Upass Synthetic urine review: Does It Works?

Will upass pass a labcorp test? Let’s look at what is Upass products and how does it works. Can you beat the lab test with the New 8.4 version? Let’s check out this review.

Imagine having a drug test just after the weekend or holiday season! Well, nothing can be more stressful than this if you’re into using drugs for recreation and fun. Moreover, the stress of the test might only lead to you taking more drugs to let go of the stress.

Well, the good news is that you don’t really have to dread anything at all if you simply get yourself a synthetic urine kit.

Yes! You read that right! A synthetic urine kit is your full-proof way to pass your drug test without anyone having any suspicion at all. However, you need to get things right when you’re using it. You cannot go for any cheap fake urine available over the counter. It’s essential that you get a good brand, even if it’s a little bit costly, so that you can be assured of passing your drug test.

One such brand is U Pass. It’s one of the most popular synthetic urine brands available on the market, and many people rely on it to pass their drug tests. The success rate with it is also great. Moreover, it’s a pretty affordable synthetic urine kit.

So, it makes sense to check it out and see if you can use it for your drug tests or not. For the same, we have put together a detailed U Pass Synthetic Urine Review for you. Go on, have a read!

UPass Synthetic Urine Review

U Pass is one of the best brands for synthetic urine that can help you pass your drug tests without any difficulty at all. It contains all the characteristics of real urine being composed of chemicals and components like creatinine, urea, and uric acid. Additionally, it has coloring that gives it the appearance of real urine. It is also balanced for pH and gravity.

Given this brilliant composition that’s prepared after studying and analyzing the composition and characteristics of real urine, U Pass synthetic urine is entirely indistinguishable from real urine.

Besides the brilliant composition, the kit also comes with temperature strips, heating pads, and a user guide to help make it easier for you to use the product for faking your drug tests.

Let us explore more in this review about the ingredients, usage, and other considerations that are essential when checking out a synthetic urine kit.

upass synthetic urine

Upass LabCorp 2022

If you want to pass the Labcorp drug test, then the Upass Synthetic Urine is not suitable for you. We are getting many messages from our readers that they failed to beat LabCorp Urine Test With Upass.
We never recommend Upass To Pass the LabCorp urine test.
We use Testclear Powdered urine To pass the LabCorp urine Test. Powdered Urine has the correct pH balance and gravity. In addition, It has all the ingredients that are present in real human Urine. Here is the honest review from the person who used powdered urine to pass the Labcorp test.


Pass LabCorp Drug Test with Testclear Urine

What Ingredients Are in U Pass Synthetic Urine?

Like every other synthetic urine, U Pass is a composition of all the chemicals and components that make it resemble the characteristics of real pee.

It’s prepared by Safeguard Labs, and their scientists have worked on the product after studying and analyzing the characteristics of real pee. So, all the ingredients in U Pass synthetic urine are the ones that are found in real pee. Hereinbelow are the details of ingredients and composition of U Pass synthetic urine-


Creatinine is the major compound found in real urine. It’s produced by the kidneys. So, given that it’s found in major quantities in real pee, U Pass synthetic urine has it in significant amounts.

Urea and Uric Acid

Urea and uric acid are other major compounds found in the chemical composition of real pee. Now, most synthetic urines may or may not have these compounds in them or have only one of them. However, in U Pass, both the compounds are added in the correct proportion.


The color of urine is slightly yellow. There’s hardly a chance that someone might pass clear urine. Keeping that in mind, U Pass adds coloring to its synthetic urine solution to make it look more like real pee.

Other Chemicals and Compounds for Achieving pH Balance, Gravity, and Density

In addition to all these major compounds, U Pass has other chemicals and compounds like water, etc., to ensure proper pH balance, gravity, and density of the synthetic urine solution, thereby ensuring its closeness and resemblance to the characteristics of real pee.

How to Use U Pass Synthetic Urine Kit?

When it comes to using synthetic urine for faking your drug tests, it can get a bit tricky. You need to ensure that you have got everything right to achieve success with the kit. So, it’s essential that you know the correct way to use the kit.

Now, you can find all the instructions for using synthetic urine with the kit itself. Moreover, you can find the instructions for use on the internet as well.

This article is all for your guidance in understanding U Pass Synthetic Urine Kit. So, here, we have compiled a step-by-step guide on how to use it. Here are the steps that you need to follow-

  • Heat the Synthetic Urine

Synthetic Urine needs to be heated to make it reach the normal body temperature and look more realistic. You can heat it in your microwave. Simply put the bottle into your microwave and heat it for 10-15 seconds. You can check the urine for its temperature after you have heated it using the temperature strips. If the temperature is not ideal, reheat it for a few more seconds.

  • Shake the Vial Well to Dissolve All Contents

After you heat the synthetic urine, its contents may turn grainy. So, you simply need to shake the vial to dissolve all the contents and remove the grainy texture of the synthetic urine. Shaking the bottle will also help you bubble up the solution, which will give it a more authentic look.

  • Secure with Hand Warmer and Heating Pad to Maintain the Temperature

You need to maintain the temperature of the synthetic urine so that it stays warm when you’re to give the sample for the test. For this, simply use the hand warmer to maintain the temperature. It will help keep the urine warm for up to 2 hours. If you have to keep it warm for longer than that period, wrap the vial in the heating pad that comes along with the kit. You can secure the heating pad with a rubber band. Heating pad might not be effective if you want to keep urine at body temperature. In that case you use The Urinator Urine Heating Device.

  • It’s Time to Give the Sample

Once you have heated and secured the vial for temperature maintenance, all that will be left is to give out the sample. So, securely hide the vial when it’s time for the test, and once you’re alone, shake the vial again and pour its contents into the cup.

That’s all! You’re done, and you will pass the drug test with ease.

Does U Pass Actually Work?

Now, this is something that you really need to know as your life and future are on the line here. You need to be sure that you’ll be successful in faking your drug test using the U Pass synthetic urine kit. Well, if you’re skeptical, let us tell you that there’s no reason at all to doubt. U Pass does work very well, and it has a pretty high success rate.

Here are some reasons that you must definitely choose U Pass for passing your drug test using fake pee-

  1. It is made in a laboratory by scientists after careful study and analysis of the characteristics of real pee.
  2. It has all the components and compounds found in real pee.
  3. It is well balanced for other factors such as pH, gravity, density, and even foam.
  4. It looks and smells like real pee.
  5. The product is much more affordable than any other synthetic pee available on the market.

Given all these characteristics, we can vouch for the fact that U Pass works. All you need to do is ensure that you use it correctly, which simply means heating it to the correct body temperature and foaming it properly before giving out the sample. If you do this correctly, there’s no chance that you will fail a drug test with U Pass.

Will upass pass a labcorp test?

Upass Toxin-free urine is great, but it is less effective for the LabCorp test. There are several alternatives to Upass synthetic urine. I prefer TestClear powdered urine kit and QuickFix over Upass.

How long does Upass last after heating?

Ideally, you should use the Upass synthetic urine within 8 hours. The handwarmer keeps urine warm for 8 hours. So for the best result, you should use u pass toxin-free urine within 8 hours after heating.

Where to Buy U Pass Synthetic Urine Kit?

Now that you’ve seen how good U Pass is and how well it will work for you, there remains no reason for you not to buy it. But the question is where you can buy it.

Well, the best place will be the official website. The synthetic urine kit is easily available on the U Pass official website, and you can get it at a lower cost there. Moreover, purchasing the kit from the official website will also save you the risk of getting scammed with fake products.

In addition to the official website, the synthetic urine kit is also available on other websites, and these other websites also provide options for codes and coupons using which you can get the kit at a discount.

However, it does take at least 2days for the kit to get delivered, and you need to provide your home address for the delivery. So, you need to stock up in advance for the entire thing to work out, and U Pass won’t really be a product for emergencies like having a drug test at short notice.

Does Upass go bad?

Yes, Upass urine goes bad if left unused. Once you prepare Upass urine, you should use it within 48 hours.

Where to buy Upass urine on Highway 280?

No, you will not find Upass urine in any store on highway 280. You need to purchase Upass online.

Does Upass work for the lab test?

Upass has all the ingredients in real urine, but it is not practical for lab tests. You should try powdered urine or Quick fix urine for the lab test. Upass need to improve its formula so that it gets undetectable by labs.

Does Upass synthetic urine contain uric acid and urea?

Yes, Upass synthetic urine contains uric acid and urea.

How long does it take to bring Upass to temp?

You must keep Upass synthetic urine in the microwave for 10 seconds to bring Upass to the correct temperature. After that, you need to attach the hand warmer to the urine sample so that it will maintain its urine temperature.

How long does Upass stay warm?

The Upass kit contains a hand warmer that you need to attach to the urine sample with the help of a rubber band. The hand warmer keep urine warm for at least six hours. Here you can find a more detailed guide about keeping synthetic urine warm for a urine drug test.

Does Upass work on an 8-panel drug test?

No, Upass is great urine for performing pranks on your friend. But when it comes to beating the panel drug test. It might not be able to perform well.
You should use powdered urine for a drug test as it has an advanced formula and is toxin-free real human urine.

Can you microwave Upass?

Yes, you need to microwave Upass synthetic urine for 10 seconds to warm up the urine. Don’t put urine in the microwave for more than 10 seconds so it will not get overheated.

Final Words

So, that was all about the U Pass Synthetic Urine Review. The product is made after a lot of research and analysis and gives 100% success in passing your drug test. It’s also easily available on many online sites. The only thing is you need to place your order beforehand.

Given all these factors, it will be great to have some kits with you to save your job. So, what are you waiting for? Get the U Pass Synthetic Urine Kit now and pass your drug tests confidently!

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