Peeing After Sex Benefits – Why You Should Pee After Sex

There are several benefits of peeing after sex. One of the benefits is that it prevents urinary tract infections. Women are more suffer from urinary tract infections than men. Peeing after sex can flush out the bacteria from the body. Peeing after sex is not necessary, but it is a good thing to do after sex.

Why You Should Pee After Sex

The bacteria in the bladder, urethra causes the urinary tract infection. Sexual intercourse can introduce bacteria into men’s and women’s bodies. Peeing after sex can flush these bacteria that entered into your body during the sex. Although we can’t be sure that this method works every time, you can try it without any side effects.

The urethra is closer to the vaginal opening; hence, there are high chances of UTI in women than in men. It is also not critical to pee as soon as you finished the sex. We can’t guarantee that peeing after sex will prevent urinary tract infection. Women have short urethra; hence, it is very easy for bacteria to travel to the bladder because they don’t need to travel much. So it is recommended for a woman to pee after sex to flush those bacteria. There is no harm in peeing after sex.

peeing after sex
There is no need to pee after oral sex because there is no contact of the vagina and penis during oral sex. Peeing after sex will prevent bacteria from entering the urethra because we flush the bacteria during urination. It is also recommended to pee after anal sex because there some chances that bacteria will move around to the vagina. There is no fixed time of urination before and after the sex. But it is better to pee within 30 minutes after the sex. There is no need to force yourself to pee immediately after sex. Don’t force yourself or your partner to pee. Because Urinating little urine will not effectively flush the bacteria in your bladder. So urinate when you have the urge of urinating. It is also essential to keep your body well hydrated to avoid painful urination after the sex. When your body is well hydrated, it will continuously flush bacteria present in the bladder.

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Can peeing after sex prevent pregnancy?

Some people think that peeing after sex can prevent pregnancy, which is not true. Even if you go immediately go to pee after sex, peeing after sex won’t prevent pregnancy. The vaginal canal and urethra are two separate openings, so during sexual intercourse, the sperm is ejaculated into the vaginal canal and not into the urethra. Urine is released from the urethra, not from the vaginal canal. So peeing after sex won’t release the sperm from the vaginal canal.

Does peeing after sex prevent STI?.

Peeing after sex won’t prevent sexually transmitted infections. You have to use condoms for sex if you want to prevent the infection. We also advise men to sit down to pee because it effectively empties the bladder.

What if i don’t pee after sex?

There is no thumb rule that you have to pee after sex. Its your choice whether to pee or not after sex. Peeing after sex is one of the easy ways of preventing urinary tract infections.

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