Does GameStop conduct the drug test?

Does GameStop drug test its employee? Let’s find out in this detailed guide about GameStop’s drug test policy and what kind of drug tests they conduct.

Founded in 1984 in Dallas, Texas, GameStop is the world’s largest video game retailer store. You will find all types of Xbox, and PlayStation video games, consoles, systems, and accessories on GameStop. GameStop attracts thousands of gaming enthusiasts worldwide. GameStop has various career opportunities, but to get a job at GameStop, you need to know about its drug test policy.

GameStop drug test policy

Does GameStop conduct the drug test?

Yes, GameStop does conduct the pre-employment drug test as well as a random drug test. So if you want to get a job at GameStop, you must pass the pre-employment drug test. GameStop has the right to conduct a random drug test in case of an accident or injury. The employer can ask the employee to submit their urine, hair, or saliva sample for analysis.

GameStop drug test policy:

GameStop has a strict drug test policy that prevents substance and alcohol abuse in the workplace. It is not allowed to take drugs or alcohol in the GameStop workplace. GameStop conducts drug tests to ensure that all its staff is clean and does not work under the influence of drug tests. The GameStop drug test check for marijuana, cocaine, PCP, meth, alcohol, and opiates. If you have consumed these illicit substances and alcohol in the past, then the drug test can detect these drug tests in your sample. To get the job at GameStop, you must have a negative drug test report. You will not consider for employment if you have a positive drug test report.

GameStop conducts the pre-employment drug test for higher level positions such as store manager, key holder, warehouse jobs, and other critical roles.

What kind of drug test does GameStop use?

Gamestop has the right to choose what kind of drug test they want to conduct. In most cases, a urine or saliva drug test is used. GameStop conducts the pre-employment urine drug test to check the presence of an illicit substance in the applicant’s urine. You will get a job in GameStop only after passing the pre-employment drug test.

GameStop uses random mouth swab drug tests in case of accident or injury to check the presence of an illicit substance in the saliva. So if any accident or injury happens in the warehouse, they conduct the urine test.t

GameStop drug test Preparation.

First, you need to stop consuming illicit substances and alcohol. If you have previously taken an illicit substance, you need to get rid of those substances from your body. The toxin rid five detox program removes the illicit substance from your body and makes your body toxin-free.

GameStop conducts urine drug tests, so if you have intaken an illicit substance, you must clean your urine from all those illicit substances. Some people use synthetic urine, like powdered urine, to replace human urine. The Testclear powdered urine is clean human urine containing no toxins. So you can use it to pass the urine test.


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