Does Target drug test? [UPDATED 2024]

Target Corporation is one of the major retailers in the United States. It is the United States’ eighth biggest retailer and a component of the S&P 500 Index. Target has about 350,000 workers and locations throughout the United States. Target maintains a drug-free workplace to keep employees and customers safe. As a result, Target employees are not permitted to bring alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes into the workplace. Does Target Drug test prospective workers before hiring them?

If you’re considering working at Target, you should be aware that the company performs a variety of drug testing on its workers. Target can do blood, urine, and breath tests depending on the circumstances. These tests are often done in facilities adjacent to Target shops and supervised by a third-party organization.

Does target drug test?

Yes, Target will conduct a drug test in 2024. A drug test is one of Target’s critical standards for keeping the workplace safe for workers and consumers. Every employee is required to undergo a drug test and pass it within 24 hours. Furthermore, if you have applied for a job at Target, you must undergo a drug test. It is a job necessity, and the exam will be managed off-site by the Accurate background of the organization.

Target, like the majority of big firms, maintains a drug-free workplace policy. Target has a drug testing policy that includes tests done at the time of employment and random tests for existing workers.

Does Target drug test

Target’s primary motivation for drug testing is to ensure the safety of its customers and staff. They want to ensure that everyone working there is safe while doing their jobs. Target also requires drug testing since certain workers must drive or operate machines.

When Do Target Drug Tests Take Place?

Target may perform drug testing on its workers for a variety of reasons. The three basic factors are as follows:

  • Recruitment
  • Following an Accident
  • Justification
  1. Recruitment

If Target chooses you, it will subject you to a pre-employment drug test. This is a requirement of your employment offer, and you must pass the exam to be employed. However, the pre-enrollment exam is not administered to all Target workers; it is administered to individuals who handle machines or have sought positions such as Managers or Team Leaders.

  1. Following an Accident

If an employee causes serious harm to the store or a customer in an accident at Target, the company will take a drug test. Target conducts this test to keep workers safe and to guarantee that the event does not happen again.

  1. Justification

Target may also conduct drug testing on its workers if there is a solid cause. If Target suspects that an employee is using, distributing, or under the influence of illegal substances at work, Target may request that the employee submit a drug test. Target cannot randomly choose an employee to take the drug test in this situation. To ask a particular employee to undergo the drug test, Target must have a good basis to suspect the employee, such as erratic conduct, accidents, witnessing drug usage, etc.

What Kinds of Drugs Does Target Screen For?

Target often conducts drug testing to see if any of its employees have recently used any of the following drugs:

  • opium
  • morphine
  • Cannabis
  • Man-made medications

Does target drug test for weed?

Target tests to see if it poses a danger to workers and consumers. Marijuana usage is permitted in many jurisdictions for medicinal and recreational purposes; therefore, if you are a user, the target will advise you on what to do. Target generally uses blood, urine, and breath tests; however, in very unusual cases, Target may employ hair testing to determine the detection range of the drug.

How Do You Handle a Target Drug Test?

The target drug testing procedure is straightforward. When an employee joins a Target store or applies for a job, the corporation will request a drug test from a third-party organization. When you go to the interview, Target will ask whether you want to take a drug test to work for them. Target will also want you to undergo a drug test before joining if you will be working with equipment or automobiles. You will be allowed to work after you have passed the drug test. You must take the drug test within 24 hours of receiving the employment offer. To authenticate your identification at the exam facility, you must bring all of your documentation and a valid picture ID.

What Happens If Target Employees Fail a Drug Test?

It is a normal rule that you must follow all of the regulations of the firm where you work. Target has a drug-free workplace policy, which you must follow if you work there. So, if you violate the policy, you will be suspended or fired. As a result, failing a drug test indicates that you have violated corporate policy. It would help if you faced the repercussions of failure, such as suspension or job termination by the management.

Which states do not permit drug testing?

Under most states’ drug testing legislation, employers are permitted to test their workers, subject to certain restrictions. While some states have precise restrictions on the drug testing procedure for job applicants and existing workers, others, such as Texas, do not.

Marijuana usage for recreational and medical purposes is permitted in 18 states. Target’s marijuana testing processes adhere to each state’s drug testing laws and norms.


Drug testing should avoid throughout the employment process. The kind of drug test used is determined by the employment you’re applying for and your location. Target follows federal law and does not require a pre-employment drug test for any employee. However, it retains the authority to test employees if there is “reasonable suspicion” that they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work.

Employees in safety-sensitive roles at the company’s distribution facilities are also subjected to random drug testing. It also conducts background checks on persons who use heavy equipment or drive business cars.


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