Nothing is better than emptying your bladder that is full of urine. The joy of emptying the bladder can be related to pee-gasm. You don’t have to force yourself for a bathroom visit. The urination happens naturally. The body will naturally tell you when you need to pee. So when you get the urge to pee, you have to visit the bathroom and relax your bladder by urination. We make a lot of mistakes related to the urination that leads to several urinary health issues. Do not force yourself to urinate. It is okay to force yourself to pee when the lab required your urine sample for the test. We can cure most of the urine related problem by changing our habits. Let’s talked about the mistake that we do when we urinate. We need to avoid these urination mistakes to cure most of the urinary problem that we face.

urination mistakes

5 Most common urination mistakes

1> Holding urine or delaying urine:
The most common mistake that we do is to holding or delaying urine. Sometimes when we busy with our work, we delay the trip to the bathroom for urination. Sometime when we are travelling, watching a movie or doing work can cause the delay. Due to the busy schedule, we ignore the urination urge. Ignoring urination urge and holding urine for a long time can cause several urinary system issues. Delaying urine or ignoring the urge to urination can cause leakage; it can also cause the bladder problem. People who hold urine for a long time can suffer from the problem of bad urine smell. We have also seen that children are avoiding going to the bathroom because of the urine smell.
My advice does not hold your urine for a long time. Go to the bathroom whenever you have the urge to urination. Take a break from your schedule and go to the bathroom.
2>Sometime when we are in a rush or when we are busy, we cannot empty our bladder fully. So when your bladder is not completely empty, it can lead to the urinary tract infection. To avoid the urinary tract infection, you have to take your time to empty your bladder fully. It will hardly take two minutes to empty your bladder.
It can also increase the chance of developing bladder stones, which is painful. The incomplete bladder can cause nocturia, frequent urination and urgency. It can also disturb your healthy life cycle. You are not able to concentrate on your work because of the incomplete bladder.
3> Some people has the habit of frequently going to the bathroom. They make their bladder overactive, which respond to the small volume. Meaning that whenever your bladder filled with little urine, it creates the urge for urination. It causes the problem of frequent urination than the normal. Going too often for urination can cause anxiety, anger and bladder problem.
4>While urinating, you should not force your muscle to pee out. Healthy bladder put urine out naturally without pushing your muscle. The pushing urine out can cause bladder obstruction, which affects the flow of urine. It can also cause the hernia problem. So don’t force yourself to pee.
5>The leading cause of urine related problems like smelly urine, dark urine is dehydration. The dehydration occurs when your body doesn’t get enough fluid. Dehydration changes the colour and smell of the urine. The clear or light colour urine is a sign of hydration. Dehydration can also cause urinary tract infection and kidney stones. To keep your body hydrated and to keep your kidney healthy, you should drink plenty of water.

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