Pee Taste: What does human urine taste like?

Many people have a question regarding the taste of the urine. I know i get this question because of curiosity. No one wants to taste the urine unless you are drinking urine. This question arises when celebrity Cardi B ask on Twitter what is the taste of the urine. You might wonder that her Twitter account gets hacked, but it is not. It is the real question that Cardi B asked. Many website readers reach out to me with the same question. I have also seen similar questions on yahoo answers, Quora, and other forums. So i decided to write a post on this topic.

urine taste

What does human urine taste like?

I am not a urine drinker or fan of bear Grylls, but i can tell you a lot about the urine taste. There is nothing harm in drinking your urine, but you have to take very little urine, not a full glass of urine. If you feel disgusted, then don’t worry; take a drop of urine on your finger and taste it. Don’t worry, guys i am not telling you to taste your urine. I also know that some people do urine therapy for skin.

We have a common perception that urine taste is salty, but it is not always salty. The taste of urine varies from salty to bitterish. We all know about the colour of urine but don’t know a lot about urine taste. Urine consists of salt, water, and waste. But 95% of urine is water, so that that urine tests can be watery, saline, bitter, and salty. Bear Grylls once said that the taste of urine is terrible. He said urine taste is salty.

What we eat and drink makes up the urine, so diet can make pee taste different. Each person’s urine tastes different, so we can’t be sure that the taste of urine is the same for all. We have found that the taste of the urine is mostly salty. The urine contains uric acid, which has a sour taste. Sometimes due to health conditions can change the taste of the urine. Some medication that we intake for the disease treatment can change the colour and taste of the urine.¬†

The urine of the diabetes patient is sweet in a taste. the urine of a diabetic person contains glucose, which is sweet.

Sir Henry Wellcome did a detailed analysis of the urine flavours. ancient Sanskrit works of medicine classified the urine into:

1>Iksumeha: Iksumeha urine is sweet. It tastes like cane sugar can juice

2>Ksuermeha: Ksuermeha urine taste and smell like the potash

3>Sonitameha: Sonitameha is bloody urine. It tastes salty like blood.


5>Madhumeha: Madhumeha, also know as honey urine, is sweet. The diabetic patient has Madhumeha urine.

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