Does Walmart sell synthetic urine?

Walmart is one of the US’s largest retailers, but does it sell synthetic urine? Let’s find out in this post.
Pre and post-employment drug tests are more common in many countries. So if you want a job, you must pass the drug test.
The employer might ask you to submit a urine sample for a drug test. If you are regular cannabis or THC smoker, then those THC particles might get detected in urine. You will get fired from your job or not get a job if you fail to pass the urine drug test. So to prepare for the urine test, you must remove all those drug toxins from your body. But natural detoxing takes a lot of time, and during this period, if a drug test is conducted, there is a high chance that you will fail the test. To avoid that, many people use synthetic urine.
There is a lot of synthetic urine brand available in the market. But to pass the test, you need genuine, high-quality synthetic urine.

Does walmart sell synthetic urine

Does Walmart sell synthetic urine?

Walmart is currently the world’s largest retail and has1 0,586 stores across 24 countries. But does Walmart sell synthetic urine?
No, Walmart does not sell synthetic urine. You will not find synthetic urine kits in Walmart stores.
People think they can buy synthetic urine brands like Testclear, Upass, and Quickfix from Walmart. But even after spending lots of time, they will not be able to find synthetic urine at Walmart stores.
You might find fake animal urine at Walmart, but you cannot use it to pass a drug test. To pass the urine drug test, you need real human urine that has balanced pH, gravity, and uric acid.
Do not buy fake animal urine from Walmart to pass the drug test.
You will not find synthetic urine at Walmart. If you find any synthetic urine at Walmart, there is a high chance that it is not real urine. You should not buy urine from Big stores like Walmart, Amazon, and eBay. Most of the urine simulation products you find in big stores are fake and will not help you to pass the test.
We recommend you buy Synthetic urine from
On Testclear, you will find 100% genuine synthetic urine that you can use to pass the lab test.
Test clear urine is 100% real toxin-free urine, and it is better than fake urine that Walmart sells.

Walmart has a strict drug test policy, and they drug test their employee. So you will not find synthetic urine products at Walmart.
Walmart does sell products like at-home drug test kits, urine specimen cups, and several other products used in a drug tests.

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