How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test 2023

Are you looking for how to pass a mouth swab drug test? This article shared everything that you need to prepare for the oral saliva test.

Mouth Swab Drug Test is done to check for current consumption or intake of drugs such as cannabis in a person. Unlike the hair follicle drug test, the mouth test does not detect or trace back the use of the drug over some time. It is an instant procedure that can be done anytime and anywhere, which means you, being an employee, can be brought under check in no time.

Oral Drug Tests are majorly performed on those working in trucking companies. As they roam around the city, they can be asked to give a sample of their saliva to be tested for the presence of drugs, even on the roadside. This is done to ensure that no unlawful or unacceptable activity is done while a person is at work.
Due to this reason and the fear of undergoing a random screening at any point of the day, many people look for methods in which they can pass an oral swab test. These tricks and ways involve using chemical products, detoxifying substances, and even helpful home remedies. Nevertheless, some are effective, while others are just a waste of time and money.
Keeping that aside, let me clarify a fact about all the drug tests, the oral swab drug test is the easiest to pass. The prime reason behind it is that it checks for recent intake of drugs and not for the past few weeks or days. If you are here to know of the methods by which you can pass the oral swab drug test conveniently without any trouble, then go through the article to gather information regarding the same.

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What is a Mouth Swab Drug Test?

In a mouth swab drug test, a swab with a cotton ball over its end is placed in your mouth or put by the professionals at your cheek cells to absorb the saliva present. This saliva is then tested for the presence of drugs. Sometimes, the person taking the drug test might even ask you to put the swab or the stick yourself in the mouth and, after that, submit the sample.
The report of the mouth swab drug test can be either given to you on sight and instantly or otherwise; if the saliva sample is taken to the laboratory, then it might take 24 hours to know the results. Over time, the oral swab method has become prominent due to various factors.
Firstly, the mouth swab drug test method is easy and convenient. It does not demand any prerequisites. This test can be done anywhere at any instance of time. The oral drug test method is cheaper than other drug tests, and most importantly, you are provided with an instant result in most cases if you go for a mouth swab drug test method.

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test?

Mouth Swab Tests are not complicated, and they do not demand too much of your efforts to get an unfavorable report. Some simple tricks and techniques will help you entirely in passing the test. Primarily, you can opt for some oral solutions that are readily available in the market, and if not, you have some home remedies to do as well. Let us talk about a few of them.

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test
1) Use Toxin Rid Rescue Wash
The best alternative for getting through the oral swab drug test is to take assistance from some pre-manufactured products that are conveniently available in the market. These products make your work more accessible than you could expect. One beneficial and trustworthy product that you can purchase any day is the Toxin Rid Rescue Wash.

toxinrid mouthwash
It is composed of various ingredients, including Aloe Vera, Sodium, Witch hazel, Potassium, Sulfate, Magnesium, Lithium, Mint, Ascorbic Acid, Water, Boron, Chloride, and Glycerin. Mentioning all the raw materials used is necessary because, on the pack, it is not explained which ingredient serves what purpose.
Talking further, using the rescue wash is simple. All you need to do is take one-third of the liquid from the bottle in your mouth and rinse your mouth thoroughly with it. Swish it around the mouth for three to four minutes and repeat the same process two more times until the whole bottle gets empty. In order to prevent any foul smell, use mint or any other like gum.
2) Brush Your Teeth and Surrounding Areas Properly
Apart from a regular habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, it would help if you did that more often when you are aware of the fact that you have to appear for an oral swab drug test anytime soon.

Brush Your Teeth
Brushing the teeth, the tongue, the cheek cells, and the mouth correctly and frequently leaves no traces of the THC or related components in your mouth or saliva. It is advised that before going for a drug test, you should brush your teeth 6 to 7 times a day as it would remove even the smaller drug particles from your saliva, and therefore, you do not have to worry about the drug test.
3) Use Hydrogen Peroxide
For a time, Hydrogen Peroxide has been an impressive disinfecting agent. Primarily, the compound is used to treat cuts or other infections conveniently and adequately, but over time, Hydrogen Peroxide is also being used to pass the oral swab drug test.
It is believed to kill the THCs and other toxins from saliva and cheek cells so that no trace of any harmful chemical is left in your mouth, and when you appear for a mouth swab drug test, you get a negative report and save up your job and most crucial reputation.
Bringing Hydrogen Peroxide into use can be a little tricky. It would help if you were sure of maintaining a proper consistency and the ratio of Hydrogen Peroxide to water not to harm your mouth and stay away from infections in the future.

Hydrogen Peroxide mouth swab test
It would help if you mixed a 3 percent concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide with a glass of water and then gargled your mouth with the solution continuously for about 2 to 3 minutes. Keep doing this process frequently to wash away all the toxins from your saliva and mouth.
4) Drink Lots of Water
Water has always been beneficial in getting through drug tests, whether urine-based or hair follicle-based. In the oral swab drug test method, water plays a vital role. Drinking a lot of water will help you neutralize the THCs from the saliva and the cheek cells. And so no presence of toxins will be detected while you go for the drug screening.
Moreover, it is recommended that you not only drink water but also rinse your mouth and gargle multiple times with warm water. It is beneficial in flushing off the THCs and giving you better results. You will likely save your job and image and have a negative drug test report.
5) Rely on Edibles
As you all know, the THCs and drug components are stored in the saliva for 24 hours to 48 hours. Usually, these compounds become worthless for a drug test in less than 30 hours. If you want to make them inactive sooner than that, it is advised that you rely on edibles.
Eat different products so that the toxins get disposed of from the upper layer. It is also better recommended that you consume chewing gum and citric fruits such as oranges or grapes because they become of great help during the overall process. You can also try to have lemon drinks or sugary drinks. Doing so will genuinely assist you in removing the THCs and related compounds from your mouth.

What Does the Oral Swab Drug Test Look For?

The best thing about the mouth swab drug test is that it looks for the active THCs present in your saliva. Unlike the urine drug test or the hair follicle drug test, this one does not trace back the presence of drugs in your body for much longer. The active THC components stay in the saliva or, let’s say, in your mouth only for 24 to 48 hours, thereby reducing the risk of getting caught in a drug test.
You are likely to get through a mouth swab drug test without doing anything if the test is dated a few days ahead. But to be more sure, it is better to go for precautionary measures. Also, the oral swab drug test has nothing to do with the THCs that pass through your mouth to the stomach. It only considers the toxins in the saliva; therefore, it becomes super-easy for a person to pass the drug test without much pain.
The methods to remove the THCs from the saliva are not time-consuming, and they can even be done by people who are busy with their schedules. Hence, the oral swab drug test method is the most convenient. It does not require sending you a lot of sum of money on any of the additional products that you have to do in some other drug tests.

When is the Mouth Swab Drug Test Used?

Although the oral swab drug test can be used for various reasons, such as medical purposes or after accident scenarios, the drug test is majorly done for the following reasons.
•As a Pre-Employment Test
Because the oral swab drug test is done in a minimal amount of time, most companies prefer to check the drug consumption of a person via the oral swab drug test method before they assure regular employment to them.
They are getting results in as long as 24 hours, making it convenient and painless for a business enterprise to decide on having an employee. Also, the saliva drug test is the cheapest, and the employer does not have to incur any vast costs.
Therefore, before applying for a job in a company, beware that you will have to go through a drug test and stop consuming drugs a few weeks before you think of having a good and permanent job at a reputed organization.
•For Random Screening
If you are employed in a trucking company, this might be your frequent scenario to face. Another reason for which an oral swab drug test is done is by the police officials for having a random screening of vehicle drivers on the roads.
This way, the officials remain aware of the consumption of drugs by a person, and if someone is caught red-handed, then the first thing he has to suffer is a loss of his job and the thing that he has to land up in jail after that.
In order to pass an instant oral swab drug test, the most helpful thing that a person can do is to continuously chew gum (preferably mint or orange) whenever he goes on a ride. Doing so will take away the power from THCs to show up a positive drug test report, and the person will not end up being in trouble at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long can Marijuana be detected in a saliva drug test?

 If you have consumed drugs such as Marijuana, it can be found in the saliva drug screening for as long as 24 hours. After that, the traces might not be left in your saliva. This is the sole reason why most police officials rely on the saliva drug test method to check for the presence of drugs or THCs in someone’s system. As an employee, too, you can get tested for a saliva test on any day at the office, so it is advised to be aware of that.

2) Can traces of Alcohol be detected in the oral swab drug test?

 Yes, it is effortlessly possible for the tester to trace the presence of alcohol in your saliva. Either you will be let know of it immediately when the test takes place or after a few hours if the sample is sent to the laboratory. Apart from Alcohol, an oral swab drug test can find out the following drugs if you have consumed them any time soon. They are-
• Benzodiazepines
• Cannabis
• Phencyclidine
• Opioids
• Methamphetamine
• Barbiturates

3) Is the Mouth Swab Drug Test effective?

 The oral drug test effectively detects any kind of drug use or drug abuse within 24 hours. The drug metabolites stay in your saliva for nearly a day before they get removed or become undetectable. If a mouth swab drug test is conducted soon after the consumption of drugs, it is proven to give prompt and accurate results. Because the oral drug test method is quickly and fastly done, therefore it is opted by many people nowadays.

4) What foods should I eat before a mouth swab drug test?

 Preferably, it is suggested and necessary that you do not intake any kind of foods or drinks 10 minutes before the test has to be done. This might alter the composition of the THCs present in your saliva, and hence you might not get a clear drug test report. However, to trick the police officers and medical professionals, people usually chew gums and candies before the test so that no presence of drugs can be clearly seen in their drug test report.

5) How can I quickly pass an Oral Swab Drug Test?

 The best suggestion to get through an oral swab drug test is to stop taking all kinds of drugs or related components a few days before the test has to be done, but it is only applicable when you have prior information about the test being done. If you are unaware of the drug test, brush your teeth and up and down the tongue with hydrogen peroxide and good toothpaste. It will help in clearing the toxins from your mouth. Also, you can chew gums or eat ice to neutralize the effects of harmful THCs and get away with the drug test painlessly. If you completely want to remove toxins from your body, including saliva, then you should use detoxify mega clean herbal cleanse and Toxin rid 10 day detox. You can also use a oral clear gum and toxin rid rescue mouthwash to remove the THC chemicals .


Be it only smoking that you do or the marijuana that you consume, you can peacefully keep all your worries aside if you have to appear for an oral swab drug test. The mouth swab drug test does not require too much effort to pass. Most importantly, you do not need a lot of raw materials to carry out the detoxification process of your mouth for the drug test.

Also, unlike the hair drug test or the urine drug test, you are not supposed to spend too much money on buying the detoxifying shampoos or drinks to have a clean and clear drug test report. The oral swab drug test can be done at any instant. Usually, it is performed by police officers to check the truck drivers to ensure that no road accidents or misbehavior happen to anyone.

Either you are to get the result of the oral drug test within a few minutes, or if your sample is being sent to the laboratory, then it will take a day to get the results. If you are pre-informed of the test date, it is advised that you do not consume any kinds of drugs within that period, and hence you will automatically get a negative drug test report.

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