THC Detox: How to Get Weed Out of Your System Fast?

Are you looking for how to get weed out of your system fast? Here in this article, we share the right way of THC detox so that you can detox your system from marijuana before the drug test.

Flushing out the toxic drug metabolites from your system is the prerequisite for a clean and safe drug test. Whenever you intake any drug-related product, the THC stays in your body for as long as 9 to 10 days. Within this time span, if you are called for a drug test, it is evident that you will need to remove the toxins from your body as soon as possible.

It is necessary to remove these toxins because you might not get a job if your drug test report comes out to be positive. Not only this, you will lose all your maintained image and reputation in the society. If you are found positive for intaking serious weeds or marijuana, then the end result will be that you will have to spend some future years of your life in jail.

How to Get Weed Out of Your System Fast
Apparently, excreting the THC out of your system priors everything else. Well, if you are searching for ways using which you can flush the drug metabolites conveniently and painlessly, then here’s an enhanced guide for you. Further, we will be talking about various user-friendly methods that almost anyone can inculcate in their lifestyle and get rid of THCs and related compounds.

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast?

Nowadays, the market has flooded itself with various beneficial and effective products that can lower the presence of harmful chemicals and drug metabolites in your body in a minimal time period. Such products are excellent in their functioning as they go into the body. Consuming them is proven to be extremely useful by a drug intaker. Some of the products are mentioned below-

•Detox Drinks
Because ninety percent of the people choose a urine drug test method to check for the presence of drugs in their system, detox drinks have been in great demand ever since. As the name suggests, detox drinks help clean the blood by absorbing the THCs and converting them into solid waste, then removed from the body in feces or urine.

Detox drinks being liquid, diffuse quickly and fastly in the bloodstream than any other alternative. Therefore, they show the most efficiency in terms of providing you with a negative drug test report. While taking in the detox drinks, try to avoid tea or coffee; otherwise, the caffeine might show a side effect in some people.

•Detox Pills
Like Detox Drinks, another way to detoxify your body of the harmful chemicals in the detox pills. Detox pills work well for 10 to 15 days for your drug test. Taking the pills regularly at certain intervals is effective in maintaining the body’s metabolism and thereby removing the toxic THCs from the body.

For detox pills, you can count on Toxin Rid. Toxin Rid provides you with their organic drugs made of vitamins, minerals and herbs. It would help if you took these pills according to the detoxifying program that you follow (5 days or ten days). You should take three pills after every four to five hours for better results.

•Detox Mouthwash(For An Oral Swab Test)
Consider yourself lucky if you are being tested via your saliva instead of blood or urine. This is because a saliva drug test is the easiest to get through. Because the saliva drug test gives immediate and accurate results painlessly, it is done by several people nowadays. To detoxify your saliva that is to be tested for getting the drug test report, you can use a detox mouth.

Like pills, Toxin Rid also offers a good detox mouthwash that comprises herbs and necessary nutrients. One good feature of the detox mouthwash is that it can be used just half an hour before the drug test, and it still assures you to get through the drug test with favorable results.

•Detox Hair Shampoos
The hair drug test is the toughest of all. To pass hair follicle drug test clearly, you can bring the detox hair shampoos into use. The purpose of these shampoos is to extract out the harmful toxins from the areas near the scalp and then wash them away as you wash your hair.

Usually, these shampoos are used as a raw material in the Jerry G method and the Macujo hair follicle detox method. These shampoos can range from being organic to chemically synthesized. Hair Detox Shampoos have chemicals that destroy the drug metabolites from your hair follicle. Hence, old style aloe rid and Zydot shampoos are widely brought into use by most people.

Home Remedies For THC Detox:

If you are not willing to synthetic and artificially made products, you can opt for taking in some natural drinks that you can prepare freshly at home and consume over time until your drug test gets done. Although these remedies are not 100 percent reliable, yet they can show their effect gradually. Expecting instant results after having these detox drinks is not a wise decision.

•Cranberry Juice
Cranberry juice is composed of one crucial component that is the fruit pectin. The fruit pectin is made of the essential nutrients and components that help in easy detoxification. The presence of fruit pectin in cranberry juice makes it possible for the liquid to absorb almost all the THCs from your bloodstream and store them as fats.

These fats are further released primarily as solid waste or otherwise as liquid waste too. Cranberry juice keeps your calorie intake in check and does not make you feel low on energy. It is tasty to be consumed in more significant amounts by anyone without any trouble.

•Apple Cider Vinegar
Yet another helpful way in which you can flush the THCs out of your system is by routinely using apple cider vinegar. Apart from your pasta or kitchen use, you can consume apple cider vinegar to remove all the harmful toxins from your body. Apple Cider Vinegar is an unmatchable detoxifying agent. It has antibacterial properties that gather and remove the illicit chemicals and substances from your system without much trouble. Drinking raw Apple Cider Vinegar with a sufficient amount of water twice or thrice a day can surely give you a negative drug test report.

•Lemon Juice, Mint, and Water
In order to detoxify your body of the harmful THCs, vitamins are seen to be vital. Evidently, lemon juice has Vitamin C and Vitamin A that have tremendously effective detoxifying capacity. These vitamins are good antioxidants as well.

Combining lemon juice, mint, and water helps you to prepare a tasty, refreshing, and highly beneficial drink that will help you detoxify your system in a better way. For easy digestion and to increase the detoxification rate, you are suggested to add ginger to the drink.

Consuming it 7 to 8 times a day will increase your metabolism, provide you immunity, and hence it will ultimately detoxify your body.

What Else Can Be Done for weed detox?

If none of those mentioned above suits you or you are short on the essential ingredients required for home remedies, there’s another thing that you can do, and that is to have fake urine at your place and use it as your urine sample. Fake pee can save you from a drug test at times, and it is proven effective in getting you through the drug test.

Basically, you can opt for two ways; first that you can preserve fake urine at your home beforehand so that whenever the need occurs, you can easily use it. Other than this, you can purchase synthetic urine at any instant from some trusted sources that promise a next-day delivery at your place. In both cases, you have to be very clear in maintaining the smell and look of the fake pee like the natural one.

Moreover, you must ensure that the fake urine is sent to the laboratory only when the sample temperature ranges from 32° Celsius to 38° Celsius. Otherwise, it is incredibly effortless for medical professionals to determine that the urine sample is fake and will be regarded as “adulterated” by the laboratory.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How is THC excreted out from the body?

As you consume drugs, the THC gets mixed in your bloodstream. Over time, as you drink water or exercise, the molecules of THC get broken down into smaller molecules, known as metabolites. These metabolites are stored in the body in the form of fats. Further, these THC fats are excreted out of your body through urine and solid waste(feces).

2) Does the body store THC?

 Usually, it takes 4 to 5 days to flush the THC out of your system. Other minor metabolites might get removed from the body in the coming 3 to 4 days. But, the much bigger compounds formed by THC are harder to get rid of, and they might be a part of your body for a few days, weeks, months, or even years. They are not removed easily by your system.

3) Can I detox THC out of my system in 24 hours?

 Although it is difficult to remove the THC toxins out of the body in 24 hours, in case you have a next-day drug test, you can go for certain tricks to detoxify yourself as soon as possible. For instance, you can drink a lot of water to dilute the urine and get an inconclusive drug test report.
Also, you can exercise for a prolonged period of time. This boosts up the metabolism, and the drug metabolites are excreted out of your body sooner than expected. You can also try to have some detox drinks. With these methods, it is likely a possibility that you will detox your body in 24 hours.

4) What foods help to detoxify your body?

 When it seems impossible to drink water and juices to detoxify your body continuously, you undoubtedly think of some food items that you can eat to flush out the THC with ease. There are certain foods that you can have before going for a drug test to clean your body of all the drug metabolites.
These food items include Ginger, Beetroot, Garlic, Cabbage, Brown Rice, and Green Tea. All these food items have detoxifying chemicals that ensure to extract the toxic THCs out of your body over time. Sometimes, it might happen as soon as in a day.

5) How can I detoxify my body naturally?
 In some cases, people are allergic to chemicals and the compounds of which the detoxifying drinks or tablets are made. Therefore, it becomes difficult for them to consume those products. In such a case, they look for natural ways to detoxify their body.
Although the natural methods show their effect gradually, you can surely count on them if you have time on your hands. Firstly, you should replace caffeine-related drinks with Green Tea. You can also consume lemon water and cranberry juice. Also, get enough sleep and drink a lot of water. Ensure that you do not have packaged juices or food until the day of your drug test.

If you have time in your hand and resources to detoxify your body, it is advised that you follow a foolproof detox plan, be it for five days or ten days. Doing so would provide security that you will have a clean drug test report.

On the other hand, if the scenario is such that you are to give a drug test the next day, then the most suitable way is to enhance your metabolism, that is, drink lots and lots of water or exercise enough to release the drug metabolites out of your body with ease.

Apart from everything, the best thing that you can do is replace your caffeine intake with green tea or beetroot juice. These drinks have detoxifying abilities, and they clean your bloodstream quickly and efficiently. Moreover, do not rely on packaged food items or drinks while on your detox plan.

Adding to this, it is recommended that you do not take any drugs until the day you get the drug test done. If nothing, you can follow any of the above methods to flush out the toxins. While the detox pills and juices are more effective in producing results, the homemade cranberry juice or lemon water can’t rely upon much.

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