Clear choice incognito belt review

Clear choice incognito belt comes with premix synthetic urine, but does it work for the urine test? Let’s find out in this review of an incognito belt.

The synthetic urine formula replicates actual human pee – with its blend of natural ingredients, including uric acid and urea, and a regulated pH for the most realistic results – for male and female usage.

When a secure clip is removed, the gadget wraps around your waist under your clothes, with the urine sample traveling via a rubber tube attached to the bladder bag. Heating pads allow you to heat synthetic urine to your body temperature in 15 to 20 minutes. The product is wholly constructed for your convenience and is straightforward to put on and use.

Clear choice incognito belt review

The Clear Choice Incognito Belt is the most acceptable way to go when you’re in need since it’s so simple to use and comes with a guarantee of passing a supervision test.

Clear choice incognito belt


If you’ve arrived here, you’re most likely seeking an answer regarding synthetic urine. It’s a remedy that has aided many individuals, including yourself! The issue with using synthetic urine is

1) The market’s predominance of phony brands and scams

2) What if you’re being tested in a hospital robe and have to wear it? 

The jig was about to start!

In light of this, we’re looking at the Clear Choice Incognito Belt. We’ll go through how synthetic urine works, how to prevent fraud, and where synthetic urine belt kits fall into the picture.

  • 1 Bladder Bag containing 3.5 ounces (103.5 ml) of premixed clean toxin-free synthetic urine Sub Solution (suitable for up to two uses)
  • Adjustable Velcro belt (up to 48″ waist)
  • 2 Heating Pads
  • 1 Temperature Gauge
  • Complete directions
  • Shelf life of up to two years from the date of manufacture
  • Male or Female Use Unisex
  • Completely effective
  • Biocides are entirely undetectable.

Clear choice incognito belt instructions

Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Remove the adhesive backing from the heat pad.
  • Shake the heating pad a few times to activate it. Place the heat pad between the bladder bag and the urine pouch.
  • Wrap the Incognito Belt around your waist, temperature strip contacting your skin, and drain tube pointing to the floor.
  • Wear the equipment for one hour before your exam whenever feasible. Before submitting the sample, the temperature strip MUST read 98°F-102°F.
  • Close the white clamps and cut the tube end off.
  • Take your exam! Check that the temperature is within the range indicated. Remove the white clips and pour the contents into a cup.
  • Fill the specimen cup to the proper level, secure it with the white clips, and submit your toxin-free sample.

Does clear choice incognito belt work?

To determine whether the Clear Choice Incognito belt works, we must first understand what it intends to achieve. The Incognito belt is a final option for guys who have erectile dysfunction. It is not intended to cure erectile dysfunction but to assist individuals who have tried all other choices. The belt is supported by a silicone ring that wraps around the base of the penis. The ring is designed to keep an erection in place long enough for sexual intercourse. The belt also has a ball strap that aids in keeping the penis in position and from sliding during intercourse.

The Incognito belt has received mixed reactions. According to some males, it is ineffectual and unpleasant. Others claim that it is unpleasant yet effective. Others argue that it is both practical and comfy. The success of the Incognito belt seems to be dependent on the person. 


How to use the clear choice incognito belt?

There are several advantages to utilizing the Clear Choice Incognito belt. It not only keeps your clothes in place, but it also keeps your tummy flat and your back straight. Furthermore, the Clear Choice Incognito belt is ideal for persons attempting to reduce weight since it creates the illusion of a smaller waist.

The Clear Choice Incognito belt is adjustable, one of its most delicate features. It means you may modify it to suit your body correctly, regardless of size. Furthermore, the belt is pleasant to wear, even for long periods.

If you want to enhance your looks while still losing weight, the Clear Choice Incognito belt is an excellent choice.

However, remember that the Clear Choice Incognito belt is not a miracle cure. It will not make you slimmer or more appealing overnight. It may give you the illusion of a smaller waistline, making you feel more confident and attractive.

Where to buy a clear choice incognito belt?

You have a few possibilities if you want a clear choice of the inconspicuous belt. You may purchase one online or through a store that sells them. A few things to consider when looking for a clear option incognito belt. First, ensure that the belt you’re contemplating is the correct size. Second, analyze the belt’s style. Finally, make sure the strap is comfortable to wear. Fourth, consider the pricing of the belt. Fifth, read belt reviews before purchasing.

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Important considerations while utilizing the Incognito Belt

  • Never put the gadget in the microwave. The bag will rupture in a matter of seconds.
  • Always utilize the heat pad that is provided. When submitting your sample, ensure the bladder bag’s temperature strip reads 98°F-102°F.
  • The heat pad has an 8-hour lifespan.
  • Use just one heat pad at a time.
  • For the bladder bag to heat up correctly, it must come into contact with skin.
  • This item cannot replenish.

Bottom Line

The Clear Choice® Incognito Belt is just what you’re looking for. It is a “gravity-operated” gadget that produces 100% effective and undetectable toxin-free synthetic urine. All Clear Choice Synthetic Urine is FREE OF BIOCIDES. It has a heating pad to guarantee that the temperature matches the body’s natural temperature. The urine is routed via a rubber tube attached to lightweight equipment. Wrap this tube around your waist and wear it beneath your clothes. It excretes pee by releasing a clip that holds it in the bladder bag. Their secret pee formula is composed of 11 distinct chemical constituents, including uric acid and urea, which replicate actual human urine by having a balanced pH, specific gravity, and creatinine, to name a few.

If you don’t like the clear choice incognito belt, look at its alternative Quick Fix pro belt kit.



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