Does Amazon Drug Test?

If you’re searching for a job with Amazon, you’re aware of their employee discounts and work advantages, but you may be interested in their drug testing policy.

Amazon is well-known for being the world’s largest e-commerce retailer. The corporation has a tight recruiting procedure to ensure that only workers who match Amazon’s performance requirements are hired. Amazon spends time and money on drug testing every prospective warehouse worker as part of its rigorous rules.

Does Amazon Drug Test?

Yes, Amazon prioritizes a safe and healthy work environment, and part of that commitment involves conducting thorough drug tests for both job applicants and existing employees. If you’re wondering about the process, Amazon utilizes mouth swab tests as part of its comprehensive screening program. It’s important to note that Amazon has recently updated its policy, and marijuana is no longer included in the substances screened during the drug testing process. So, while drug testing is a part of Amazon’s employment procedures, it’s essential to stay informed about any changes in their screening criteria.

Amazon is very strict about its workers’ credentials and performs drug testing to identify a candidate’s or employee’s drug history. Amazon requires drug testing for job applicants because the corporation takes this problem seriously.

You may apply for a job at Amazon through their online employment site, a neighborhood job fair, or immediately at one of their many local shops or warehouses. After you finish your job interview and accept the job offer, Amazon will conduct a background check and demand you undergo a drug test before you start.

Does Amazon Drug Test

Amazon will send you to a local drug testing center where you must perform a urine or mouth swab drug test, depending on your area. Depending on the drug test results, you will be permitted to begin working.

Amazon also regularly conducts random drug testing on existing workers to ensure a drug-free environment. As a result of the MORE Act 2021, Amazon has reduced limitations by omitting some substances from its drug testing panel.


Does amazon drug test at orientation?

No, there will be no drug testing during orientation. You will be invited to orientation if you have passed the obligatory drug test. This is because an orientation day includes safety instruction, facility visits, work role testing, and others in which Amazon must have faith in you.

There’s good news for most positions – Amazon typically doesn’t carry out drug tests during orientation. Your journey with Amazon begins before orientation; drug testing is usually a separate process. However, it’s essential to note some exceptions, particularly for DOT-regulated positions. Drug testing may be part of the hiring process if you’re applying for such roles. Additionally, those joining Amazon Pharmacy should be prepared for drug testing as a standard onboarding procedure. So, while most positions skip drug tests at orientation, it’s crucial to be aware of specific exceptions based on the nature of the job you’re pursuing.

What kind of drug test does amazon do?

The type of drug test depends on the specific position and circumstances. Generally, Amazon conducts urine drug tests, either using a five-panel or ten-panel screening, excluding marijuana. However, there are exceptions for DOT-regulated positions, which involve urinalysis and cover a wider range of drugs, including marijuana. In some cases, random drug testing is implemented, but again, marijuana is excluded. In cases of post-accident or reasonable suspicion, testing may involve either urine or oral fluid (mouth swab) to screen for all drugs and alcohol, including marijuana. Understanding the nuances of drug testing at Amazon based on your position can help you prepare appropriately.

Does amazon drug test for weed?

Amazon has recently changed its policy, and it no longer conducts marijuana testing for unregulated positions. If you’re applying for a specific position, knowing the circumstances surrounding drug testing is essential. Amazon exempts marijuana testing for most roles, except those under DOT-regulated positions and positions within Amazon Pharmacy. Moreover, random drug testing at Amazon excludes marijuana, providing a more lenient approach for employees. However, it’s crucial to note that post-accident or reasonable suspicion testing covers all drugs and alcohol, including marijuana. Stay informed about Amazon’s drug testing policies, especially if you’re considering a specific position or wondering about exceptions.

Does Amazon do random drug tests?

Yes, Amazon conducts random drug tests at various points during your employment. These tests serve as precautionary measures to ensure a safe and secure workplace environment. If there’s a major accident resulting in significant damage, post-accident drug testing is also implemented. Moreover, if there’s suspicion that an employee might be under the influence of any substance, Amazon may initiate random tests to maintain a vigilant workforce. Understanding Amazon’s commitment to safety through random drug testing is crucial for employees seeking a clear perspective on the company’s policies. Stay informed and ensure a drug-free workplace at Amazon.

You will be tested only if you utilize power equipment, such as a forklift or pallet truck, and cause an accident that causes damage or injury. However, you will not be assessed just because you utilize the equipment.

Is it true that Amazon does pre-employment drug tests?

Yes. As part of Amazon’s three-step recruiting procedure, all warehouse employees must pass a pre-employment drug test. These are the actions to take:

The warehouse operation manager in which you are interested will interview you and determine whether you will proceed to step 2.

Amazon will do a background check on you, including questions about your personal life, professional experience, and general appropriateness for the position you apply for.

A drug test will be required.

Depending on the job you apply for, Amazon may add extra stages to the process. Another interview, for example, may be scheduled or anything else. The pre-employment drug test will always be the ultimate step regardless of the additional processes.

After you’ve completed all three stages, Amazon will make you an offer and invite you to a pre-work orientation day.

Do they do a drug test on the first interview?

No. Amazon never conducts a drug test during the first interview. It is always the third and last phase in the three-step recruiting procedure. You would have already passed the initial interview and numerous other recruiting activities by the time you take the drug test.

Does Amazon do drug tests on the first day of work?

No. You will not be drug tested on your first day of work, but you may be requested to take a test at any time while working at Amazon.

Is Amazon testing corporate employees for drugs?

No, Amazon only screens its warehouse staff for drugs. Corporate employees will not be tested before or after they are hired. Don’t be too arrogant; if you arrive at work high or use drugs, Amazon can and will take action.



Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce and technology corporation. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and has a global customer base. It has over 40 companies, including Audible, Zappos, Whole Foods, AbeBooks, Goodreads, and IMDb.

LinkedIn ranked it the most sought-after employer in 2021. Forbes ranked Amazon as the world’s second greatest employer in 2020. According to a recent business poll of its workers, 94% would recommend Amazon as a place to work to family and friends. Learn more about Amazon drug tests and their current drug testing standards in the above advice, which will help you keep your drug addiction under control if you want to work for such a prominent and well-organized organization.

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