Does Clinical Reference Laboratory Test For Synthetic Urine?

Clinical Reference Laboratory provides employers with diverse drug testing solutions to identify workplace substance abuse, assisting companies in maintaining a drug-free workplace. A well-established name in the drug testing industry, it plays a crucial role in promoting a safe and healthy work environment.

It offers cost-effective drug testing services that help employers find workplace substance abuse. An increase in substance abuse in the workplace can risk workplace safety. Employees who are addicted to drugs have low productivity.

Clinical Reference Laboratory plays a vital role in safeguarding workplaces by providing diverse drug testing solutions, encompassing urine tests, oral fluid tests, and on-site testing. Detecting over 60 drugs, including various street drugs, illicit substances, THC, and medications, CRL ensures comprehensive screening services.

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Does the Clinical Reference Laboratory test for synthetic urine?

Certainly, the focus is on Specimen validity testing (SVT) when it comes to Clinical Reference Laboratory testing for synthetic urine. The SVT process is crucial for checking the validity of the urine.

Specifically, CRL assesses the temperature, pH, specific gravity, and creatinine level of synthetic urine. It’s essential to maintain the synthetic urine at the right temperature for the drug test, as the lab examines the sample’s temperature. Failing to keep the urine warm may raise suspicions, leading to potential failure in the drug test.

Many synthetic urine brands lack the correct pH, gravity, and creatinine levels. To successfully pass a drug test with synthetic urine, it’s imperative to use a product with the accurate pH and gravity.

Testclear powdered urine emerges as a solution to pass the Clinical Reference Laboratory test. This powdered urine, mimicking real human urine, can bypass Specimen validity testing (SVT) and assist in achieving a negative test result.

Pass Clinical Reference Laboratory Drug Test with

Laboratories like CRL Corp, Concentra lab, Labcorp, Quest Diagnostics, and Alere toxicology has expert analyst and Ph.D. chemist that can easily find synthetic urine. So if you are looking to pass the urine test, you must use a good quality synthetic urine brand like Testclear

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