Urine drug test Preparation: What to do before urine test

Urinalysis is a test that is performed to detect diseases or to check for potential health issues. Depending on what is discovered, kidney disease may be anticipated in some circumstances. In some circumstances, nothing significant is discovered. Diet, stress, medications, workout, and other characteristics can all alter the findings of urine samples. You may be requested to return and provide another sample on occasion. You should know where to buy clean urine because it will help you prepare for the urine drug test if you consumed any drugs.

Many people have heard of pregnancy testing that utilizes urine to determine a chemical produced exclusively by expectant mothers. Everyone else is familiar with urine testing for a job or to rule out drug usage in sportsmen.

How to prepare for a urine drug test

Among the most commonly conducted laboratory procedures is the basic urine test. The sample must be properly prepared and collected. So, what is that you can ensure to make the outcome truly reflects your current health situation?

A urinalysis is a test that is performed in a laboratory. It can assist your doctor in detecting abnormalities that are manifested in your urine. The way your body eliminates junk and pollutants is affected by a variety of diseases and ailments. Kidneys, lungs, digestive tract, skin, and bladder are among the organs implicated. These issues can have an impact on the look, consistency, and substance of the urination.

Well before urinalysis, some substances and meals should be eliminated. They could manipulate the outcomes, lowering the probability of gaining precise findings. All of these dietary and other limitations are intended to get your body and system ready for a urine test. Here are some of the pharmaceutical restrictions:

  • Metronidazole
  • Vitamin C supplements
  • Methocarbamol
  • Anthraquinone laxatives
  • Nitrofurantoin
  • Riboflavin

Since some medications may alter your results, you should tell your doctor about them before testing or submitting the sample.

How do I prepare for a urine test

Name of the test:

You can take care of your body and system by keeping in mind the following points related to various tests which use urine.

Metanephrine Urine Test: 

This urination test is used to determine the existence of a tumor called pheochromocytoma. A urine sample can confirm the existence of a hormone called Metanephrine, which is produced in excess by this tumor.

Avoiding food and drugs containing Metanephrine is beneficial and will help in extracting the most precise results.

(5HIAA) Urine Test:

The level of serotonin in our body and system is determined through this test, and high levels of serotonin suggest the presence of carcinoid tumors. Hence, it becomes important to avoid medicine and foods which might act as a source of serotonin in your body and system. Dates, plums, avocadoes, bananas, grapefruit, Isoniazid, Methyldopa, Antidepressants, Methenamine, and Phenothiazines should be eliminated from the diet and list of drugs to be consumed.

Catecholamines Urine Test:

The level of catecholamine is determined through this test, the high concentrations of the same suggest the presence of a tumor. Avoiding drugs such as Aspirin, Alcohol, Acetaminophen, Antihistamines, Caffeine, and Vitamin B, which contains amines is vital.

Vanillylmandelic Acid:

This testing is intended to diagnose a tumor that is predominantly located in kids known as neuroblastomas. An individual must eliminate using medicines and meals containing vanilla.

Urine drug test tips

From all the activities that happen in our bodies when we are sleeping at night, early urination is concentrated, and so this testing provides a much more accurate result. It holds all of the toxins in the bladder. Afternoon urine is clearer and diluted. This can be modified by utilizing the right detox products. If you have consumed any form of medication late evening, it is often recommended that you forego the early tests. When you’re doing a morning test, your chances of arriving sanitary in a drug screening are incredibly slim. To detoxify your system, you should pass urine 2-4 times during the day, then drink lots of water and consume detox vitamins.


Urine collector:

Urine is collected in a particular, throwaway tube available at any drugstore. Keep in mind that the tube you buy for bacterial tests (urine culture) has to be sterilized. Urinate in flasks, bottles, and other vessels that are not meant for this use and are not allowed. The existence of germs or remains of different drugs, such as glucose, might substantially skew the evaluation of the outcomes.

What to do before urine test

Balanced diet:

Before the scheduled examination it is vital to consume a balanced, regular diet, etc, and drink a standard number of liquids, corresponding with the sensation of thirst. Urinary testing is greatly influenced by the diet. For instance, Beetroots, which color the urination red, is a great illustration of this. The concentration of urine is lowered by a meat-heavy diet, whereas the alkaline is raised by a milk-based or vegan diet.

Intense physical activity:

Intense physical exercise can cause the production or growth of ketone bodies and proteins in the urine. Orthostatic proteinuria is a condition that occurs when people spend extended periods standing.

Sexual activity:

Due to the presence of testosterone in the urination, a urine sample following sexual activity may be challenging. The huge quantity of them inhibits a precise microscopic analysis of the urine sample. There could also be mild urethral lesions, leading to an elevated quantity of RBCs, epithelium, or germs in the urination.

Menstrual bleeding:

When testing in period, the urine is frequently contaminated with a considerable volume of RBCs plus epithelia, making meaningful results unattainable.

Drug urine test:

The result is affected by a combination of circumstances, including the time of the test as well as the number of liquids and foods consumed. Most clinical trials will come back positive even if you’ve not taken any drugs. It’s mostly because of the meals and drugs people took just before testing.

When undergoing a urine sample, it is strongly advised that the individual consume enough liquid; because the more liquid you consume, the more you’ll urinate, the more drug metabolites would be washed out of your body. It will reduce their quantity to the point where a drug test can detect them. People who do not drink adequate liquid have a difficulty in flushing sufficient urination.


There’s a big list of items to avoid till a urine test. However, because all of these things contain only a trace amount of hazardous substances, eating one of them a few days until the testing is uncertain to be fatal. Following the above points would help an individual to prepare his system before the test.


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