Oral Clear Gum Reviews- Does It Really Neutralize Your Saliva In 30 Seconds?

Is it possible to remove toxins from your saliva in just 30 seconds? This review will tell you how to neutralize your saliva with Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum. Read a more detailed article below.

While you can be worried about getting through a sudden oral swab drug test that you were given no prior notice of, you could be in a significant need of assistance that would extract out and remove all the THCs and similar toxins present in your saliva and the nearby cheek cells to ensure that you get a negative drug test report no matter when the test is done.

Here in this article, we will talk about one such product, which is the Oral Clear Gum. Although termed a “Gum,” Oral Clear has no gummy characteristics. It is a simple and easy-to-use capsule compound filled with chemicals and substances that assures to neutralize the toxins, and so such gums as also called saliva neutralizing gums.

No doubt the Oral Clear Gum is expensive in the little purpose that it serves, but when you have your job at stake, hardly does the money matter. Therefore, many people rely on Oral Clear Gum to pass an instant saliva drug test. But is spending a wholesome amount of money on saliva neutralizing gum a wise decision, or is the product a mere wastage and holds no value for money? Let’s find it out.

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What is the Oral Clear Gum?

The Oral Clear Gum is a saliva neutralizing agent that is just the size of a regular capsule. It has a jelly-filled within that contains all the detoxifying ingredients and chemicals necessary to neutralize the saliva and remove the toxins from there. It is an expensive product, but it does provide you the value for money.

The Oral Clear Gum has a higher concentration of chemicals that can be filled in such a small size, and this is why the gum becomes worthy of use. It shows instant results, and the only thing you have to do is to chew the gum fastly and adequately so that the neutralization phenomenon happens quickly.

There is no gummy sort of feeling involved in this product. It is a mere capsule that contains jelly, which serves all the purposes of detoxification. Most importantly, these chemicals do not have any side effects on your mouth or body, so you can have this pill anytime without being concerned about your health.

How to Use the Oral Clear Gum?

Once you have a pack of Oral Clear Gum in your hands, the next thing you must know is the procedure to intake the gum and the instructions to be followed accordingly.

•First of all, you have to make sure to put the capsule in your mouth while no one’s watching. Once you have done this chew the pill properly so that all its liquid gets extracted. Be careful while chewing the gum; otherwise, the liquid or jelly might spill out of your mouth. To prevent this, it is advised that you seal your lips while biting the Oral Clear Gum.


•Next, you have to chew the pill in rotatory motion inside your mouth. This process is the most important one. You have to chew and bite the pill from every end, and that too quickly and fastly so that instant results can be seen. Also, be sure to put the liquid on your cheek cells and gum. For that purpose, you can even take help of your tongue. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes until and unless all the liquid completely gets filled in your mouth.

•Lastly, you can opt for two ways. Either you can spit the gum if no one is around or when no one is looking at you. If not this, you can swallow the Oral Clear Gum; it is absolutely safe to do so. There are no side effects or after-effects of the pill, so you can gulp it in without bothering. This way, you can painlessly pass the mouth swab drug test.

How Does the Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum Work?

The secret to neutralizing the toxins from the saliva lies in the components of the Oral Clear Gum. It contains several much-needed chemical substances that dominate over the effect of the toxic THCs and help in removing all the traces of any such substance that can be a trap for you in the drug test.

As you chew the gum, the jelly that is filled inside the capsule comes out and starts reacting with the saliva and the cheek cells. The reaction is done so that all your saliva of yours gets completed mixed in the jelly, and slowly, the toxins start getting diminished.

As you keep on chewing the gum, the concentration of the jelly fills your mouth, and hence the THCs are found in no way in the drug test. You get through the saliva drug test without any pain or trouble.

Why the Oral Clear Gum?

Now the question is, when this gum serves so little purpose in an amount as high as $90, why is it that people prefer to have it rather than having neutralizing mouthwashes that are made available to them at a much lower price. There are two prime reasons for that, let me tell you about them.

•Small and Compact Size
Firstly, the primary reason that the Oral Clear Gum has gained enough popularity over time amongst the drug consumers or smokers is that it is small and compact. Merely like any other chewing gum, this gum clears out all its ways to be suspected by anyone even if you take it along with you to all the places.

The Oral Clear Gum is compact and still functions effectively because it is the jelly-filled inside that does all the work for you. Basically, the jelly has a higher concentration of neutralizing compounds than can be constituted in a single pill. This is the prime reason the Oral Clear Gum is in much demand.

An inch-size capsule holds the power to help you pass a drug test with ease. All the chemicals being surrounded by a protective shell makes it convenient for a person to place the gum even in the pocket and not splash everything out. Also, you can carry the Oral Clear Gum wherever you go.

•Ease of Use
Suppose you are an employee in a trucking company and a police officer stops you for a roadside drug screening. A few minutes ago, you had a cigarette, and now you are worried about getting through the instant and sudden drug test clearly and conveniently. In such a case, you can blindly rely on the Oral Clear Gum.

The time between you being caught by the police officer and being taken for a saliva drug test demands you to open the packet of Oral Clear Gum and chew it instantly as fastly as possible. After 5 to 6 minutes, swallow the gum. This way, you will be able to neutralize your saliva quickly and in the minimal time involved.

Evidently, the Oral Clear Gum holds the ease of use and becomes a big savior to anyone during excessive times of need. All you need to be sure of is carrying a capsule of Oral Clear Gum with you every time, whether you are in your office or driving a vehicle, or at any place where there is a risk of a sudden drug test.

Oral Clear Gum Reviews

The Oral Clear Gum has been a great competitor for other detox mouthwashes because it is easily portable, and the reaction time of the product is quite soon. Unlike detox washes, you do not have to wait too long to remove the THCs from your saliva and mouth. As soon as you chew the gum, the liquid starts working on your saliva immediately.

Moreover, this capsule has no included side effects, and it can even be swallowed when you can not spit it out. Once used, the impact of the gum lasts for nearly 30 minutes. Hence, if you are detected within that period, you will likely have an adverse drug screening.

Almost all kinds of toxic substances that might be present in your saliva since the last time you smoked or took drugs will be washed away and neutralized by the gum. It has a higher concentration of chemicals responsible for balancing the saliva and the surrounding cheek cells. Although the Oral Clear Gum is costly, it is reliable too.

•Neutralizes drug toxins for half an hour.
•Easy to Use.
•Shows instant results.
•No kind of side effects.
•Gives fast and effective outcomes.
•It can be taken along anywhere.
•Neutralizes most of the harmful chemicals conveniently.
•No fear of being caught.
•It becomes more efficient with other detoxifying mouthwashes.

•Quite Expensive.
•Does not last longer than 30 minutes.
•The same gum can not be reused.

If money is not a constraint for you and you want to be safe for an oral swab drug test, it is recommended that you carry an Oral Clear Gum with you every time. Be it a sudden drug test at your office or while you drive on the roads, you always have 5 minutes before the procedure begins, and during that period, you can chew the gum and painlessly rely on it to give you the expected drug test report.

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