Does goodwill drug test 2024

Does Goodwill drug test? Let’s look at the Goodwill drug test policy and what drug tests they will conduct in 2023. Founded in 1902, Goodwill is America leading nonprofit organization that helps people to get a job. The Goodwill offers free training, carrier counseling, and resume preparation that helps nearly 2 million job seekers get the job they deserve.

The Goodwill helps over 100,000 people to get jobs. So if you want to excel in your career, you should try Goodwill services. Goodwill professionals will help you improve your skill and remove all the barriers you face to getting the job. Goodwill is a nonprofit organization that depends on people’s donations. Your donation at Goodwill will help other people get the job they seek. Overall, Goodwill is a good place to work.

Goodwill also has various job opportunities that you can apply for. But to get a job in Goodwill, you should know about the Goodwill drug and alcohol abuse policy.

Goodwill’s Policy on Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Goodwill is committed to providing safe, secure, and productive work so that everyone working with or willing to work with Goodwill should feel secure and safe. Drugs and alcohol abuse decrease productivity and increase the risk of a workplace accidents. Employees under the influence of drugs potentially increase the risk of workplace injury and can harm other employees.

So to prevent substance and alcohol abuse, Goodwill conducts pre-employment and random drug tests.

goodwill drug test

It is prohibited to buy, sell, trade, or poses alcohol and illicit substance on Goodwill premises. Strict action is taken against the employee who poses any illicit substance or alcohol in the Goodwill workplace. It is also prohibited for Goodwill to drink alcohol and illicit substances on and off duty.

Goodwill can terminate the employee who violates the Goodwill drug-free workplace policy. Goodwill also conducts the pre-employment drug test to ensure that all applicants are clean and do not have a history of past substance abuse. The applicant must pass the drug test to get the job in Goodwill. Goodwill rejects the applicant, who has a past substance and alcohol abuse history.

The applicant should sign the Goodwill Applicant Drug Testing Consent Agreement. The employer has the right to disqualify the applicant who does not sign Applicant Drug Testing Consent Agreement.

Applicant should give the drug test within 24 hours of the job offer. If the applicant fails to submit a drug test within the given period, then Goodwill can disqualify such an applicant.

Random Drug Testing at Goodwill

Goodwill has the right to conduct a random drug test in case of any workplace accident that results in injury or damage to Goodwill’s property. The employer also has the right to ask certain employees to give drug tests if the employee notices any suspicious behavior about the employee.

  • The employer can drug test an employee if the employer notices:
  • Suspicious drug and alcohol abuse activity in the workplace.
  • Presence of illicit substances and alcohol in the workplace.
  • Strong evidence showing the sign of alcohol and substance abuse.

Goodwill conducts medical, fitness, and drug test to ensure that all the employees are fit and clean and do not addicted to alcohol and illicit substance. Other than post-accident drug testing, Goodwill conducts random drug tests multiple times a year for safety-critical jobs such as CDL driver, heavy equipment operator, higher-level positions, and other critical positions. The employee cannot drive a company vehicle or operate company machinery under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Weed Testing at Goodwill: Does It Happen?

The Goodwill drug test for cocaine, weed, meth, PCP, Cannabis, Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, and other street drugs. The Goodwill takes the help of the Quest Diagnostics lab to conduct the drug test. If the employer observes any suspicious substance abuse activity, then the employer can conduct a random on-the-spot drug test.

The employer can check for illicit substances or alcohol in employee personal accessories, including briefcases, vehicles, desks, briefcases, and other personal possessions.

Goodwill’s Employee Assistance Program in the Fight Against Substance and Alcohol Abuse

Goodwill offers an employee assistance program that helps the employee to fight against substance and alcohol abuse. Any employee who is found guilty of violating the Goodwill drug-free workplace program for the first time then the such employee must follow the employee assistance program to fight against substance and alcohol abuse. After completing the EAP, Goodwill can ask the employee to give the drug test.

If any employee is found guilty of violating Goodwill’s drug and alcohol abuse policy a second time, then Goodwill has the right to disqualify such employee.

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