How To Keep Pee Warm For Drug Test

Have you ever failed in drug test because of urine temperature? Here in this post on how to keep urine warm for a drug test, we will share everything you need to keep your urine sample at the right temperature.

how to get urine to right temperature for a drug test

Ensuring the right temperature for a drug test is crucial, especially for urine. Urine tends to be slightly cooler than the average body temperature and quickly cools down after leaving the body. To obtain accurate results, it’s essential to keep the urine warm.

If the urine isn’t fresh or at the correct temperature, it deteriorates rapidly, leading to inaccurate drug test results. Medical professionals often reject cold urine as it compromises the accuracy of the output, resulting in a failed drug test.

For a successful drug test, maintaining urine warmth above the average body temperature is necessary. This ensures precise data and justifies the investment in the drug test. Additionally, you’ll learn effective and easy-to-follow methods to keep urine warm for an extended period, enhancing the reliability of the test.

Secret Tip: I tried several methods to keep the urine warm for the drug test. I shared all the methods below in this post. As per my experience, I found out that the urinator is by far the most reliable way to keep the urine at the right temperature.
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How to Keep Urine Warm for Drug Tests?

It is likely suggested that you submit the urine sample within an hour in which the test has to be done. If you cannot do this, try to keep the urine warm before the test. If you correctly store the urine sample in a proper manner, you would be amazed to know that a urine sample can be preserved for nearly six months. If you failed a drug test because of urine temperature, then you should know about the different ways to keep urine warm for drug tests as follows-

How to keep pee warm

•The Natural Method
The best and the most effective method to keep the urine warm for a drug test is a natural way. By opting for this way, you are supposed to keep the urine stored in the urinary bladder for around an hour or so before the drug test. If you have not taken drugs anytime soon, it is a kind of surety that you will pass a pee drug test.

If not, you can go for the home urine drug testing kits. These kits can be used conveniently by you anytime at your personal place. You do not have to go anywhere for a drug test if you use these kits. Hence, you are saved of the worry of giving a clean urine sample.

Microwave the Urine: can you microwave urine for a drug test?

Use the microwave to warm the urine effectively for a drug test. Follow these steps: ▪︎ If the urine sample is frozen, defrost it first. ▪︎ After defrosting, ensure the urine reaches average room temperature. ▪︎ Once ready, microwave the urine sample for about 10 seconds. ▪︎ After 10 seconds, the urine should reach the required temperature, ideally between 90° to 100° Fahrenheit. ▪︎ Keep the urine at this temperature until the test, using a hand warmer if needed.

Caution: Avoid prolonged microwave heating to prevent the urine from losing essential components.


•Use the Heater Vent Method
While you are uncomfortable giving your urine sample in person, you can carry the urine to the desired location using the heater vent method. These methods ask you to refrigerate the urine within one hour after you have excreted it. After which, you are supposed to keep the urine in an airtight container and tighten the lid.

Place the container just above the air vent of your vehicle to maintain the urine temperature. This helps keep the temperature of the urine sample undisturbed for some time. Yet, better than this, it is advised to keep the urine sample near your body. It will prove to be more effective.

•Make Sure to Use fake urine with Heat Pads

Ensure you use fake urine with Heat Pads. Heat pads are the best way to maintain urine warmth for a drug test. You can easily find fake urine with Heat Pads in nearby stores. A high-quality heat pad can effectively keep the urine warm for 10 hours. Shake the heat pad well to mix the chemicals and generate heat from the sides.

Cover the urine sample container with the heat pads, making sure the container lid is tightly closed. Afterward, place the urine sample between your thighs or armpits. Once the sample temperature reaches around 32°C to 38°C, submit it for testing.

•Ensure that the Urine Sample is Kept Close to Your Body

Another painless technique often used to pass a drug test and maintain the urine’s warmth is by positioning the urine sample near your body. Certain areas, like the space between the thighs and armpits, naturally have temperatures similar to what’s needed to keep the urine warm.

Simply place the urine sample in plastic bags and position it between your thighs or armpits. For women, it’s even better advised to keep the urine sample under their breasts to ensure it stays warm.

•Use Hand Warmers

Consider using hand warmers to maintain urine warmth for a drug test. Typically used in cold regions, hand warmers serve the purpose of keeping the urine sample warm before your test. They are durable in maintaining the warmth of the urine.

However, one drawback of relying on hand warmers is that it takes around 40 to 45 minutes to warm up, but after that, it can be effectively used. It’s possible to adjust the hand warmer based on your body temperature. Note that hand warmers can be unreliable; improper use might make the urine too hot.

How to keep urine warm without hand warmers

Use Urinator Kits
Using Urinator Kit with test clear urine is a slightly tricky method.

The Urinator Kit operates on batteries, powering the heating pad. It’s a unisex device, suitable for both males and females to maintain urine temperature between 90-100 degrees.

The kit includes synthetic urine, a fluid bag, and a pouch. Place the fluid bag on the heating pad, monitor the temperature, and then tuck the pouch in your underwear. The sensor on the fluid bag ensures the urine sample stays at the correct temperature. Ultimately, you can use the warm urine sample in any container.

Personal Note: I recomend you to use the urinator kit. It is a digitally controlled kit to keep the pee warm so that you do not need to worry about pee temperature. I used the urinator kit to pass the urine drug test.


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•Try to Use Stash Undies
Consider using Stash Undies, specially designed underwear with a secret pocket. This pocket can store various items, serving dual purposes. Firstly, their snug fit keeps the urine sample close to your thighs, maintaining the ideal temperature for the drug test. Secondly, the secret pocket allows you to store synthetic urine at your body’s temperature, making Stash Undies a useful option for keeping your urine sample warm before the drug test.

How to keep urine warm in a pill bottle

Keep urine warm in a pill bottle by strapping it between your legs. Despite not being ideal, if you choose to use a pill bottle, ensure the urine maintains the right temperature.

If you opt for a pill bottle or water bottle to store the urine, here are some steps to follow.

  • To ensure the correct temperature, heat the urine before putting it in the pill bottle. You can reach body temperature by microwaving the urine for 10 seconds or using a handwarmer or heat pack.
  • To meet the urine test requirement, it’s crucial to have a pill bottle that can hold more than 60 ml of urine.
  • Securely wrap the pill bottle to the heat pad or handwarmer with a rubber band. This keeps the urine warm for an extended period.

In most cases, it will be difficult for urine to keep warm in a pill bottle for a long time. So you should avoid using a pill bottle to keep the sample warm.

Electric urine warmer for drug test

While methods like heat packs, hand warmers, and body warmth are commonly used to keep pee warm, they come with disadvantages, especially in maintaining urine temperature for the drug test. In such cases, the electric urine warmer, like a urinator heater, becomes essential. This digital device is specifically designed to keep urine at the correct temperature, eliminating the need to worry about maintaining it at body temperature.

An electric urine warmer kit is a must when you cannot control the urine sample’s temperature. The urinator urine warmer is a reusable device, allowing you to use it for multiple tests.

How long does urine stay between 90-100 degrees

The temperature of your urine might change within minutes of excretion. As a result, the clarity of the drug test might get hindered. Usually, for a drug test, the urine should have a temperature ranging between 90° Fahrenheit to 100° Fahrenheit(32°C to 38°C). The urine will be at the right temperature for approximately four minutes after the excretion.

How long does urine stay warm between your legs.

Keeping pee warm using body heat is tough, and controlling urine temperature is tricky. Placing a urine bag between your legs is an option, but it’s not dependable since urine stays warm between your legs for only about four minutes. After that, maintaining a pee temperature between 90-100 degrees becomes very challenging.

Why is it necessary to Keep the Urine Warm for Drug Tests?

If the urine isn’t kept warm, there’s a risk that bacteria in it could replicate, causing the loss of essential components. Any deviation from the specified temperature may result in an unclear or invalid report according to professionals.

Failing a drug test can damage your reputation and well-established image. Synthetic urine samples can also experience temperature fluctuations, potentially causing urine discoloration. Therefore, it’s recommended to preserve natural urine samples and use them for the drug test. A urine warmer, a reusable device, allows you to maintain the temperature for multiple tests.

Will urine stay warm in my bra?

It won’t be easy to keep the sample warm in your bra. The body heat will not be able to keep the pee sample warm for a long time. So if you want to keep the sample warm for several hours, then the using body heat is not the best option.

How to reheat urine for a drug test?

We recommend using a urinator kit to reheat urine for the drug test. Hand warmers and heating pads are not good for reheating urine. The urinator is a digitally controlled device it will regulate the urine temperature to keep the sample fresh for several hours.

What is the Best Way to Store Urine?

When you can’t submit your urine sample right away to the laboratory, it’s beneficial to keep it for some time to ensure its freshness, even for months. The ideal way to store urine is in a sealed plastic bag inside a fridge.


Having known some of the best methods to preserve urine would have been a great assistance to you if you find yourself unable to submit the urine sample immediately to the medical professionals.

By going through any of the ways mentioned above, you can store the urine sample for as long as six months without having to worry about losing the essential components that are needed to carry out the drug test properly.

A clean drug test report is necessary to maintain your reputation, which otherwise might cost you your job. Hence, you can store your urine conveniently for a drug test through the method that best suits you.

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