Does Walmart drug test [UPDATED 2024]

Are you thinking about working at your local Walmart? If this is the case, you may ask if Walmart drug tests applicants during the employment process or conducts random drug testing once you are employed. This knowledge might be a game changer in your job quest. Here’s what we learned about drug testing at Walmart and how they function.

Drug testing is used to detect drug users by businesses, schools, and other organizations. The drug testing procedure detects whether or not the person is utilizing drugs.

It also acts as a deterrent against the spread of drugs. This drug testing procedure may be carried out by identifying certain compounds in the body’s metabolites due to drug use. Urine, blood, hair, and saliva are examples of these compounds.

does walmart drug test

Does Walmart drug test?

One of the most popular queries from people seeking a job at Walmart is whether or not the company conducts drug testing on prospective workers.

In most situations, Walmart will not administer a drug test to applicants for entry-level, management, or senior jobs.

However, certain jobs, such as those in the deli, pharmacy, tire and lube express (TLE), and auto center, may need testing for Walmart to comply with different laws and regulations.

Let’s look at some scenarios where you may question whether Walmart would do drug testing.

What Kind of Drug Test Does Walmart Perform?

Walmart conducts drug screening using regular urine testing. They are specifically checking for five drugs:

  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • PCP

The most common drug test is urine, which is the simplest and quickest. Walmart may get the results of the examination within a day or two. They may contact you about the next interview procedure once the findings are received.

Pre-Employment Drug Screening

If you are applying for entry-level employment, junior associate, or anything similar, Walmart may request a drug test, but you will most likely not be tested.

By scouring the Internet, several currents and former Walmart workers claim that the company does not routinely request a drug test for interviews or new employee orientation.

However, if you’re searching for a job that needs certain skills or has a security component, such as handling heavy equipment, working in an auto center, or dealing with blades in a deli, you may be required to take a drug test.

Walmart will normally advise candidates that they will conduct a drug test following your interview if they are interested in employing you.

However, almost all circumstances, Walmart will do a background check on you.

Drug Screening at Random

Walmart may conduct random drug testing to verify that its staff adheres to safety and security regulations.

To guarantee that everyone is clean, Walmart conducts random drug testing on existing workers.

Walmart may do some random testing to demonstrate its attentiveness to demonstrate to authorities that it is concerned about the safety and security of its workers and consumers.

Because the exams are random, Walmart workers will have no idea when they will be administered.

Drug Test Based on Reasonable Suspicion

If your employer reasonably suspects that you are working under the influence of drugs, they may request that you submit to a drug test.

When an employee acts in a way that implies they are under the influence of drugs, there is a complaint against an employee, or there are reasonable reasons to think that drugs may change an employee’s faculties, Walmart has the right to order a drug test from the suspected employee.

Drug Screening Following an Accident

When there is an accident on the job, and it may be necessary to test everyone involved, you may be requested to take a drug test by Walmart.

The goal is to ensure that impaired faculties do not cause accidents due to drug usage.

What happens if you’re asked to take a drug test?

When you’re requested to perform a drug test by Walmart, you’ll usually be asked to supply 45 milliliters of urine for the test.

Walmart will direct you to the drug test location (it must be an accredited and licensed test center).

When you arrive at the testing facility, you will be handed a special cup to collect your urine.

Remember that you will monitor throughout the procedure to ensure that you are not collecting someone else’s urine, bringing pee samples concealed in your pockets, and so on.

To take the test, you will be requested to remove your jacket, remove your hat, leave your bag behind, empty your pockets, and use just the cup provided.

Once the urine sample has been obtained, it will forward to the lab for examination.

The results of the tests should be available within a day or two.

The test results will be returned to Walmart promptly, either by mail or in person, so that you may submit them to Walmart Human Resources.

That’s what occurs when you’re asked to take a drug test.

What Happens If You Fail A Walmart Drug Test?

Walmart’s stringent anti-drug policy will not hire applicants who reject or fail a drug test. Furthermore, if a present employee gets drug tested and fails, their job will certainly be terminated.

If you failed a drug test during the recruiting process but want to reapply, you may be able to redeem yourself if you wait long enough. However, there is no hard and fast regulation about how long a potential employee must wait following a failed drug test before reapplying to Walmart. Some retailers demand you to wait at least six months before reapplying, while others have been known to impose a 3-year waiting time before candidates may reapply. Other Walmart locations are notorious for not allowing any potential employee who fails a drug test to reapply.


Yes, all workers are subjected to background checks before being employed by Walmart. Drug testing is only necessary for pharmacy, deli, sports goods, car, and management positions. If you have more questions, you can comment below in comment sections.

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