Does Melton truck lines drug test 2024?

Does the Melton truck lines drug test? Let’s find out in this post. The detailed look at the melton truck lines drug and background test policy.
Melton is one of the largest trucking companies in North America. More than 1200 truck drivers are working in the elton truck line. Melton truck lines is an excellent workplace for truck drivers. It offers lucrative job opportunities to fresher and experienced employees. However, to get the job in the Melton truck lines, you need to understand its drug test policy to prepare for it.

Melton truck lines drug test policy.

Melton truck lines conduct hair and urine drug tests to check the presence of the illicit substance. Melton truck lines conduct drug tests several times a year. The candidates must be clean from the illicit substance for at least six months. Melton truck lines drug test at orientation to ensure that the candidate is clean and has no influence of alcohol and drugs. The candidate must pass the DOT physical and NIDA-approved drug test to get the job at Melton truck lines.

Melton truck lines

Melton truck lines drug test preparation.

Urine test preparation:

The urine test requires a fresh 30ml urine sample for analysis. To prepare for the drug test, you must clean up from all kinds of drugs. The urine test can go back up to 2 weeks to detect the illicit substance from your urine. The toxin rid five-day detox program is an effective detox solution that clean your system from THC and other illicit substance. The toxin-rid program includes liquid, detox tables and fibres. It is an effective cleaning formula that removes toxins from your system and makes your body clean for the test.
Some people use synthetic urine, like powdered urine, to pass the urine test. The powdered urine is clean human urine that does not contain toxins.

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Hair test preparation:

A hair test can detect upto past 90 days of substance abuse. The hair test is more accurate than a urine test. A hair drug test collects hair from your scalp for analysis. IF there is not enough hair on the head, then the sample is taken from the body hair.
Passing the hair test requires extensive hair cleaning. It is because the traces of drug metabolites stay in the hair for a long time. So require effect hair detox shampoos like old style aloe rid and Zydot to clean your hair for the test. The aloe toxin rid shampoo opens the hair cuticles and removes the toxins from your hair.

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