Good excuse for failing drug test

A drug test checks the presence of an illicit substance in a person’s body. The employer conducts the drug test to determine whether employees consume illicit substances. Such employees can lower the company’s productivity and increase the risk of a workplace accident. So to stop substance abuse and to clean the workplace from substance abuse, a drug test is conducted.

Various types of drug tests are used to prevent substance abuse. The employee must submit the sample for analysis depending on the drug test type. Labs then check for the presence of illicit substances in the sample. If traces of an illicit substance are found in the sample, such sample is marked as positive. You will fail the drug test if your sample has a positive result. You will lose your job, or you will not get the job if you fail the drug test.

In case of failed drug test, you need to give the reasons for the positive drug test result. Here is some information about the best defense for positive drug tests. After failing a drug test, employees give several excuses. Here are some excuses that they give to explain the failed drug test.

good excuses for failed drug test

If the employer thinks your reason for failing the drug test is valid, then the employer gives you a second chance.

Good excuses for failed drug test

  • Some employees tell their employer they use Used hats or caps of people who smoke weed.
  • Slept on the pillow and mattress of a person who smokes weed
  • Used hair dye that contains the Hemp
  • Used hair product like shampoo, bleach, or other that contains a chemical that might cause the positive test result
  • Some employee tells the employer that they are taking medication like antidepressant that might cause positive test result.
  • Ate food that contained poppy seeds.
  • Failed drug test because of secondhand smoke
  • Physical contact with the partner that smokes THC
  • Lives with a partner who smokes
  • Visited the place where marijuana is legal
  • Someone in the lab replaces my clean sample with the sample that contains toxins.

Above are the most common excuses employees give when they fail drug tests. Some companies give a second chance to employees who fail drug tests. Sometimes there are valid reasons for the failed drug test. The employer must listen to all the reason the employees gives about the positive test result.

Positive drug test results might impact the employee’s career, so employees and employers must take the drug test seriously.



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