Clear choice sub solution synthetic urine review

Does the Clear Choice Biocide Free Sub Solution synthetic urine work for a drug test? Let’s find out its secret urine formula and effectiveness in this review.

Clear Choice Sub Solution is a dependable artificial urine sample. However, unlike many other products on the market, this synthetic urine is not available in liquid form. Instead, the Sub Solution Synthetic Pee formula is in the form of a powder that you combine with water to simulate human urine.

Clear choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review

The powdered urine form demonstrates why our Clear Choice urine kit solution outperforms many others on the market. When using pre-mixed synthetic urine solutions, the components in the bottle may separate. When pee is powdered, you may combine it on the day of the urine drug test and be sure that the solution will not separate.

A few companies stand out when passing a pee test using fake urine. Clear Choice Sub Solution is one of them. In this Sub Solution review, we’ll learn more about it.

Clear choice sub solution synthetic urine


What exactly is the Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Sub Solution is a synthetic urine formula in powder form that people can use for pranks, theater props, or urine samples in drug testing labs. Many individuals with unique habits appreciate Sub Solution because it looks, feels, and smells like urine.

Sub Solution comprises 11 chemical components in human urine, such as uric acid and urea. This fake pee formula features a pH balance, specific gravity, and creatinine levels to resemble an accurate urine sample.

You may be confident that our fake pee mix is biocide-free, toxin-free, and ready for use anytime. Sub Solution synthetic urine kit includes preparation instructions to help you prevent errors. Furthermore, when properly made, the substance is undetected by laboratories.

Product Overview

Sub Solution is one of the market’s best synthetic urine products. Because of its color, consistency, and smell, it may pass for real urine. But first, let’s go through the product’s components, usage, and efficacy.


There is no difference between human pee Sub Solution and other solutions. Clear Choice BIOCIDE FREE synthetic urine looks just like the real stuff, and even lab professionals will struggle to tell the difference.

Clear Choice pee includes creatine, uric acid, urea, potassium, and salt, making it almost comparable to human urine. Urea is responsible for urine scent, whereas other chemicals are in charge of the pH level, specific gravity, and other physical properties.

With this complicated recipe, Sub Solution may be used as a replacement sample for a urine test. And, since it comes in powder form, no one will suspect you when you bring it to the testing location.


The disadvantage of utilizing Sub Solution is that you must strictly adhere to its directions, or else you will squander the product before your urine drug test.

The Sub Solution synthetic urine kit includes a polycarbonate container with a spout cover, a powdered urine vial, heat activator powder, and a temperature strip. Before using it, you must distinguish between the two and completely comprehend the directions.

Maintaining the optimum temperature range of 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit is one of the most critical aspects of making a Sub Solution. This is visible on the temperature strip. The key to success is to use the correct quantity of heat activator formula in the container.

How to use Sub Solution Synthetic Urine?

To use Sub Solution Synthetic Urine, combine the powder with water according to the directions, and you’re good to go! The recommendations included with the product are straightforward to follow.

To mix the solution, you’ll need a plastic bottle. Fill the bottle halfway with warm water.

Fill the bottle halfway with Clear Choice powder, cover it, and shake until the solution is clear.

The temperature on the crucible’s side should be approximately 1000F. If it is not near 1000F, your temperature is insufficient and has to rise. Keep in mind that if the temperature goes below 880 degrees Fahrenheit, the strip will be unable to read it.

Add some heat activator powder to the bottle to raise the temperature.

Allow the bottle to settle after gently shaking it for a few minutes. Then, recheck the temperature. If it is still below 1000F, apply more heat activator until it reaches the target temperature.



Ensure you have everything you need, including the fake urine powder, plastic cup, temperature strip, and heat activator powder. Take the following steps:

  • Fill the mixing container halfway with warm or body-temperature tap water.
  • Pour in the urine powder. Shake the container to dissolve the solution.
  • Check the temperature reading on the bottle’s side. The optimal temperature range is between 94 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If there is no reading, the sample is too cold.
  • If the temperature is too low, add a heat activator to the solution. Allow the contents to settle after shaking. Remember that the heat activator powder acts fast, so examine the strip as soon as possible.
  • When the liquid has reached the required temperature range, it is ready to submit your specimen.

Sub Solution is not only persuasive, but it also has a long shelf life. If you don’t use the sample immediately, you may store it in the refrigerator for up to two days. Clear Choice Toxin Free urine may also freeze for up to six months!

After being frozen or refrigerated for an extended period, Sub Solution synthetic urine may reheat. You can, however, only do it once. After that, use the microwave, but remember to remove the top.

Does clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Work?

So, the big issue in this Sub Solution synthetic urine review is, does this fake pee work? The straightforward answer is yes. This phony urine kit is adequate.

Numerous consumer Sub Solution synthetic urine review comments praised this artificial product. Some users have even said that Sub Solution helped them pass more than one drug test, indicating that it was not a one-time thing for them.

Furthermore, it may be the most significant synthetic urine since it was introduced in 2002. With a 15-year track record of near-perfect efficacy, you may be confident that this combination works when used correctly.


Sub solution vs. quick fix

Both men and women may use quick Fix synthetic urine. You must carefully follow the directions to prevent detection, just like Sub Solution. However, with Sub Solution, you do not need to combine the Quick Fix synthetic urine.

The sample is pre-mixed in a little vial; all you have to do is heat it with your body temperature. The model may then be sent to the technician when it is in the same range as genuine urine.

Many individuals use Quick Fix synthetic urine with a belt or prosthetic penis. This is helpful if you are submitted for a urine drug test. Sub Solution is also available pre-mixed as part of the Incognito Belt package or in conjunction with the XXXtreme Solution artificial penis.

Finally, Quick Fix, like Sub Solution, is accessible online from reputable vendors such as However, to prevent utilizing counterfeits, always purchase from legitimate providers.

Where to buy clear choice sub solution?

To prevent problems, purchase Clear Choice Solution fake urine straight from the manufacturer. It is critical to ensure that you obtain the genuine article and that it has not been tampered with by a third party.

Some synthetic urine samples may be available on eBay, Craigslist, or even at your local smoke shop, but we would not trust them. They’re frequently old and out of date, and some are even phony. So, do you want to throw another difficulty into the mix? We didn’t believe so.

Manufacturers guarantee many things that third-party vendors do not; this is a big selling point for these items. You’re just in a better position if you purchase it from the official business.

And fortunately for you, we have a link to the website right here; click on the icon below to get there. We guarantee that after you’ve purchased your Sub Solution, you’ll sleep easier at night, knowing you have a greater chance of passing with flying colors.


Shelf life: Does the clear choice sub-solution expire?

Your Sub Solution should have a minimum shelf life of six months. Check the label for the expiry date to avoid submitting an expired product. When you open the package containing the mix, the product will expire in 24 hours, so wait until the day of your test to open it.

Improper storage, such as under direct sunlight, may shorten the product’s lifespan. Choose a dark, excellent location, such as a drawer.

Is Sub solution clear choice a scam?

No, it is not a scam. Clear Choice Sub solution synthetic urine is a 100% genuine product. The clear choice brand is well known for offering products like an Incognito belt, Rescue Cleanse detox drink, and Clear Choice hair follicle shampoo that will help you to prepare for the test.

How to mix clear choice sub solution

You need to add water to the Clear Choice Sub solution. First, you need to fill the container given with sub solution kit with tap water. It would be best if you filled the container with room-temperature water. Please don’t add cold or hot water because it will take a lot of time to bring the solution to the correct temperature. Once you fill the container with water, add the synthetic urine into the container and screw cap the container. Now shake the container so that urine powder will dissolve into the water.

Has the Clear choice sub-solution ever failed?

Yes, like any synthetic urine product, the clear choice Toxin Free synthetic urine might fail you in a drug test if you use it incorrectly. One of the reasons people fail urine tests is they cannot maintain the urine temperature. If the sub-solution is at a different temperature, you might fail the drug test.

Does mixed sub solution go bad?

Once you prepare the sub-solution, you must use it within 8 hours. If you don’t need a sample within those 8 hours, then you should keep the sample in the fridge.

How many uses can you use for clear choice sub solution?

You can use clear choice unisex sub-solution multiple times. Urine tests require a minimum of 30ml of urine so use sub-solution urine accordingly.

Bottom Line

Sub Solution is an efficient artificial urine powder that may use instead of real urine. It is beneficial in various ways, including passing a urine test. This product contains genuine urine ingredients, so it looks, smells, and feels like the real thing. To prevent critical errors, you must strictly adhere to the directions. It’s simple to understand why Clear Choice has been in business for twenty years. They’re always one step ahead of the competition, their formulation is excellent, and they even have a novel solution to the heat issue. The main disadvantage is the price, but Sub Solution is a great ace.


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