect the presence of pheochromocytoma, a tumor. This tumor produces an enzyme in excess called Metanephrine, whose presence can be detected through a urine test.

List of the foods and drugs to be avoided:

  • caffeine
  •  Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Phenothiazines
  • Chlorpromazine


4Vanillylmandelic Acid:

This test is used to identify a tumor present mainly in children called neuroblastomas. The patient should avoid consuming drugs and foods which contain vanilla or licorice.

List of the food containing vanilla:

  • Octopamine
  • Triamterene
  • Phenylpyruvic acid
  • Phenolic amines

Drug Test:

Numerous factors are influencing the outcome, ranging from the timing of testing to an adequate number of various fluids and meals to take. Even if you haven’t ingested any drugs, many drug tests will come up positive. It’s primarily due to the food and medications you consumed before the test. So when you prepare for the drug test, you should take care of the following things.

Here’s a list of food and medications you should avoid before the test.

  1.Granola Bars:

You might have increased dopamine levels by consuming these but you also might test positive for a drug test. The seeds present in these bars contain tetrahydrocannabinol which gives marijuana effects.

2. Baby Soap:

Baby soap such as Johnson & Johnson also tests positive for marijuana. Researchers are yet not sure about the usage of marijuana in the making process.

3. Cold Medicines:

All the cold medicines are a synthetic form of amphetamine which is the foundation of meth. This hurts urine drug tests.

4. Tonic Water:

Even the small quantity of tonic water in our system can alter the results. This water contains a modified structure of benzene called quinine. This quinine is widely used in beverages to add a bitter taste to it. The issue with this is that it is mixed with street drugs such as cocaine, hence it is important to avoid these before a drug test.

Which drug test should one opt for?

The morning urine is concentrated because of all the processes taking place in our body while we are asleep at night; hence this test gives the most reliable results. It contains all toxins in our bladder. While on the other hand, evening urine is cleaner and less concentrated. It can be altered by using the appropriate detox items. It is advised to skip the early testing if you have eaten any type of substance late in the evening. There is an extremely minimal likelihood of arriving hygienic in a drug screening if you take a dawn test. To cleanse your body, you will have to flush out the urine 2-3 times throughout the day, afterward consume plenty of water and take detox supplements.

Things to avoid for a morning drug test:

In the early hours before your drug screening, there are several vital and advised activities to see in terms of preparing your body for it.
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  1. workouts and exercising: THC is stored in fat cells and hence is undetectable. But, if you work out the fat cells burns, and THC gets released into your system.
  2. Smoking (second-hand): While you smoke any other drug or weed you should be aware that it increases the detection of drugs in your body. You should be also aware of the consequences of failing a drug test.


Before a drug test, how much urine should be thrown out of your system?

 The toxins present in our bodies are concentrated greater in the morning urine, which our bodies collect after all of the changes and activities that occur throughout the night. Keeping this in mind, it’s best not to utilize or collect morning urine for a drug test. To receive the best results from a drug test, you must first prepare your body and system. As a result, drink as much water as possible before the test to help dilute any toxins that have accumulated in your bladder.


The list of ingredients to skip until a drug screen is quite long. However, all of these items possess just a tiny quantity of harmful compounds, so consuming one of them a couple of days before the test is unlikely to be disastrous.


How long does cocaine stay in your urine?

Cocaine, also known as coke, is a highly addictive drug that can cause high. It works fast and gives you the feeling of high that you wanted. It is a short-lived drug, and its euphoric effects can stay for a few minutes to hours. So people regularly abuse the cocaine drug to continue the feeling of euphoric high.
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How long does it take to feel the effects of cocaine drug?

Cocaine is a fast-acting drug; if your snort cocaine, it wil take 1 to 3 minutes to feel the effect, and its impact persists upto 20 minutes. If you smoke cocaine, you will see the immediate effect almost in a few seconds, and its effect continues upto 20 minutes. If you intake cocaine orally, it will take around 10 mins to feel the effect, and this effect can last upto 20 minutes. People get addicted to cocaine because it is a short-lived drug that gives a short term high. So people use cocaine, again and again, to stay high. Frequent cocaine use can lead to addiction. According to one search, more than 900,000 people are age 12 and older have cocaine disorder. SAMHSA does this survey on drug use and health.


How long does cocaine stay in your system?

The body metabolizes cocaine into the substance called a metabolite. This metabolite can stay in your system for some time. Various types of Drug tests detect the cocaine metabolite that are present in the system.

The cocaine metabolites can stay in your blood and saliva for upto two days. Cocaine can stay in your hair upto 90 days after the last use.
Why let a Drug Test Scare You?

How long does cocaine stay in your urine?

The cocaine can stay in your urine upto four days after the last intake.

Cocaine can stay longer or shorter time than the types mentioned above. We have to consider some factor that influences how long cocaine stays in the urine. Let’s talk about those factors in the next section.

1> Amount of cocaine in your body: How much cocaine you intaken affects how long cocaine stays in your body. The body needs time to remove if you have taken a high dose of caffeine. It would take less time if you took a low amount of cocaine.

2> Frequency of intake: The number of times you intake cocaine can effects how long cocaine stays in your system. The body will take a longer time to remove the cocaine from the body if you keep intaking cocaine frequently.

3> Metabolism rate: The person with a good metabolism rate can metabolize cocaine quickly than a low metabolism rate.The shorter the.

4>Body fat: cocaine stays longer in obese people than the active person.

5> Intake method: The intake method influence how long does cocaine stay in the system. If you snort the cocaine, it will stay longer in the system than the injected or smoked cocaine. If you have intake cocaine with alcohol, it will stay in the sytem for a longer time.

Symptoms of cocaine addiction:

1> Anxiety

2>Frequnt mood swing

3>Panic attack



6> Social issues like stealing money or committing a crime for money

7>High Blood pressure

8>High body temperature


10>weight loos


12> Lack of concentration and attention


The Testclear dehydrated human urine can help you to pass the urine test. But you have to quit cocaine if you want cocaine to get out of your system completely.

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How long does Tramadol stay in your system urine test?

The tramadol is an opioid medication that is used for the treatment of pain. It is safe to use tramadol for pain reliving under doctor guidance. But we have seen plenty of people are misusing tramadol for some other purpose. It is also risky to take an overdose of tramadol, so we should know about the complete information of how long tramadol stays in our system to avoid an overdose of tramadol.
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Tramadol is a highly addictive drug, so frequent intake of tramadol is harmful to our body. There are various tramadol types available in the market under the brand name Conzip, Ultracet and Ultram. Tramadol is not Schedule II drugs, it is schedule 4 drug, but there are still some chances of tramadol addiction. The research done in 2017 shows that more than 40 million tramadols were written in the united states. These numbers are increasing every year.


The working of tramadol is same as any other pain killers; it binds and activates the opiate receptor in the brain and spinal cord. 

How long does it take to feel the effects of tramadol?

The tramadol is opioid receptor medication, and it started to show pain relief effect after the one hour of intake. It works on its full potential after the two to four hours. There are some versions of tramadol that active for long hours. We have also seen that our digestive system takes a longer time to process the food after the tramadol dose. So people who take tramadol often suffer from the problem of constipation. We see the most common side effects in a patient who takes tramadol are itching, headache, constipation, red-eye, anxiety, dizziness, drowsiness, sweating, vomiting, diarrhoea.

how long does tramadol stay in your system urine test?

the half-life of tramadol drug is 6 hours which means that our body needs six hours to eliminate the half size of tramadol from our body. It may take around 7 hours if you intake multiple-dose. The answer to the question of how long does tramadol stay in your system is a day and a half. Our body takes one and a half-day to remove the tramadol from the body. The process of tramadol elimination begins in the liver. Tramadol can be found in your urine, saliva, hair and blood. Let’s talk about how long does tramadol stays in urine, saliva, hair and blood.
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Tramadol can stay in urine for upto four days, and it can stay in saliva for upto two days. The traces of tramadol can be detected in blood for upto 48 hours after the last use. Tramadol can be detected in hair upto 30 days after the last intake. These are not accurate estimations; it can stay in our system longer or shorter, depending on age, metabolism rate, fat content, and overall health.

Factors that Influence How Long Tramadol Stays in the Body

Let’s talk in detail about the factors that influence how long does tramadol stay in the body.

Age: Age influence how long tramadol stays in the person body. The young people have a good metabolism rate and good condition than older people. Hence we observed that people aged over 75 take a long time to remove tramadol from younger people.

Gender: We have found that tramadol stays in woman body longer than the man’s body.

Kidney and liver health: As i told you above, kidney and liver process the tramadol when it entered the body. If your kidney and liver is not working properly, then it will take more time to process the tramadol. Hence it will stay longer in the system.

Dosage: The amount of tramadol taken in the body influences how long tramadol stays in the body. A patient who intakes the high dose of tramadol will take long to remove tramadol from the body than people who take small tramadol doses.

Types of tramadol: There are two types of tramadol: immediate-release and extended-release. The immediate-release tramadol immediately releases the full amount in the body and the extended-release tramadol, release over the 24 hours in the body. So time taken by the body to remove the immediate relase tramadol is quick than the extended-release tramadol.

Types of Testing for Tramadol

The research done in 2017 shows that more than 1.5 million people misused tramadol in 2016. This misuse number is increasing every year. There are various side effects of tramadol overdose, including cardiac arrest, slow breathing, slow heart rate, coma, seizure, cold skin and low blood pressure. All these symptoms of tramadol overdose can lead to death. There are various drug test that can detect the tramadol intake in the body.

Blood test: blood test can detect the tramadol traces in the system upto 48 hours after the last intake.

Saliva test: Saliva test can detect tramadol upto 48 hours

Urine test: the urine test can detect tramadol upto the four days after the last intake.

Hair follicle test: The hair follicle test can detect tramadol upto 90 days after the last use.

The Test clear powder pee has no traces of tramadol, cocaine, or any other illicit drugs.

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How long does meth stay in urine?

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How long does meth stay in urine?

We have seen an increase in substance abuse all over the world. In the united states, substance abuse is the primary concern. Meth or methamphetamine is a schedule 2 drug. It has popular street names such as meth, crystal, ice, and glass. These names are popular among drug abusers. It is ranked number 2 illicit drug after marijuana. It is classified schedule 2 drug, which means that it is a highly abusive drug.
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Meth is a very dangerous drug. It reaches the brain quickly, and it affects the brain of the person. Meth gets entered into our body by injecting or by smoking. It can also be taken orally or snorted through the nose. We have seen a 53 per cent increase in methamphetamine abuse cases. The government is trying its best to seize the sales of meth drugs. Meth is harmful to the country’s growth. The only variant of meth legally available is Desoxyn, which is medically prescribed to the person suffering from short term obesity. The colour of meth is ranging from white to brown.

How long meth stays in the body depends on the detection method, intake frequency, amount, and overall health of the person. So how long does meth stay in the body, or the urine varies from person to person. Meth is very dangerous for our body because it immediately gets metabolized after it gets into the bloodstream. After that, the meth is transferred to the kidney and liver. It gets excreted through urination. All the meth you have intaken is not get processed. We found out that almost 50 per cent of the meth you have intaken into your body can leave your body.


How long does it take to feel the effects of meth?

The effect of methamphetamine drug can last for 8 to 24 hours, and it varies from person to person. It depends on the person’s kidney functionality, amount of meth ingested into the body, physical health of the person, and the day’s time.

We have seen the different effects of medically prescribed and misuse meth. Typically 10 or 30 mg prescribed dose of meth is used to increase euphoria, increase alertness and subjective feeling, and relieve fatigue. If you have misused the meth or have taken the meth without a doctor’s prescription, it can cause anxiety, depression, inability to follow directions, lack of concentration, Imbalance, and restlessness.

 Speeding, staging, nervousness, awkward moments, accidents, agitation, and plenty of other risks are attached to meth misuse.

How long does meth stay in the system?

Before we talk about how long meth stays in the sytem, we should know about the half-life of meth. The half-life of meth tells about how long it takes for our body to eliminate the half size of meth. The half-life of meth is around 10 hours, and it gets detected by various types of drug tests.
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How long does meth stay in the urine?

Typically urine drug tests detect meth in the urine from 4 to 5 days of the past intake. But for a heavy user, it can detect the meth upto a week after the intake. So the meth can stay in urine upto 72 hours, but it can last longer in the urine after heavy or chronic use.

Blood test: The blood test is accurate than the urine test. The blood test has a low detection window. The blood test can detect the meth in the blood upto one to two days after the intake.

Saliva drug test also has a low detection window. It can detect the meth upto one to four days after the last use.

The hair follicle test is more powerful than the urine and blood test. The hair follicle drug test can detect the meth in your system upto 90 days after the intake.

Several factors influence the detection time of meth. The amount of meth intaken into the body and its frequency can decide how long does meth stay in the body. The liver and kidney play an essential role in the processing of meth. The healthy functioning liver and kidney can process faster than the malfunctioning liver and kidney. Those who have a high metabolism rate can process meth more quickly than those with low metabolism rates. Hence younger people can process the meth faster than older people because they have a fast metabolism rate. People who intake meth regularly have a longer detection window than people who try meth for the first time. Overall, a person’s health, including the kidney and other organs’ functioning, can influence how long does meth stay in the system. The TestClear real human pee can help you to pass the urine test.

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How long is cbd detectable in urine?

How long is cbd detectable in urine?

We have seen an increase in CBD usage in the past few years. There are several types of CBD products like cbd oils, cbd gummies, and cbd supplements. These cbd products contain THC metabolites, and these metabolites can get detected in a drug test. Cannabis plant has some chemicals and ingredients that are good for anxiety and pain relief.
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Some people get worried about Whether CBD use will show up in the test or not?. Most people think that CBD and THC both are the same, which is wrong. Drug test screen for THC, not for cbd, So if you have taken any CBD products in the past, you don’t need to worry about the drug test. But i still get a question like how long is cbd detectable in the urine. Before learning about how long does cbd detectable in the urine, we should learn about how cbd is processed by the body to know how long it is detectable in the system. Some factors influence how long does cbd stays in your system. Factors like metabolism rate, age, weight, number of times cbd taken, and last time cbd is taken.

CBD store in a body fat cell; hence obese people take a long time to remove CBD content from the body than the fit person. There are various ways like cbd oil, vape, edibles, flowers from cbd enters our body. When you vape cbd, the cbd enters into your bloodstream very quickly than the edible cbd. Some people see the immediate effect when they vape cbd, and some people take some time to see the impact.

Let’s talk about how long does cbd stays in your system?

Before we talk about how long does cbd stays in your system, we should know about factors that influence how long does cbd in your system.
1> Metabolism rate: Every person has a different system; hence, removing cbd from the body is different. Some people have a fast metabolism rate, and some have a slow metabolism rate. So people who have fast metabolism can quickly digest cbd content, and people who have a slow metabolism rate can take some time to digest cbd content.
2> Amount of CBD dosage: It is also important to note how much cbd you have been intaken. If you have intake higher cbd dose, then it will also take a long time to get cbd out from the system
3> Frequency of dose: If you take cbd every day, then cbd content will introduce into your body every day, so if you have an upcoming drug test, you have to stop taking cbd a few days before the test. If you are taking cbd occasionally, the body gets enough time to remove the body’s cbd.
4> Diets: Diets also influence how long does cbd stay in urine. Suppose you are taking a light diet, then the body process food faster than the heavy diet. When you intake cbd on an empty stomach, it gets metabolites more quickly to get out of the system quicker.

How long does CBd stay in urine?

THC metabolites can stay in the urine for almost 15 days. The urine drug test is the most common way to detect THC from the urine. Some other drug test types like hair, blood, and saliva can detect THC in your system.If you are taking a CBD product with high THC every day, your body will not get enough time to remove THC from the urine. Clean human urine is enough to pass the THC urine test
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Now let’s talked about how long does the cbd effect lasts?


How we intake cbd also decides how long does cbd effect lasts. Generally speaking, cbd can show its effect for 4 to 6 hours.
Many people are worried about drug tests, but there is nothing to worry about because CBD won’t show in the drug test. But some people use CBD products with high THC content, which will get detected in a drug test. So before you purchase any CBD products, take a look at the THC level present in the product.


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How long does cocaine stay in your urine?

How long does Tramadol stay in your system?

How long does meth stay in urine?

Types Of Urine Drug Test And How They Work?

In today’s world, no one can hide anything. This is why it is advised to be a nice person inside out. If you are subjected to any malpractice or bad habit, it is going to come out someday. Hence, it is better to be truthful and stay away from such practices. A simple medical test today can bring out any secret of your body if you feel like you can hide it. So is the case with the use of drugs. Drug test through urine is the easiest way to look for drug traces in someone’s body. Even when the effect of drugs fades away, traces can still be found in urine.

The two standard Urine Drug Tests include the immunoassay and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Both are performed by laboratories worldwide.their features are as follows-


It is the preferred initial test for urine drug screening. Positive results from an immunoassay test should be followed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry or high-performance liquid chromatography. An extended opiate panel is needed to detect commonly used narcotics, including fentanyl (Duragesic), hydrocodone (Hycodan), methadone, oxycodone (Roxicodone, Oxycontin), buprenorphine, and tramadol(Ultram). Appropriate collection techniques and tests of specimen integrity can reduce the risk of tampering. 


  • Fast-  Unlike (GC/MS) immunoassay can give results in less time. We are saving one from a long wait for results and a course of treatment.
  • Inexpensive-  drug testing and medication can be expensive and can drain the family’s wealth real quick. Affordable immunoassay testing provides relief on the one hand.
  • Detects- This method reliably detects morphine, codeine, and heroin; however, it often does not see other opioids such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone, fentanyl, buprenorphine, and tramadol.


  1. Test results can be false-positive and are found to be in several cases.

Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)

Appropriate gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) analytical techniques can provide conclusive confirmatory evidence for the presence of drugs and metabolites in forensic urine drug testing. GC/MS is an instrumental technique rather than a specific methodology; many variations and instrumental configurations are possible. Knowledge of the advantages and pitfalls of different types of GC/MS systems and additional ionization and detection modes helps maximize accuracy and avoid false-positive and false-negative results.


  • Accuracy- GC/MS is the urine forensic drug test preferred for accuracy; even after performing immunoassay, samples are sent for this testing.
  • Determination- By this urine drug test, the exact percentage of different drugs present in the sample can be determined.
  • Detects- GS/MS detect drugs like hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone, fentanyl, buprenorphine, tramadol, morphine, codeine, and heroin.


  • Expensive- Unlike immunoassay, GS/MS urine drug test is more accurate; hence it takes more time and, in comparison, is more costly.

Urine drug testing is the most painless method to detect drug percentage present inside the human body. Although it is time-taking at the end of the day, it is the most comfortable option available. Somebody’s drug addiction can be cured if tested at the right time, and those who come forward to get treated are the braves—cheers to their courage.