Does Minnesota test for synthetic urine?

In this post, we talked about the Minnesota drug test policy. Substance abuse is a threat to society. Substance abuse has many disadvantages, such as increased crime, drunk driving, violence, low productivity, workplace accidents, and several others. Many states have come forward with several laws and restrictions to prevent substance abuse.

Various type of drug test is conducted to prevent substance abuse. A urine drug test is one of the most common types. Urine drug tests are used for various purposes, including pre-employment, post-accident drug tests, and several other purposes. The use of synthetic urine is more common amongst smokers to pass the urine test. Some Candidates use the synthetic urine kit to prevent a positive drug test. To get a job, you must pass the pre-employment urine drug test.
Synthetic urine is created in a lab to perform experiments, but many people now use synthetic urine to pass the drug test. To prevent the misuse of synthetic urine and to prevent substance abuse. Many states in the USA banned the use of synthetic urine.
In this post, we talk about Minnesota state drug test policy and does it test for synthetic urine.

Does Minnesota test for synthetic urine

Minnesota drug test policy:

As per Minnesota drug test policy (2005 bill), any substance, material, device, or chemical that manipulates the drug test result is prohibited. You should not use any techniques to manipulate the drug test result. AS part 0f the 2005 bill, it is prohibited to use synthetic urine for passing urine drug tests, DNA tests, and post-accident tests.
As per the bill, SAMHSA-certified laboratories are used for drug tests. Labs like LabCorp drug test lab, Concentra lab, Alere toxicology lab, Quest Diagnostics drug screening lab, and CRL lab are used for conducting drug tests.
Labs used various techniques to detect the presence of an illicit substance in urine.

Does Minnesota test for synthetic urine?

Yes, Minnesota does test for synthetic urine. In Minnesota, drug test laboratory uses urine Specimen validity testing (SVT)processes to detect the presence of an illicit substance in urine.
Urine specimen analysis is used to detect adulteration, dilution, and urine substitution. So if you use synthetic urine or any household items to beat the urine test, then the urine sample specimen analysis can detect urine adulteration.
However, some synthetic urine brands, like powdered urine, are still used to pass the urine test. Suppose you are using low-quality synthetic urine that does not have the correct pH, smell, color, and ingredients that are present in real human urine. In that case, the lab can easily detect such synthetic urine.

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