Florida Drug Test Policy : Does FL test for synthetic urine?

This post talked about Florida laws on drug tests and synthetic urine. A lot of people have questions regarding the use of synthetic urine in FL.

Over the past few years, FL states have seen a tremendous increase in substance abuse. An increase in substance abuse increases workplace safety risk and Decreases productivity. Several laws have been created to tackle substance abuse to help employers maintain workplace safety. These laws allow employers to conduct drug tests to prevent substance abuse. A urine specimen is collected from the employees for the urine drug test. For the drug test, employers hire labs like Quest Diagnostics, Alere Toxicology, Concentra Inc, CRL, and other SAMHSA-certified labs.

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Fl drug test policy: Title XXXI LABOR Chapter 440 WORKERS’ COMPENSATION

Chapter 440, WORKERS’ COMPENSATION, mentions that an Employer can conduct a drug test to maintain a drug-free workplace.

Does FL test for synthetic urine

A drug test is conducted to detect the presence of the illicit substance in a urine sample. The drug test is used to detect alcohol, Meth, THC, PCP, COKE, opiates, and other illicit substance.

Employee assistance programs should be used to help employees to fight against substance abuse. Employee assistance programs should help employees with diagnosis and treatment.

Candidate should pass the pre-employment drug test for the job. A licensed Medical review officer should use to verify the drug test result. Medical review officers should guide employees about drug tests.

The Employer should give prior notice to the employee before the drug test. The Employer can ask the employee to give a urine, hair, or saliva sample for the test.

The employee has the right to take action against the employee based on the drug test result. An employer can take action against the employee who tested positive for a drug test.

Employees who tested positive for the drug test must submit the reason for the failed drug test to the medical review officer within five days. Suppose the medical review officer is unsatisfied with the reason that employee gave for the failed drug test. In that case, the medical review officer reports the positive drug test result to the Employer.

Does FL test for synthetic urine?

Yes, the Employer can use urine drug tests to detect the presence of illicit substances like cocaine, THC, Alcohol, Weed, opiates, and other illegal drugs in employees. If you are a regular smoker, you will get caught in a drug test. The Specimen validity testing (SVT) process is used to determine the adulteration of a urine sample. Some synthetic urine can beat the urine specimen validity testing (SVT) process and help you pass the test. Synthetic urine, which is free from toxin and has correct pH, gravity, and uric acid, are preferred to pass the urine drug screening test.


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