What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test?

On a normal working day, while you could be busy with your stuff, your employer might ask you to undergo a sudden drug test without giving you any prior information and unfortunately, you can not deny the procedure. 

Chances are obvious that you will be getting a positive drug test report if you have been intaking illicit drugs in the past few days and you will be having to face the consequences. The first question you would have would be what happens if you fail a drug test? Let us find an answer to that!

What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test?

The impact of a positive drug test report on you would directly depend on the policies of the organization you are working. If your company is slightly lenient about consuming illicit drugs, you will be allowed to continue the job after going to a rehabilitation program for a few weeks. If not, the consequences could be severe.

As an athlete, if you are asked to have a drug test done and you failed the drug test having a positive drug test report in your hands, you will be restricted from playing any further in the team then and there. This would mean a direct end to your career and reputation altogether. In most cases, the following are the consequences of failing a drug test.

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You May Get Fired

Well, if you are already an employee in an organization, your boss has full rights to terminate your job position and you would have to give up on your prime source of income. However, if this is your first time consuming prohibited drugs, your employer might give you another chance to prove yourself. 

If you get a clean drug test report the next time, you are likely to continue holding your job position well. Your boss might also ask you to join a rehabilitation center that helps you to control your drug addiction. Once you get a clean slip from there, you can begin your job. 

You May Retain Your Job Under Specific Conditions

As per the law, you can retain your job under the condition that you are required to prove to your employer that you have been seeking professional assistance for the last few weeks or that you have joined a rehabilitation center that is helping you to control your drug addiction. 

Under such circumstances, your boss might allow you to work in the organization. However, by the time you do not prove your worth to your employer, there are chances that you might not get a promotion. 

You May Not Be Allowed To Play in the Team

If you are a reputed sports personality and you fail a drug test, you might not be allowed to play in the team any further. There could be two cases, either you would be suspended from the sports team once and for all. 

If not, you will be having to admit yourself to a rehabilitation center or enroll in a rehabilitation program until the time you become capable enough of balancing your addiction to drugs. After that, you can be allowed to play on the team.

Your Reputation Gets Affected

No doubt, getting a positive drug test report would cost you your reputation. Your neighbors or relatives might get to know that you have lost your job for the reason that you failed a drug test and then they might never respect you in the same manner. 

It is one of the major reasons that people are often scared of failing a drug test. So, one of the major consequences of getting an undesirable drug test report is that your reputation in society gets severely affected.

What Happens If You Fail A Pre Employment Drug Test

Most organizations ask employees to pass a pre-employment drug test before hiring them for any job position. Doing so is necessary to ensure that the person who gets employed does not become a cause of trouble for others working in the organization. The employer also wants to make sure that the surrounding atmosphere of the office remains decent and properly maintained. 

However, while undergoing a pre-employment drug test for any organization, you have the complete right to deny the procedure as no employer can make you have a drug test until and unless you pass a consent for it. You can ask the employer to conduct the drug test a few days later as well and by that time, you can conveniently detoxify your body and remove the traces of toxic chemicals from your system. 

While giving a pre-employment drug test, you can get a positive drug test report if traces of drugs are found in your system by any means. In case you fail a pre-employment drug test, this means a clear NO in getting the job. Even if you are a new employee in the organization, your employer might ask you to leave the job position and seek professional help before you could become suitable to join the organization again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can you continue your job if you fail a drug test?

1) Yes, you can continue your job if you fail a drug test. But according to law, you have to show your employer that you are already under a rehabilitation program and you are working to control your drug addiction. By the time you give a clean chit to your employer, he can keep you as an employee without promoting you.

2) Which is the most common drug test that employers ask for?

2) Employers usually ask employees to undergo a urine drug test as it is the most common way of testing for the presence of drugs in someone’s body. Also, the reports of a urine drug test can be extracted immediately. Thus, you will be asked to give a urine drug test. 


Going through a drug test that you are unaware of can be troublesome and give you a positive drug test report. As an employee, you might ask for another chance to prove yourself to your employer and if you have to appear for a pre-employment drug test, you are free to not provide consent and give the drug test after a few days and detoxify your body meanwhile.

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