How to Help an Addicted Friend

Drug addiction is the issue that we all need to work together to fight against it. We have to take several steps to beat drug addiction. We have to help a drug addict person for recovery. If your friend or someone from your family is suffering from drug addiction, we need to take several steps to prevent drug abuse. Here is some Information On Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Workplace.

The first thing that we need to do to prevent drug abuse is to stop supporting it. If your friend is asking for a drug, you should not borrow him money. Addict people might ask you for money for household stuff like paying bills, groceries, or food. Instead of giving money to the addict directly, you can do him a favour by providing food items, groceries directly to the member of the drug addict person family.

drug addiction
If you give money to a drug addict person, then there are chances that he might use it for buying drugs. You have to think several times before loaning money to the drug addict person. For example, if you help the drug addicts person in every bad situation, he might feel that you are always there to help him out. So he can take you for granted and continues to smoke drugs.
It would be best if you avoided the activities that support the drug addict. For example, if your friend commits the crime because of the drug, don’t bail him out if your friend is partying all night and not focusing on his work. Then don’t help him to complete his work. The drug addict will realize that to survive, he must need to concentrate on work.
You can talk with your friend who is suffering from drug addiction. Ask him what causes him to get addicted to the drug. Drug addict people often misunderstood that no one in this world would help them. You need to talk with a drug addict and ensure that you will always be there to help him recover. Drug addicts should not feel lonely in a recovery phase.
If you notice something weird in your friend or family member’s behavior, then it can be the early sign of addiction. You need to talk with your friend and tell him about what you observed in such a case. Please don’t be rude to them. Talk with them in a friendly manner. You need to tell him about the consequences of drug addiction. Please encourage them to get the treatment, and you also need to make sure that they should not felt guilty or ashamed of the rehab process.
Once your friend agrees on participating in a rehab program. You have to ensure that you are always there to help his recovery process. By doing this, they will understand you are always there with them in every step.
The best thing you can do to help the drug addict person is to encourage them to get the treatment. There are chances that they will not start to make excuses. But you have to keep motivating them to get the treatment.
Helping people to get out of drug addiction s not going to be easy. You have to keep faith in yourself. You have to keep them motivate and encourage them to stop taking drugs.
Don’t get too involved with a drug addict person’s life. If your friend is still addicted to the drug, get out of their way.

Diet Tips For a Healthy Urinary System

The bladder is an essential organ of the human body. For an excellent urinary system, you need a healthy bladder. The bladder store the urine produced by the kidney. The kidney filters the blood and removes the waste from the body through urination. The bladder holds the urine until we release the pee through urination. A healthy bladder avoids building bacteria in your system. The bladder keeps you healthy by removing toxins from your body. It is essential to eat food that keeps the bladder healthy. Avoid food that irritates the bladder. If your diet contains food that irritates the bladder, you have to make some changes to your diet to keep your urinary system healthy. What we eat and drink affects the bladder. 

Here some diet tips and some diet changes that you should make to get the healthy urinary system.

urinary system

1>Stay hydrated.

Drinking the right amount of water can keep your body hydrated. Water is an essential part of the diet. Most people overlook the importance of water in the diet. Staying hydrated is the best thing you can do to keep your bladder happy. Dehydration increases the risk of urinary tract infection and smelly urine. Depend on your health conditions and body type. You should drink an appropriate amount of water.

2> Fresh vegetables:

Green vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Adding vegetables to your diet is good for overall health. You have to intake vegetables like cauliflower and kale, loaded with calcium and vitamin c to keep your bladder healthy. Adding potatoes to your diet can help you to improve bowel movement.

3> Fresh fruits:

Berries like strawberries, blueberries, and cranberries are good in taste and good for bladder health. Berries are rich in antioxidants that are good for the urinary system.

Fruits like apple and banana improve the bladder function

4>Healthy carbs:

Healthy carbs are good for the urinary system. Make sure you add carbs to your diet. Increasing carbs in diet can help improve the bladder’s function, and it also improves bladder movement. Add healthy carbs like oatmeal, brown rice, cereal, and whole grains to your diet.

5> High-fiber foods:

Eating fiber-rich food is suitable for people who are suffering from overactive bladder. High-fiber foods solve the problem of constipation. A high-fiber diet removes the pressure on the bladder, and it keeps the bowel movement regular. Foods that loaded with fiber are good for the urinary and digestive system. Try to include fiber-rich foods like beans, whole grain, leafy greens, lentils in your diet.

The high-fiber foods are not only good for your bladder but also good for losing weight.

6> Avoid Citrus

Juices like orange and pineapple juice can cause the problem of overactive bladder. Citrus fruits are rich in acid, which can irritate the bladder.

7> Limit caffeine intake:

Excess Caffeine intake can cause the problem of frequent urination. The herbal tee is an excellent alternative to caffeine which is right for your overall health.

8> Limit alcohol intake:

Alcohol increases the production of urine which causes the problem of frequent urination. Excess alcohol drinking can cause the problem of urine leakage. So it is better to limit your caffeine and alcohol drinking habits.

9> Limit dairy products:

Dairy products are good in a taste, but sometimes they can irritate the bladder. Dairy products that contain high lactose amounts can irritate the colon. Almond milk, eggs are good alternatives to dairy products.

10> Spicy foods:

Although spices add taste to the food, spicy food can irritate the bladder. You don’t need to eliminate spicy food from your diet completely, but still, you can minimize the intake of spicy food.

11> Increase protein amount:

Protein increases the strength of pelvic and bladder muscle. Meats, peanut butter, and fish are a good source of protein. It improves the function of the bladder and keeps our organs healthy.


Updating your diet with food that good for the bladder is all you need to do for the better urinary system.


12 Tips to Keep Your Bladder Healthy

Most people don’t take care of the bladder. They don’t know the importance of bladder in-person system. At a young age, we ignore the bladder’s health, and later when we get older, we regrate it. Most adults are suffering from problem-related with the bladder. As people get older, they start to suffer from various bladder problems like urinary tract infection, bladder infection and urinary incontinence. This post will share some of the best tips that improve bladder health and improve your overall urinary system. If you follow the advice that I shared below, most of the urine related problem will be solved.

bladder health
1> Hydration: I can’t stress enough how hydration is good for your body.95% of urine is water, and rest 5% is waste. If your urine has less water and more waste, it can cause several urine-related problems like smelly urine, dark or cloudy urine. We should drink plenty of water every day for better bladder health. We should at least drink 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Keeping your body hydrated is good for your bladder health. If you are suffering from kidney and health problem, then consult with your doctor about how much water is healthy for you.
2>Avoid Excess Alcohol and smoking a cigarette:
We heard many times that smoking is injuries to health. Excess alcohol consumption is bad for the liver and kidney. The kidney is the organ that produces urine. So the excess alcohol drinking and smoking cigarettes can damage the functionality of the liver and kidney.
3> Limit caffeine intake: The excess caffeine intake can cause frequent urination, smelly urine and polyuria. So limit your caffeine intake to avoid bladder problem.
4>Avoid constipation: Constipation puts pressure on the bladder. Eating foods that rich in fiber can solve the problem of constipation. Keep your body physically active and drink plenty of water to solve the problem of constipation. Here are the Diet Tips For a Healthy Urinary System.
5>Healthy weight:
Eating foods loaded with fiber help you to keep fit and active. People who suffer from obesity also suffer from several bladder problems.
6>Regular exercise:
Regular exercise is very important. It keeps you active. It fixes all your bladder related problem. Regular exercise will help you to lose weight. It also cures the problem of constipation.
7>Kegel exercise:
Kegel exercise increases the strength of the pelvic floor muscle, which supports the bladder. Doing kegel exercise increases the strength of the bladder. Kegel exercise prevents urine leakage and the problem of frequent urination.
8> Avoid holding urine:
Holding or delaying urine can affect the bladder. It can weaken the bladder muscle. Holding urine for a long time can cause urinary tract infection.
9>Do not force urination:
Do not force the muscle around the bladder to pee. Try to relax your muscle during urination so that it will relive the pressure present on bladder muscle.
10> Clean your genitals:
After using the toilet, you should clean your genitals to prevent bacteria from entering the urinary system.
11> Pee after sex:
Pee after sex is important for men and women. Peeing after sex will help you to flush the bacteria present in your urinary system. It also prevents urinary tract infection.
12> Wear lose cloth:
Do not wear tight underwear. Use light cotton underwear to keep the air around the urethra dry. Tight innerwear can cause infection, so avoid wearing tight jeans and underwear.

5 Most common urination mistakes

Nothing is better than emptying your bladder that is full of urine. The joy of emptying the bladder can be related to pee-gasm. You don’t have to force yourself for a bathroom visit. The urination happens naturally. The body will naturally tell you when you need to pee. So when you get the urge to pee, you have to visit the bathroom and relax your bladder by urination. We make a lot of mistakes related to the urination that leads to several urinary health issues. Do not force yourself to urinate. It is okay to force yourself to pee when the lab required your urine sample for the test. We can cure most of the urine related problem by changing our habits. Let’s talked about the mistake that we do when we urinate. We need to avoid these urination mistakes to cure most of the urinary problem that we face.

urination mistakes

5 Most common urination mistakes

1> Holding urine or delaying urine:
The most common mistake that we do is to holding or delaying urine. Sometimes when we busy with our work, we delay the trip to the bathroom for urination. Sometime when we are travelling, watching a movie or doing work can cause the delay. Due to the busy schedule, we ignore the urination urge. Ignoring urination urge and holding urine for a long time can cause several urinary system issues. Delaying urine or ignoring the urge to urination can cause leakage; it can also cause the bladder problem. People who hold urine for a long time can suffer from the problem of bad urine smell. We have also seen that children are avoiding going to the bathroom because of the urine smell.
My advice does not hold your urine for a long time. Go to the bathroom whenever you have the urge to urination. Take a break from your schedule and go to the bathroom.
2>Sometime when we are in a rush or when we are busy, we cannot empty our bladder fully. So when your bladder is not completely empty, it can lead to the urinary tract infection. To avoid the urinary tract infection, you have to take your time to empty your bladder fully. It will hardly take two minutes to empty your bladder.
It can also increase the chance of developing bladder stones, which is painful. The incomplete bladder can cause nocturia, frequent urination and urgency. It can also disturb your healthy life cycle. You are not able to concentrate on your work because of the incomplete bladder.
3> Some people has the habit of frequently going to the bathroom. They make their bladder overactive, which respond to the small volume. Meaning that whenever your bladder filled with little urine, it creates the urge for urination. It causes the problem of frequent urination than the normal. Going too often for urination can cause anxiety, anger and bladder problem.
4>While urinating, you should not force your muscle to pee out. Healthy bladder put urine out naturally without pushing your muscle. The pushing urine out can cause bladder obstruction, which affects the flow of urine. It can also cause the hernia problem. So don’t force yourself to pee.
5>The leading cause of urine related problems like smelly urine, dark urine is dehydration. The dehydration occurs when your body doesn’t get enough fluid. Dehydration changes the colour and smell of the urine. The clear or light colour urine is a sign of hydration. Dehydration can also cause urinary tract infection and kidney stones. To keep your body hydrated and to keep your kidney healthy, you should drink plenty of water.

Low urine output: Is decreased urine output a sign of kidney failure?

Oliguria is also known as Low or decreased urine output. Oliguria is most commonly seen in people who are sick. When your urine volume is less than 400 millilitres in 24 hours, then it is considered oliguria. The causes of low urine output range from a simple problems like dehydration to serious health issues like kidney failure. The body can produce less or more volume depending on the health of the kidney. Kidney problems weaken the ability of the kidney to produce urine. Kidney problems affect the filtration process, and hence it can cause low urine output.

low urine output

Low urine output can cause a serious problem if it lasts more than several days. Let’s talked about the potential causes of decreased urine output.

1> Dehydration:

When the body does not get enough water that it needs, then dehydration occurs. 60% of human body weight is water, and when we lost more than 3% of the water from our body, we begin to experiencing dehydration.

Illnesses like vomiting, diarrhea and fever use a lot of liquid in the body, which causes dehydration.

In the case of dehydration, the kidney preserves the water in the body by not releasing it. So people who suffer from dehydration face the problem of oliguria.

To treat dehydration, you have to intake a lot of water. Eat food and fruits that rich in liquid.

2> Blockage in the urinary tract:

Several health conditions and illnesses can block the urinary tract that can cause low urine output. Blockage in the urinary tract can prevent urine output from the body. Below are the several health conditions that can create a blockage in the urinary tract, which results in low urine output.

1> Enlarged prostate gland

2> Kidney stones

3> Surgery

4> Damage to the bladder

5> Cancer (bladder, prostate,colon,cervical)

x-ray, ultrasound test or CT scan test detect the blockages in the urinary tract


3> Infection or trauma:

Sometimes an infection, blood loss or trauma can cause the body to go into shock, which results in low urine output. Due to that, the kidney gets less blood to filter, which causes low urine output. Trauma and blood loss affect the flow of blood to the organ.

4> Medication:

Medication can cause the problem of low urine output. Medicines that include NSAIDs, ACE inhibitors, gentamicin can cause low urine output. Some chemotherapy drugs are harmful to the kidney, which can cause kidney problems.

If you are taking such medication, then you have to consult with the doctor. The doctor can adjust your dose or change your dose depending on your health condition.

5> Kidney failure:

Low urine output is one of the symptoms of kidney failure, although it is not a common symptom. You have to consult with the doctor for the treatments of kidney failure.

When to see a doctor

It would be best to see a doctor when you have constant low urine output for several days. If you have only one or two-day low urine output, you can cure the problem by intaking more water and food that is rich in liquid.

If you have low urine output for more than several days, you have to go to the doctor to check. The doctor can diagnose the causes of low urine output. The doctor may ask you about your illness and your other health problems. The doctor can ask you to do a CT scan, X-ray and blood test.


Should a man sit down to pee?

We all men stand up and pee, standing up to pee is often associated with men. Its fun to standing up to pee. Have you ever considered sitting down for pee? There are several health benefits of peeing sitting down for men. So today i am going to share the complete details on why all men should pee sitting down.

Should a man sit down to pee?

The research is done in 2007 mentioned that 42 per cent of a married man sat down to pee. In 2021, i can guarantee that these numbers are increased. Most men love to aim while they pee, other than aiming i don’t see any special benefit of standing up to pee. When you are drunk, you have to force yourself to aim your pee. To avoid the mess on the toilet seat, you have to ensure that your pee falls on the toilet commode and not on the floor. Here is the list of the 5 Most common urination mistakes that people do.

man urinating
Sitting down to pee eliminate all the cleaning hassle. When you sit down to pee, you don’t need to clean up the floor because your urine falls in the right place. You can pee faster when you are standing up to pee than the sitting down to pee. But when you sit down to pee, you feel more relaxed.
Dr. mills said that sitting down to pee is good for those people who can’t stand up for a long time. It is also suitable for people with a prostate problem to sit down for pee.
Sometime when our bladder is full of urine, sitting down to pee, can empty the bladder faster than standing up. If you always feel that there is little urine left that you think to get out of your body, sitting down to pee is the best option. Sitting down to pee can fully evacuate the bladder. There is nothing to worry about when you empties your bladder. It is only important that you empty your bladder. Whether you are standing or sitting emptying the bladder is important. Some men also hold the fart while peeing, which engages extra pee stiffing muscle, so they can’t completely empty the bladder. So they need to go to the toilet again for urination which causes the problem of frequent urination.
The countries like Japan and Sweden are encouraging the citizen to sit while peeing. Sitting to pee can make less noise than the stand and pee. You and your family will get peaceful sleep because you are silently using the bathroom without causing any disturbance. We also advise people to pee after sex because it can help in preventing urinary tract infection.

Pee Taste: What does human urine taste like?

Many people have a question regarding the taste of the urine. I know i get this question because of curiosity. No one wants to taste the urine unless you are drinking urine. This question arises when celebrity Cardi B ask on Twitter what is the taste of the urine. You might wonder that her Twitter account gets hacked, but it is not. It is the real question that Cardi B asked. Many website readers reach out to me with the same question. I have also seen similar questions on yahoo answers, Quora, and other forums. So i decided to write a post on this topic.

urine taste

What does human urine taste like?

I am not a urine drinker or fan of bear Grylls, but i can tell you a lot about the urine taste. There is nothing harm in drinking your urine, but you have to take very little urine, not a full glass of urine. If you feel disgusted, then don’t worry; take a drop of urine on your finger and taste it. Don’t worry, guys i am not telling you to taste your urine. I also know that some people do urine therapy for skin.

We have a common perception that urine taste is salty, but it is not always salty. The taste of urine varies from salty to bitterish. We all know about the colour of urine but don’t know a lot about urine taste. Urine consists of salt, water, and waste. But 95% of urine is water, so that that urine tests can be watery, saline, bitter, and salty. Bear Grylls once said that the taste of urine is terrible. He said urine taste is salty.

What we eat and drink makes up the urine, so diet can make pee taste different. Each person’s urine tastes different, so we can’t be sure that the taste of urine is the same for all. We have found that the taste of the urine is mostly salty. The urine contains uric acid, which has a sour taste. Sometimes due to health conditions can change the taste of the urine. Some medication that we intake for the disease treatment can change the colour and taste of the urine

The urine of the diabetes patient is sweet in a taste. the urine of a diabetic person contains glucose, which is sweet.

Sir Henry Wellcome did a detailed analysis of the urine flavours. ancient Sanskrit works of medicine classified the urine into:

1>Iksumeha: Iksumeha urine is sweet. It tastes like cane sugar can juice

2>Ksuermeha: Ksuermeha urine taste and smell like the potash

3>Sonitameha: Sonitameha is bloody urine. It tastes salty like blood.


5>Madhumeha: Madhumeha, also know as honey urine, is sweet. The diabetic patient has Madhumeha urine.

Peeing After Sex Benefits – Why You Should Pee After Sex

There are several benefits of peeing after sex. One of the benefits is that it prevents urinary tract infections. Women are more suffer from urinary tract infections than men. Peeing after sex can flush out the bacteria from the body. Peeing after sex is not necessary, but it is a good thing to do after sex.

Why You Should Pee After Sex

The bacteria in the bladder, urethra causes the urinary tract infection. Sexual intercourse can introduce bacteria into men’s and women’s bodies. Peeing after sex can flush these bacteria that entered into your body during the sex. Although we can’t be sure that this method works every time, you can try it without any side effects.

The urethra is closer to the vaginal opening; hence, there are high chances of UTI in women than in men. It is also not critical to pee as soon as you finished the sex. We can’t guarantee that peeing after sex will prevent urinary tract infection. Women have short urethra; hence, it is very easy for bacteria to travel to the bladder because they don’t need to travel much. So it is recommended for a woman to pee after sex to flush those bacteria. There is no harm in peeing after sex.

peeing after sex
There is no need to pee after oral sex because there is no contact of the vagina and penis during oral sex. Peeing after sex will prevent bacteria from entering the urethra because we flush the bacteria during urination. It is also recommended to pee after anal sex because there some chances that bacteria will move around to the vagina. There is no fixed time of urination before and after the sex. But it is better to pee within 30 minutes after the sex. There is no need to force yourself to pee immediately after sex. Don’t force yourself or your partner to pee. Because Urinating little urine will not effectively flush the bacteria in your bladder. So urinate when you have the urge of urinating. It is also essential to keep your body well hydrated to avoid painful urination after the sex. When your body is well hydrated, it will continuously flush bacteria present in the bladder.

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Low urine output: Is decreased urine output a sign of kidney failure?

Can peeing after sex prevent pregnancy?

Some people think that peeing after sex can prevent pregnancy, which is not true. Even if you go immediately go to pee after sex, peeing after sex won’t prevent pregnancy. The vaginal canal and urethra are two separate openings, so during sexual intercourse, the sperm is ejaculated into the vaginal canal and not into the urethra. Urine is released from the urethra, not from the vaginal canal. So peeing after sex won’t release the sperm from the vaginal canal.

Does peeing after sex prevent STI?.

Peeing after sex won’t prevent sexually transmitted infections. You have to use condoms for sex if you want to prevent the infection. We also advise men to sit down to pee because it effectively empties the bladder.

What if i don’t pee after sex?

There is no thumb rule that you have to pee after sex. Its your choice whether to pee or not after sex. Peeing after sex is one of the easy ways of preventing urinary tract infections.

Urine facials: Is putting urine on your face good?

There is a lot of debate about urine therapy, i was not fully aware of the topic of urine therapy. I know it is a little gross topic to talk about, but my blog is about urine research, so i got many questions regarding urine therapy. I know that many peoples use urine for health and skin treatment. I used to think about urine drinking and applying urine to the skin. So i decided to talk with the person that using urine therapy. So in this post, i will talk about urine therapy for the skin.
The person that i talked about urine therapy told me that his family using urine therapy for decades. His grandmother still use urine on her face. She still looks younger than other older adults. She even told her daughters to do the same. I did many searches regarding urine therapy, but no proven evidence suggests the benefits of urine for the skin. Many people in Asian counties drink human and cow urine. Urine therapy is also mentioned in Ayurveda urine therapy.

urine therapy for skin problems
We all suffer from several skin-related problems such as acne, wrinkles. People who did urine therapy told me that they are getting good benefits from it. There are not many people who openly talked about urine therapy, so there is very little information available.
People who use urine therapy use fresh morning urine for the therapy. They apply the fresh urine to the face and wait for 15 to 20 minutes. Then they wash the face with water. Some people also apply urine to the skin twice a day. The idea behind urine therapy is that the acid in the urine removes the dead layers of skin.
They told me that their majority of skin problems are now solved. They have little to no acne and wrinkles. They said to me that urine therapy is better than expensive skincare products. The urine consists of 95% of water, so you are using water to cure your skin related problems. There are many benefits of urine therapy that you can find on the internet.
I will not undergo urine therapy. There are multiple reasons behind that.
There is very little information about urine therapy, plus there is no evidence that shows the urine therapy for skin works.
The urine can contain bacteria that might good for our skin. I am not comfortable applying urine to the skin.

So i don’t recommend urine therapy as of now. I probably change my mind if there is scientific evidence and research-backed urine therapy. If you want to try urine therapy, then you can give it a try. Make sure you try the therapy by taking a little amount of urine for the test. If you see any benefits, then try applying urine to the whole skin.

Urine Color : What color urine is dangerous?

Urine tells a lot about personal health, but only a few people think about the urine color until they see something unusual about the urine’s color and smell. The normal color of human pee is pale yellow, but some time due to some health conditions, urine color changes.

Most of the time urine color is related to the hydration status of the body. So when you are hydrated, the color of the urine is clear or pale yellow. But when you are dehydrated the color of urine changes to brown, dark yellow. The urine consists of water, waste and salt, so the food we eat affects the urine color. Medication can also affect urine color. Sometimes urine color indicates the status of your overall health.

Is Your Urine Color Warning You?

Lets talked about the health concern associated with the color of the urine.

urine color
1>Clear urine:
There is no need to worry about clear urine. It indicates that your body is hydrated enough. Sometimes excess water can lead to the intoxication and can dilute the electrolyte.
2>Yellowish or amber color:
The color of urine is in the range of yellow to amber, when you increase the water intake then the color of urine gets diluted.
3> Red urine:
Some food like beets, blackberry, and rhubarb can turn the urine color to red or pink. Sometimes due to some health issues can turn urine color to red. The urinary tract infection in the urinary system can cause blood in the urine. Kidney and bladder cancer, kidney stones can change the color of the urine to the red. The red color is due to blood in the urine. Medication that used to treat tuberculosis and constipation can cause red urine.
4>Orange urine:
Dehydration can cause orange color urine. Orange color urine can cause due to the problem in the liver. Anti-inflammatory and chemotherapy drugs can also change the color of the urine to the orange.
5>Blue or green urine :
The food color you used in cooking food can change the urine color to blue or green. Dyes that used in the medical test can cause green or blue color urine. Green urine can cause due to the bacteria in the bladder.
6>Dark or brown urine :
Dark brown urine is due to the less water intake in your body. Dark or brown urine is mainly due to Dehydration. Urinary tract infection can cause dark or brown urine. Kidney problem can cause dark color urine. Drugs that are used to treat malaria, laxatives and antibiotics can darken the urine. Foods like aloe, rhubarb and beans can darken the urine
7> Cloudy urine :
Medical conditions or health issues can cause cloudy urine. Cloudy urine can be due to kidney stones and kidney infection. Cloudy urine can be due to the urinary tract infection. Cloudy urine with bubble or foam indicates some serious health problems. You need to consult with the doctor when you have a bubble or foam in your urine.