Lowes Drug Testing Policy in 2024: Overview of Testing Procedures

There is a lot of buzz about Lowe’s drug test policy. There are a lot of questions, such as does Lowe’s drug test for weed? What kind of drug test does Lowe’s use? We will try to answer all your queries regarding Lowe’s drug test process.

Lowe’s hires candidates for various part-time and full-time jobs such as Sales Associate, cashier, etc. If you want a job at Lowe’s, you should know about Lowe’s drug test policy.

Lowe’s is a well-known home improvement retailer that provides a wide range of goods and services. They are well-known for their inexpensive costs and high-quality products. Lowe’s provides internet shopping in addition to its in-store products. Many people are curious if Lowe’s performs drug testing on its staff. This blog article will address that question and share further information on Lowe’s drug testing policy.

Lowes Drug Testing Policy: Understanding the Process

Lowe’s conducts drug tests on its workers as part of the hiring process and in the event of an injury. Furthermore, as part of its employment agreement, Lowe’s has the authority to conduct random drug testing. A mouth swab test is the most prevalent kind of drug test at Lowe’s.

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Test Participants and Reasons: Who Will Undergo Testing and Why?

Lowe’s may administer a drug test to an employee for various reasons, including pre-employment, random drug testing, follow-up testing, and post-incident testing. Lowe’s normally conducts pre-employment screening after an applicant has been offered a job. However, certain Lowe’s locations may decide to offer the exam after the second interview.

lowe's drug test

Please refer to the above table for details about what type of drug test Lowes conducts. Lowes mainly conducts Saliva, urine, and hair follicle tests. Depending on the location, you have to give the test. At some location saliva test is conducted, and at some urine test is conducted.

Lowe’s Drug Testing: Tested Drugs and Substances

The average detection window for workplace drug testing is determined by various parameters, including the sample type, technique utilized, length of usage, route of administration, drug metabolite, and so on. Lowe’s drug testing is done on-site using an oral mouth swab test. Because the oral fluid samples are taken under supervised supervision, oral mouth-swab tests are simple to perform and difficult to tamper with.

On-site testing results are often available within minutes. Alternatively, drug tests are transmitted to third-party vendor laboratories, where the findings are generally confirmed within 1-3 days. Laboratories will evaluate positive test results to confirm the presence of drugs, which may take some time. A typical 5-panel drug test that looks for MMJ, opiates, PCP (phencyclidine), cocaine, and amphetamines may be used.

Drug Testing Schedule at Lowe’s: When to Expect It

Lowe’s does drug testing throughout the hiring process and when an employee is engaged in a work-related accident that causes harm. As part of the employment agreement, Lowe’s also has the authority to conduct random drug testing.

Pre-Employment Examination

Pre-employment drug testing is necessary for all candidates who get a job offer from Lowe’s.

Testing Following an Accident

If an employee is injured in a work-related accident, they will be compelled to submit to a drug test.

Testing at Random

Lowe’s has the authority to conduct random drug testing as part of the employment agreement.

Lowe’s Drug Testing in 2024: Types of Tests Used

Lowe’s employs several drug testing, such as urine, blood, and hair tests. They also utilize oral swab tests, which are becoming more common. The most frequent drug test is a urine drug test, which may identify various substances, including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines. Blood drug tests are less prevalent, although they may use to identify substances that urine tests cannot detect, such as alcohol.

Hair drug tests are less prevalent than urine or blood tests, although they may identify substances taken over a longer period. Because they are fast and simple to perform, mouth swab drug tests are becoming more popular. They can also identify marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines, among other substances.

Return Time for Drug Test Results: How Long Does It Take?

Drug tests often return within a few days, although the precise timing varies depending on the test and the laboratory processing the findings.

Urine drug testing might take a few hours to several days to provide results.

Blood drug testing is less usual, although results might take up to a week.

Hair drug tests are less prevalent than urine or blood testing, but the results might take up to a week or more.

Because they are fast and simple to perform, mouth swab drug tests are becoming more popular. They may generally deliver results in a matter of minutes.

Random Drug Testing at Lowe’s: What You Need to Know

Lowe’s does not have a stringent policy requiring workers to submit to random drug testing. However, they retain the right to do so in the case of a workplace mishap or if an employee is suspected of being under the influence of narcotics.

What Happens If a Drug Test Fails?

To ensure the safety of customers and staff, passing a drug test is a condition of employment at Lowe’s. Lowe’s will undoubtedly call you to inform you of your drug test results and assess if you qualify for the next stage in the application process.

If you want to work at Lowe’s, your drug test should be negative. However, you will be fired immediately if you are a current employee and fail your drug test.

How long does a drug test at Lowes take?

The results of workplace drug testing are generally available within a few days. An employer may alternatively request that the test be performed using a fast test, which may yield results the same day. Negative findings are often available within 24 hours; however, a positive screen may need more testing, which might take several days to a week.

Urine Test Preparation for Lowes Employees

To pass Lowe’s urine test, you must stop consuming drugs so the new toxins will not get introduced to your body. The next step is to detox your system from drugs. Detox programs like Toxin rid 10-day detox can help you in detoxing.
If you don’t have enough time for detoxing, then you should try powdered urine. The powdered human urine is real toxin-free urine to pass the test.

powdered urine kit

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Hair Test Preparation for Lowes Employees

To pass the hair test, you need Old style aloe rid shampoo and Zydot shampoo. You need to wash your hair multiple times with the detox shampoo so that there will be no toxin impurities in your hair.

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo
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Saliva Test Preparation for Lowes Employees

To pass the oral test, you need Oral clear gum. Chew the Oral clear gum a few hours before the test can neutralize the drug toxin from your Saliva.

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Communication After Failing a Drug Test at Lowe’s: Does Lowe’s Call You?

No, You and your employer will get a copy of the test results from the lab. Your findings will most likely arrive in the mail, while your employer will get them through courier or fax. Whether you do not want to wait for the mail results, you may contact the human resources department within two to three days to find out if you passed the screening.


A drug-free workplace improves employee performance and productivity. It can potentially lessen the hazards and dangers connected with an employee under the influence of drugs. The primary goal of workplace drug testing is to dissuade the use of illegal substances while also encouraging treatment and recovery among working personnel.

Lowe’s usually does pre-employment drug testing on individuals given a job. Lowe’s drug testing is done on-site using an oral mouth swab test. On-site testing results often have a short turnaround time. Drug tests are also transmitted to third-party vendor laboratories, where the findings are confirmed in 1-3 days.


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