Does Concentra Test For Synthetic Urine 2024?

Usually, when you are not sure of getting a clean drug test report with the natural urine sample that you excrete, you consider it a better option to go for synthetic urine and use it for the drug test. Various laboratories test for the drug in your urine. If the report gets against you, you can be a big mess. Hence, trusting certain synthetic urine producers can be a worthy choice at times. Here is the list of Trusted synthetic urine brands of 2024.

An efficient organization that lets you have a drug test by submitting your urine sample is concentra. It provides you with the most accurate and precise report that you could ever expect. But will you be able to trick the people in the lab with the fake pee? Does Concentra test for synthetic urine? Read further to find out!

Does Concentra Test for Synthetic Urine?

Many of my friends have undergone the drug test at concentra by sending the synthetic urine for the check. Luckily, they have got a negative on their drug test report, which certainly means that concentra does not test for synthetic urine. 

Concentra is well known for pre-employment and random drug testing. They have the latest technology that helps them with a drug tests. So if you are thinking of using your friend’s urine or adding water to the urine, please don’t do that. You will get caught. The best way to pass the Concentra drug test is to use synthetic or dehydrated powdered urine. TestClear Powdered Urine is the best option for you if you are looking for the best synthetic urine for Concentra


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Until and unless the drug test is to be conducted for a legal purpose, no one is even allowed to watch you as you excrete the urine out of your system, which clearly denotes the fact that you can use synthetic urine for the drug test.

Several well-known companies do supply synthetic urine at your place for a minimum period. If not so, synthetic urine can be preserved and stored for a year or so. Hence, you can opt for this method too!

All in all, it is seen that Concentra does not test for synthetic urine. Nor did they try whether the urine belonged to a male or a female. Therefore, you can even send a natural urine sample of someone who does not consume drugs at all.

Does fake pee work at Concentra?

It depends on what type of fake pee you use for the drug test. If you are using low-quality fake pee urine that does not have the correct pH, urea, uric acid, and other important ingredients, then you will not be able to beat the urine test for Concentra.
However, several fake pee brands, like powdered urine and sub-sub solution synthetic urine, can pass you Concentra drug test.

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Does monkey whizz work at Concentra?

Monkey whizz sells urine that is good for a prank. It does not have characteristics of real human urine. Monkey whizz urine does not have the correct pH, smell, and creatinine levels required to beat the urine test. So monkey whizz urine does not help you to beat the urine test.

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What Precautions Should Be Taken With Synthetic Urine?

Although it is next to a crime to pass a drug test with the assistance of synthetic urine, an immediate call for a test requires you sometimes to do that. Many people submit the fake pee sample to the laboratory every time they are asked to give a urine sample for a drug test.

Synthetic urine is reliable and trustworthy only if appropriately used with a particular procedure. If not so, it can be seriously hazardous. Firstly, you can fail your drug test, and the urine sample will be termed as “adulterated,” and secondly, you can not be allowed to have another drug test if, in the first place, it was being conducted by your company.

Hence, there are some precautions that you should keep in mind if you use synthetic urine. One is that you should warm the urine in the microwave for some time before sending it to the lab. If you do not have a microwave, you can also use the battery powered urinator device. By doing so, the pH level of the urine remains maintained, and it does not lose its essential components.

Also, be sure not to use expired urine. Check the validity of the synthetic urine sample before using it for a drug test. Otherwise, you might fail badly in the test, and it cannot be very pleasant for you after that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much water do you need to drink before having a drug test?

The amount of water that you have to intake for an accurate drug test varies from person to person. For instance, for one person, it could be about one gallon, and for the other, it could be one and a half gallons. Basically, you have to drink enough water to dilute everything properly. Drinking more excessive water than required could be troublesome because it would give inaccurate drug test reports.

2) Can a company let you have two drug tests?

Unfortunately, no business organization is lenient enough to allow you to have two simultaneous drug tests. If you fail the first pre-employment drug test, you can be sure of not getting a job in that company. Similarly, if you are already a part of an organization and you are tested positive for a drug test, then too, it would cost you your job and reputation.

3) For how long should I heat the synthetic urine?

 Before heating the synthetic urine, it is suggested that you lower its temperature to the average room temperature. Once enough is done, you can heat the synthetic urine for about 10 seconds in the microwave. It is also recommended that you not heat and cool the synthetic urine repeatedly; otherwise, the urine will not pass the drug test because all the essential components will be lost by then.

4) Does synthetic urine work at Concentra?

You have to be very careful with synthetic urine. You should use Testclear dehydrated urine or Quick Fix synthetic pee

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5) What type of drug test does Concentra use?

Concentra offers a variety of drug tests, including pre-employment drug tests and random and post-accident drug tests.

6) Does Concentra send urine to the lab?

Yes, Concentra does send urine to the lab for further analysis. Several steps are used to check the presence of an illicit substance in urine. The Concentra performs an SVT test to detect synthetic urine. Immunoassay and (GC/MS) testing are used to perform several checks on urine.


If you ever have to pass through a sudden and immediate drug test without any prior information or your knowledge, you can count on the synthetic urine to give into the laboratory. Most of the time, medical professionals cannot distinguish it from natural urine if it is properly sent.

A perfect pH level and suitable warmth are two crucial factors you should consider before giving the urine sample for the drug test. If it is not done, the urine sample will be disregarded by the laboratory, and everything will end up being in vain.


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