Does Ace Hardware Drug Test 2024?

Does Ace Hardware drug test? Let’s find out in this post about the ace drug test policy. Ace Hardware is the world’s largest retail corporative that sells all kinds of Hardware, including grills, ladders, power tools, outdoor equipment, and other hardware tools.

Ace Hardware offers free pickup, free delivery, and free in-store pickup. You can order all kinds of Hardware from Ace Hardware’s online website or the local Ace Hardware shop. Ace Hardware has various job opening with good salary.Ace Hardware is a good place for work. Many people have doubts regarding the Ace Hardware drug test.

Does Ace Hardware drug test

Ace Hardware has a strict drug test policy that prevents substance and alcohol abuse in the workplace. Ace Hardware uses pre-employment and random drug tests to prevent substance abuse. The drug test checks illicit substances like cocaine, marijuana, PCP, and other street drugs in a person’s urine, hair, or saliva.

Ace Hardware Drug Test

Ace Hardware has the right to conduct the drug test. Ace Hardware can conduct random drug tests in case of workplace accidents and injuries. The employer can also conduct drug tests when they notice the presence of an illicit substance in the workplace.

Ace Hardware conducts pre-employment drug tests for store managers, warehouses, and higher-level jobs. They do not conduct drug tests for retail jobs, store associates, cashiers, and others.

What kind of drug test does Ace Hardware use?

In most cases, a mouth swab drug test is used to check the presence of illicit in-person saliva. But sometimes, depending on the situation, the employer can ask the applicant to submit a urine, hair, or saliva sample for drug screening. So the applicant should prepare for all types of tests.

You should stop consuming illicit substances and alcohol to pass the pre-employment and random drug test. If you have taken any illicit substance in the past, you should follow a detox program like toxin rid to eliminate all the illicit substances from the body.


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