Does Synthetic Urine Expire?

The next-day drug test or an instant drug test can catch you red-handed, and the last thing you would want to have is a positive drug test report. It would damage your reputation, but it can also cost you your job, thereby affecting your personal life as well. 

As a solution, you can rely on synthetic urine to fool the medical professionals and have a clean drug test report in your hand in no time. Certain companies even benefit from having a quick delivery of synthetic urine in the next 24 hours.

Hence, you are saved from excreting the natural urine out of your body, which otherwise might give you a disappointing drug test report. 

But, the question is, does synthetic urine expire? Is synthetic urine durable or not? Does fake pee go bad?Does synthetic urine hold the value for money? Well, let’s find it out!.

Does Synthetic Urine Expire?

Like any other artificially made substance, Synthetic Urine comes with an expiry date as well. It becomes ineffective to use after a particular duration of time. If you try to send a urine sample once it expires, you will have to have the trouble of resending the urine sample for the reason that the medical professionals would discard the expired urine sample. Expired synthetic urine will not help you to clear the urine drug test

Depending upon the manufacturing company, the shelf life of most synthetic urines is nearly three months to twenty-four months. Within this time period, you have to make sure to store the urine properly at a cooling temperature. Also, the urine should not be subjected to too much heat or reheat. See a list of the best fake pee brands of 2022 that you can use. 

What Factors Damage the Synthetic Urine Fast?

Synthetic Urine Expire

Although the synthetic urine that you might have recently purchased is likely to be safe to use for a few months, even years, if not taken care of properly, there are chances that the synthetic urine samples will ruin soon. Damaged synthetic urine samples would not pass the drug test, and you will have to give another sample. The following reasons can lead to destroying synthetic urine.

Evidently, it is seen that synthetic urine is preserved and stored by people in freezers or refrigerators. When the urine has to be brought into use, it can not be done straight away by taking it out from the freezer. First and foremost, it has to undergo a few seconds of heating in the microwave, after which it becomes warm enough to be used for a drug test.
But, many times, the same sample of urine is overheated or reheated, which in turn results in destroying the necessary components present in the urine that are needed for having an efficient drug test report. Therefore, you should not overheat the synthetic urine. Here is the detail guide on how to keep pee warm for drug test.

•Careless Use of Heat Pads
To maintain the urine at body temperature, using heat pads is the most common technique that people go for. Properly using the heat pads demand care and perfection, which, if not done, can damage the synthetic urine. For instance, if the urine spills on the heat pad, it would not be worthy enough to use for a drug test.

Hence, it is advised that you use the heat pads carefully and by keeping in mind the precautions that you have to take so that the synthetic urine sample does not ruin.

Avoid using heat pads and a hand warmer for the drug test. Instead, you can use the urinator heating device to keep the urine at the right temperature. 

How to Preserve Synthetic Urine?

Now that you have synthetic urine, it is essential to preserve it correctly to remain valid for a few months. Using the following methods, you can store the synthetic urine.

•Try to Store it in a Cool Place
The synthetic urine bottle should be kept in a cool and dry place. Please do not put it near sunlight or close to it. Also, keep the bottle away from heat. Never store it in warmer places; otherwise, the synthetic urine will lose its necessary components, and it will be of no use to you anymore.

•Do Not Open the Bottle Unless Necessary
Another factor that you have to be sure of if you are purchasing synthetic urine is that you should not open the bottle of the urine until and unless it is necessary or has to be sent for the drug test. Keep it in a suitable place, and then you can preserve it for 18 to 24 months.

•Make Sure to Test it through a Validity Test Strip
Purchasing synthetic urine from a trusted source will accompany itself with a validity test strip. It can be used to check whether the synthetic urine has expired. It is also known as the “adulteration test strip.” This strip tests the pH levels and creatinine levels to ensure that the synthetic urine is safe to use.

Synthetic urine is a true savior during rapid drug tests that you are unlikely to clear cleanly otherwise. With the methods mentioned above, you can preserve and store the synthetic urine for a prolonged period of time and use it whenever it is necessary. 

One thing to ensure is that you do not use the synthetic urine sample if it is expired. It might give an “adulterated” result for your drug test, and you will be compelled to send the urine sample again. Hence, synthetic urine is good to be brought into use if the overall process is carried out wisely. If not so, do not go for synthetic urine for your drug test.

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