Does The Knight Transportation Drug Test?

Does knight transportation drug test? Let’s find out in this post. Knight Transportation is America’s fifth-largest transportation company. Many drivers want to get a job in knight transportation but to get that job; they need to clear the drug test. People asked us about the knight transportation drug test. So we created this post that explained about knight transportation drug test.
Knight transportation has almost 11k trailers, 4k trucks, and 25 terminals, making it the fifth-largest transportation company in America. Many Truck drivers want to get part of the fifth-largest transportation company. To get a job in knight transportation, a truck driver needs to prepare for the test.

Knight Transportation drug test policy

When you get selected for the knight transportation job, you must clear the drug test, background check, and medical test. The final selection depends on the result of the background and drug test.
Every transport company should follow the U S DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, So knight transportation is allowed to conduct the pre-employment drug test method. The candidate should submit it sample for the drug test. If you want to get a job in knight transportation, you must have a Negative test result.

knight transportation drug test
If you have a positive drug test report stating the presence of an illicit substance in your sample can disqualify you from the job. You should submit your sample as per the prescribed test method at per scheduled time and date. The test result should be kept confidential and only for the use of Knight transportation. The medical officer should not share the report with anyone else.

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What kind of drug test does knight transportation conduct?

The knight transportation can conduct hair or urine drug tests as part of the pre-employment test. The knight transportation has the right to decide the type of drug. So You need to prepare for urine as well as hair test. You need to submit a sample at the scheduled time and date.
Knight Transportation has a strict drug test policy, and they won’t hire you if you have a positive test result. They won’t consider your application if you have taken any drugs before.

Knight transportation urine test preparation.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we get introduced to toxins, so even if you stay clean for a long time, you need to prepare the cleaning up your system for the drug test. The first step is to avoid consuming drugs or alcohol. Stay away from alcohol and drugs.
The next step is to follow the detox plan to clean your body from the drugs. Toxin rid 5-day detox plan is a good choice to prepare for the test. It will remove all the drug metabolize from your body so that you will get clean for the test.
Some people try to use powdered synthetic urine when they have less time for the test. But you should understand of risk of using synthetic or fake urine for the test.

Knight transportation hair test preparation.

To prepare Knight transportation hair test, you should wash your hair with Old style aloe toxin rid shampoo multiple times before the test. The Macujo method is a good detox method that cleans up your hair’s toxins.

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