Magnum synthetic urine review 2024

Does the Magnum Synthetic Urine work for a lab test? Let’s find out in this review. There is a lot of buzz about Magnum detox urine but does it work? In this review, let’s check its ingredients, features, availability, and other details.

Many people ask us about the Magnum detox synthetic urine. So we decided to test the Magnum detox urine to find out does it is worth your money. There is a lot of buzz about Magnum synthetic urine. Most local vape shops sell Magnum urine to pass the urine test. But does it help you to pass the urine test? Let’s find out.

Magnum synthetic urine review.

One thing we like about Magnum urine is that it is easily available in the store. Many other synthetic urine kit brands are unavailable at the local store, but Magnum is different. We looked at Magnum urine online but didn’t find any legitimate site selling Magnum urine. So that is little concern we have about its availability online. You will not find Magnum urine’s official site, phone number, and contact details on the internet. So we have doubted its credibility.

magnum synthetic urine

We purchased the Magnum urine from a local head shop. We don’t like the packaging of Magnum urine.

What is inside the Magnum synthetic urine?

  • 4 Fl Oz of Magnum detox novelty synthetic urine. A 1.5 fl oz pack is also available, but we decided to purchase the bigger packet.
  • 1 Hand warmer that is useful to keep the pee warm. They also give the rubber band to wrap the hand warmer to the bottle.
  • 1 Flip Top cap
  • Instruction guide about how to use Magnum detox for better results.

How to use Magnum synthetic urine

First, you need to unwrap the packet and open the Magnum urine. Put the Magnum urine in the microwave for 10 seconds. Do not keep the Magnum urine in the microwave for more than 10 seconds. On the bottle, you will see the temperature strip that tells about the current temperature of the urine.

If urine is too hot, then let it loses its temperature. You should keep the Magnum urine between 94 to 100 temperature.

Use the hand warmer given with the kit to maintain the Magnum urine temperature. The hand warmer will keep urine warm for a long time. Use the rubber band to attach the Handwarmer to the Magnum urine.

What do we like about Magnum urine?

  • It is easy to use the Magnum synthetic, Just like any other premix synthetic urine
  • Magnum urine is easily available in the local head shop at a reasonable rate
  • It is beginner friendly product
  • it smells like real human urine, and it has a yellow color.
  • The kit contains all the components that you need for the experiment.

Does Magnum urine work for a drug test?

No, Magnum urine does not work for the drug test. There are several things that we don’t like about magnum urine.

You will not find any information about its chemical formula on the Magnum urine pack. We also look at the internet for its official website and contact details. But we don’t find its official website or contact details. So this is a big concern for its credibility.

You will not find details about its ingredients on the pack. Lab checks the ingredients present in the urine. You need clean human urine with no drug toxins.

Magnum urine is easily available in the head shop, but that does not mean you should use it for a drug test. Several synthetic urines available online are far better than the Magnum. One such fake urine brand that we recommend is TestClear. Powdered urine has an advanced formula and components that make it better for drug tests.

Does Magnum synthetic urine have uric acid and urea in it?

There is no clear information available about Magnum urine ingredients. Some people claim it contains urea and uric acid, but we don’t know about it.

What is the pH level in Magnum synthetic urine?

Real human urine has a pH in the range of 4.6 to 8.0. There is not enough information available about the pH level of Magnum urine.

How long is Magnum synthetic urine good?

No detailed information is available about Magnum synthetic urine’s shelf life. Once you open it, You should use it within a few days.

How much is Magnum detox synthetic urine?

Some store sells Magnum synthetic urine for 80$. It is expansive as compared to other synthetic urine.

How to check Magnum synthetic urine if expired

Look at the appearance of the Magnum synthetic urine. Check its color, smell, and appearance. If it is expired, don’t use it for your experiment.

How long does Magnum synthetic urine last?

Once you open Magnum synthetic urine, you should use it within 24 hours.

Can Magnum synthetic urine be detected?

Yes, labs can detect Magnum synthetic urine. Magnum urine does not have advanced formulas and components that are present in real urine. So you should avoid using Magnum urine for the drug test.


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