How to force yourself to pee for a drug test

The urine drug test requires a min of 30mL of fresh urine for the drug test. The candidate requires to submit their fresh pee for urine analysis. However, Sometimes people feel embarrassed to submit their pee for the drug test. They are not able to urinate in a cup for the test. A urine test checks the presence of illicit substances like Coke, Meth, Weed, PCP, and other street drugs.
So due to the fear of failing a drug test or sometimes due to shyness, people cannot give enough urine for analysis.
We usually urinate when our bladder is full. Sometimes due to anxiety and nervousness, we urinate multiple times. Some people get scared about the drug test, so they urinate multiple times before going to the test. So when the lab asked for the urine sample, some people could not urinate because of empty bladders.
Some people feel awkward giving a urine sample due to their shy bladders. It usually happens when the sample collector is of the opposite gender. Some men feel awkward submitting urine samples to women. Similarly, some women feel awkward giving a urine sample to men.

how to force yourself to pee for a drug test
Several reasons, such as shy bladder, empty bladder, fear, nervousness, anxiety, and other reasons, make it difficult to urinate for the drug test. Without the urge to go to the bathroom for urination, it is difficult to urinate for the test.
In such cases, there are several ways in which you can force yourself to pee for the drug test. You should use the techniques below when you submit the urine for the urine test. A normal healthy person need not force himself the urination. The urge to urinate generates the normal when the body signals you should visit the bathroom for urination.
1> Try to relax your body, don’t think about how long it will take to urinate or who is waiting outside the bathroom for the next turn. When you relax your body, you will urinate faster. Close your eyes and take a deep breath for some time.
2>Turn on the faucets and listen to the water flowing. You will get the urge to urinate after listening to the water flow.
3> Press the area between the belly button and the pubic area with the fingertip. You have to do this until you urinate on the cup. Massage the inner thigh for some time so that it will induce peeing.
4> Bend forward so that movement will put pressure on the bladder and can make you urinate. Sit on the toilet seat like a squat style to induce peeing.
5> Hold your hand or fingertip under the running water for some time. The warm or cold water relaxes your body and increases the urge for urination. Listening sound of water for some time can increase the urge to urinate.
6> Perform simple exercises like walking, running, or bending forward multiple times so that it will induce peeing.
7>Use the Valsalva technique, gently pressing the lower abdomen. Don’t put pressure on the bladder directly. Gently perform the Valsalva maneuver exercise to induce peeing.
The above methods will help you to urinate for the drug test. So relax your body, listen to the sound of running water, and take a walk for some time. These methods will induce the pee.

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