Does Marriott Drug Test 2024?

The detailed look at Marriott’s drug test policy, what kind of drug test Marriott conduct, and how to prepare for it.

Founded in 1927, Marriott International is an American multinational lodging company that operates hotel and residential properties. Marriott International is a leading global lodging company with over 30 brands, operates across 39 countries, and has about 8000 properties.  Around 120,000 employees are working at Marriott international company. 

Marriott drug test policy

Does Marriott Drug test?

The Marriott is a great workplace and offers excellent career opportunities to fresher and more experienced people. But to get a job at Marriott international, you must pass the pre-employment drug test.

Marriott drug test policy.

Marriott has a strict drug test policy that prevents substance and alcohol abuse in the workplace. The Marriott use on-site and in-lab drug test to keep the workplace safe from substance abuse. The Marriott uses five-panel drug tests to check the presence of an illicit substance in the body. The five-panel drug test checks for the presence of illegal drugs such as marijuana, opiates, PCP, and amphetamines

To get a job at Marriott international, you must pass the pre-employment drug test. You will get a job only after passing the pre-employment drug test. A drug-free workplace ensures the safety of guests and employees.

What kind of drug test does Marriott use?

Marriott uses on-site or in-lab drug tests to ensure that the applicant is clean and does not have the influence of any drug. Marriott has the right to decide what type of drug test they want to conduct. If the test is on-site, then they take the mouth swab drug test. Sometimes they also use the urine drug test that requires the sample to be sent to the lab for analysis. If you applied for a safety critical role or higher level position, you must beat the drug test.

Marriott drug test preparation

As you know, Marriott uses urine and mouth swab drug tests to check the presence of illicit substances. They check for popular street drugs like cocaine, meth, PCP, and other. So to beat the drug test, you need to avoid taking those illicit substances so those toxins will not enter your body.

If you have intaken illicit substances in the past, you need to remove those toxin traces from your body before the test. Several products like toxin rid will help you eliminate illegal substances from the body.

Toxin rid five-day detox program is a good choice for removing drug toxins from your body. 

Some people use synthetic urine to pass the lab test. Synthetic urine is clean urine that does not contain any toxins. Synthetic urine, like powdered urine, is used to pass the urine test. Powdered urine is clean human urine that does not have any toxins.


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