Does Stevens Transport drug test

Let’s look at the Stevens Transport drug test policy and what kind of drug test they conduct at orientation. We also share some tips that help you to prepare for stevens transport drug test.
Stevens transport is one of the leading transport companies that offer logistics services across the US. Stevens Transport offers lucrative job opportunities that make it the best workplace. But you must face a drug test to get a job in Stevens transport. Stevens transport is Innovative and fast-paced company that offers a variety of jobs with good salaries.
Stevens Transport offers an excellent salary to the truck driver but to get the job in stevens transport, you need to clear the drug test and background check.

Stevens transport drug test policy.

Stevens transport conducts the drug test at orientation and randomly each year As per the guideline given by the DOT. Depending on the situation, Stevens transport conducts the urine or hair follicle test. The candidate must submit the sample as per the scheduled time and date. In most cases, a urine test is conducted, but sometimes, they also conduct a hair follicle test. You should also be aware that Stevens Transport can conduct the drug test without giving any prior notice.

Stevens Transport drug test

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What day does stevens transport drug test?

If you are getting CDL training at steven transport CDL training school, you need to give the urine or hair follicle test Every Monday the week before starting class from 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Does Stevens transport conduct hair follicle drug tests?

Most of the time, steven transport asks you to give a urine drug test. Sometimes, they can ask you for a hair follicle drug test. Here is a detailed guide on preparing for a hair follicle test for the truck driver.

What type of drug test does stevens transport do?

Stevens transport conducts the urine or the hair follicle drug test to check the presence of an illicit substance in a person’s urine. Stevens transport has the right to decide the type of drug test. So it would be best if you prepared for urine and hair follicle drug test.

Stevens Transport urine and hair follicle test preparation.

To prepare for the Stevens Transport urine test, you should avoid drugs and alcohol. It would be best if you also avoid an environment where smoking is allowed so that you will not get contacted with the drug particles.
If you consumed drugs or alcohol in the past, then you should follow the detox program to remove those drug toxins from your hair and urine . The Toxin rid 5-day program is a good product that you can follow to complete body cleansing. To clean your hair follicle, you should wash your hair multiples time before the test with the aloe rid shampoo . If you are a regular smoker, you should follow the Macujo method to clean your hair follicles.

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