Does the lice shampoo work for a hair drug test?

Lice shampoo is effective for killing the lice but Does the lice shampoo work for a drug test? Let’s find out in this post. Lice present in the human scalp that causes itching scalp. You will notice small insects on your hair that cause movement on the hair.
The lice can also be found on hair, body, and pubic region. Lice shampoo is a good hair detox treatment that kills the lice that cause dandruff and itching. However, the lice shampoo contains ingredients that damage the nervous system of lice and make them paralyzed. Lice shampoo is suitable for removing lice from the hair but does it remove the drug toxins in the hair? Let’s find out.

how to pass a hair follicle drug test

Lice shampoo to pass a hair test.

Hair tests are pretty accurate and can detect upto the past 90 days of substance abuse. In hair follicle drug testing, the hair sample is collected from the scalp for analysis. If you are bald or have short hair, body hair is used for the analysis.
When you consume drugs, they get metabolized and absorbed into the bloodstream. Some toxins get excreted through urine, but some get stored in a person’s body. Traces of those drug metabolites get detected through hair, saliva, and urine testing. Hair or urine drug testing is conducted as part of the pre-employment process. In addition, some professions require drug testing several times a year.
If you have had toxin exposure, you should remove those toxins from the hair, saliva, and urine. Several detoxing methods flush out the toxins from hair, urine and saliva. For example, in hair detox, several shampoos and conditioners are used to remove toxins from the hair. But can you use lice shampoo to pass the hair test?

Does the lice shampoo work for a hair drug test?

Lice shampoo is suitable for killing the lice, but it does not work for the hair test. You need a deep hair cleansing process that removes the toxin buildup from the hair. Lice shampoo contains ingredients that paralyze the lice and kill their nervous system, but it does not contain ingredients that remove toxins from the hair.
So instead of lice shampoo, you should use hair follicle detox shampoo like aloe rid to clean the drug toxins from your hair. The aloe rid shampoo deep cleansing formula effectively removes toxins from the hair and makes your hair clean for the test.
The Old style aloe rid shampoo is a better option than the lice shampoo for passing the hair test. This is because the Old style aloe rid shampoo contains ingredients and chemical formulas that are effective in the hair detox process. So if you are serious about passing the hair test, you should use hair follicle shampoos like Zydot and aloe rid for the test.

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