Does HHC show up in a drug test?

If you have an upcoming drug test and are you worried about the HHC will show up in a drug test? This article will help you clear all your doubts regarding HHC drug testing.

Have you ever wondered about the internal composition of the drugs you consume? Have you been interested in knowing how these complex drugs are formed? If so, we are here to answer. Most medicines and drug-related components are enriched in chemicals such as THCs, delta-8, delta-9, and sometimes delta-10.

These components are easy to detect, and it takes the least amount of time to trace them while undergoing a drug test. Hence, as a drug user, you constantly find yourself at the risk of getting caught whenever you are to give a drug test. Although the market has come up with various detox programs and products, there is no assurance.

Apart from that, nowadays, another compound that claims itself to be THC’s brother has filled up the entire drug market, and no wonder that it is as easily detectable in a drug test as a THC-based drug metabolite is. Apart from that, it gives the same peaceful impact as that offered to you by THC. Well, this well-known chemical compound is HHC. The occurrence of HHC dates back to the 1940s, but it is now that the cannabis extracted metabolite has gained importance.

But the most critical question is, does HHC show up clearly in a drug test? And if it does, then what are the risks involved in consuming HHC or similar products? Herein, we will be discussing the same, and we will let you know about certain factors that are necessary to know regarding HHC. Also, you will be allowed to know the question: How long does HHC stay in your system? Continue reading to find out!


What is HHC?

HHC or hexa hydrocannabinol is a chemical compound that is more or less similar to the other well-known drug-related derivative, THC. Mainly, HHC is extracted naturally in the plant Cannabis Sativa, but it can also be derived synthetically by hydrogenation of cannabis extracts. HHC has been in demand over THC-based products for various reasons.

First of all, while intaking HHC, you do not have to be much bothered about getting into more considerable trouble or problems in the drug test that has to happen soon. Although that does not mean that HHC will not be detected in your drug test, it is because HHC contains legalized raw ingredients, basically cannabis and delta-9. Therefore, it saves you from the pain of landing in jail, but only in some instances, so you do not have to be too happy about it.

Secondly, HHC soothes you and offers you the same kind of relaxation provided by THC-based drugs. HHC is no different in letting the user experience comfort and calm. HHC is slightly milder than delta-8, and its after effect includes the sensation of euphoria in your mind and body. Usually, HHC is made available to people in hemp flowers or vapes.

If I talk chemically, then both HHC and THC are the same. The only difference lies in the type of bond that the atoms form between them. HHC makes you feel a little less high than THC does. Overall, HHC is proven effective in providing you calm and making you happy, yet you are at risk of failing the drug test after consuming HHC.

How Does HHC Metabolize?

You’re probably familiar with 11-hydroxy-THC, which is the primary active metabolite of THC that develops in the body following consumption of decarboxylated cannabis. HHC is primarily metabolised in its active state. Additionally, it suggests that the thc and these two components will function and metabolism at the same rate and have the same consistency. That suggests that it is where HHC gets its psychoactive effects. Additionally, research has shown that THC and HHC are metabolised at consistent rates. 

How Long Does HHC Stay in Your System?

Apart from the chemical composition, HHC is similar to THC in functioning. It gives you the feeling of euphoria and happiness in the same way that you could have experienced after intaking drugs rich in THC components such as delta-8 or delta-10.

Keeping this into account, it is evident that, like THC, the drug metabolites of HHC too diffuse into your system and are further shown up in the drug test. An average person would experience that HHC stays up in their body for 5 to 25 days.

The most significant compounds are flushed out of the system in 5 to 7 days via sweat, urine, and feces, whereas the smaller particles that are harder to get rid of end up being a part of your body for a few weeks.

To remove them from your system, you must take detox drinks or pills; otherwise, you might get caught in the drug test if it happens between the period of your drug consumption to the day when the particles get entirely excreted out of your body.

Also, the rate at which the HHC particles will be taken out of your system depends mainly upon your metabolism. Therefore, it is suggested that you maintain good metabolism. It can be done by drinking plenty of water.

Does HHC show up in a drug test?

Once you intake HHC or related compounds, the metabolites get thoroughly mixed into your bloodstream. This blood is transported to all parts of the body, be it your hair, cheek cells, or toxins reaching out to your urine. In such a case, it is evident that while you undergo a drug test after consuming cannabis-related drugs or hemp, you will have a negative drug test report.

HHC is almost similar to THC, and you might be aware of the fact that THC is clearly displayed in a drug screening. When THC can be conveniently traced in a drug test, it is no doubt that HHC will show up in the test too. You can not deny the fact that you can have a clean drug test after consuming HHC or delta-9. Although delta-9 is milder than delta-8 and delta-10, there is an equal possibility of it being displayed in your drug test report than the THC being shown up.

Hence, to avoid any significant issues or to have a negative drug test report in your hand, it is strongly advised that you maintain a good metabolism and stop intaking all kinds of drugs once you have the date of the drug test. You can also rely on some beneficial detox drinks and pills readily available in your nearby stores or online.

HHC False Positives

One of the biggest misconceptions about HHC is that it won’t show up on a drug test. It’s clear that meth is involved because there are numerous opportunities to fail a drug test. There are many dishonest individuals operating in the HHC sector that fail to disclose basic product testing and contamination data. Moreover Your usage frequency will also have a direct impact on how long the limitation remains in your body. Because it will stay in your body for so long and make it difficult for you to pass the test, it can take you 90 days to pass the test. Therefore, the possibility of an HHC false positive exists. since if you are too looking to clear the test then there is an advice for you to stop consuming the HHC and to maintain the frequent level in your body so that there are possible chances of passing the test.

Will HHC Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?

There are many chances that HHC will cause you to fail a drug test if you are going to take the test soon. Before the test series, HHC consumption must stop, according to the advice. Since HHC is a substance that is similar to THC, their functional performance is running in a similar and constant way. Use frequency is significant. HHC users frequently need to cease taking it at least two weeks before the exam or risk failing it. Your usage frequency will also have a direct impact on how long the limitation remains in your body. Because it will stay in your body for so long and make it difficult for you to pass the test, it can take you 90 days to pass the test.

What Factors Can Lead to Delay in Flushing out HHC From Your System?

As stated earlier, HHC stays part of your system for a few weeks after the day you’ve consumed drugs. Even when you go for detox, you might not make good progress. This clearly signifies that there is a problem in flushing out HHC from your body. The following factors can contribute to the same.

•Low Metabolism

Nevertheless, the most crucial reason behind the delay in removing the HHC compounds or components from your body is low metabolism. When your body’s metabolism is poor, the body automatically functions slowly and becomes lethargic. As a result, removing wastes and toxins from the system is done at a cooperatively lesser rate. Therefore, the drug metabolites stay in your body for a more extended period than expected. Hence, it is advised that you consume a lot of water to maintain your metabolism. Doing so would ensure that the toxins release out of your body soon.

•Continuous Consumption of Drugs

Usually, if you are a drug addict, you can relate to this situation. People often keep taking drugs even when they are on detox plans or while they follow detox programs. Continuous or frequent usage of drugs is a significant hindrance in flushing out the toxins and harmful chemicals from your body. They cut the positive effect of detox drinks and detox pills and overpower them with drug-based components. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you stop taking all kinds of drugs and give up smoking until the day you get your drug test done. If you are not aware of the drug test beforehand, try to go for alternatives such as fake urine to get through the drug test.

How to Remove HHC From Your Body?

The best method to get rid of HHC from your body is to opt for detox drinks. Some naturally synthesized detox drinks are proven effective in flushing out the drug metabolites from your system and give you a clean and clear drug test report.

If you are going to appear for a drug test via the hair follicle method, you are advised to use detox shampoos and the Macujo Method to wash off the chemicals and toxins conveniently. The Macujo Method works best in the case of a hair follicle drug test. You can opt for the Jerry G method as well.

You can also choose to send the fake pee sample to the laboratory if you have to appear for a drug test suddenly. Make sure to have the temperature of the fake urine maintained between 32° Celsius to 38° Celsius so that you do not get caught red-handed by the medical professionals. Also, the urine should smell natural.

HHC serves the primary purpose of calming down your senses and giving you a feeling of relief. HHC is milder than THC, so most people go for it. It is usually found in hemp, or you can even choose to smoke cannabis. Either way, the HHC will reach your system and stay there long. If you have a drug test waiting, try not to intake the product; else, try to have a good detox before appearing for a drug test.

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