Powdered urine kit- Undetectable Dehydrated Human Pee For Lab Test

Are you looking to pass a urine drug test on short notice? Try the test clear real urine simulation product to clear the test. This Real powdered pee kit better than any other synthetic urine or fake pee products.

What is powdered urine?

Powdered urine is a drug-free artificial urine powder manufactured by Testclear with accurate pH, Specific gravity, smell, creatinine level, urea, uric acid, ammonia, nitrate, and other chemical compounds.
The powdered urine includes the urine components in dried form, and when added to water, the solution becomes the real urine.
The powdered urine consists of natural human urine components in appropriate amounts. When the powder dissolves in the water, it will make a genuine urine sample with all the characteristics of real human urine.

Pass Urine Drug Test with Testclear.com


powdered urine kit

Powdered urine offers various medical and educational research benefits as it helps researchers get quality human urine. It is also used for pranks and passing the supervised and unsupervised drug test.
The powdered urine can be stored at room temperature and prepared quickly with water. The powdered synthetic urine is clean and toxin-free, preventing the risk of diseases. The process of making powdered synthetic urine is easy and does not require any harsh chemicals.
Powdered urine mimics natural human urine and can be used for various educational purposes.

As the name says, real powdered urine is nothing but dehydrated human urine. You must be thinking about what the use of it is.

Well, as you already know now that for every company, you have to pass a pre-employment test. So, if you have any such test and you know that you cannot detox your body, then using powdered human urine is the best solution.

Just like synthetic urine, powdered synthetic urine is like real urine; however, it is dried or in a form of the powdered form. 

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Human urine composition:

The natural healthy human urine contains 90% water. The remaining 10% includes urea, urea (2%), creatinine (0.1%), uric acid (0.03%), chloride, sodium, potassium, sulfate, ammonium, phosphate, and other ingredients said by Dr. Neslihan Sarigul in his research on A New Artificial Urine Protocol to Better Imitate Human Urine.

The figure shows the compounds found in human urine and their ranges.

Powdered urine composition:

The powdered urine consists of organic substances like Uric acid and creatinine and inorganic substances like Chloride, Phosphate, Bicarbonate, Sulphate, and Ammonia.

The powdered urine has phosphate buffer, which keeps the urine pH in the range of 4 to 9.

Here is the composition of powdered urine.




Molarity (mM)


Quantity (g/100 ml)

Na2SO4 11.965 0.1700
C5H4N4O3 1.487 0.0250
Na3C6H5O7.2H2O 2.450 0.0720
C4H7N3O 7.791 0.0881
CH4N2O 249.750 1.5000
KCl 30.953 0.2308
NaCl 30.053 0.1756
CaCl2 1.663 0.0185
NH4Cl 23.667 0.1266
K2C2O4.H2O 0.19 0.0035
MgSO4.7H2O 4.389 0.1082
NaH2PO4.2H2O 18.667 0.2912
Na2HPO4.2H2O 4.667 0.0831


 Powdered urine components and its usage in powdered urine.

  • Na2SO4 (Sodium Sulfate) – It is used as an electrolyte to mimic the ionic composition of urine.
  • C5H4N4O3 (Uric Acid) – It is a component of real urine.
  • Na3C6H5O7.2H2O (Sodium Citrate Dihydrate) – It is used for pH adjustment to match real urine.
  • C4H7N3O (Creatinine) – It is a component of real urine.
  • CH4N2O (Urea) – It is a major component of real urine.
  • KCl (Potassium Chloride) – It provides potassium ions.
  • NaCl (Sodium Chloride) – It provides sodium and chloride ions.
  • CaCl2 (Calcium Chloride) – It provides calcium ions.
  • NH4Cl (Ammonium Chloride) – It provides ammonium ions.
  • K2C2O4.H2O (Potassium Oxalate Monohydrate) – It provides oxalate ions.
  • MgSO4.7H2O (Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate) – It provides magnesium ions.
  • NaH2PO4.2H2O (Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate) – It provides phosphate ions.
  • Na2HPO4.2H2O (Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate) – It provides phosphate ions.

Using powdered urine sample during a drug test

Using drug-free human urine as a sample for a drug test depends on whether the test is observed or not. If the specialist observes your test, then you will have to be very careful with the sample.

It consists of the following things:

  • A vial that contains powdered urine.
  • 50 ml of plastic medical transport.
  • Temperature strip.
  • Air-activated heaters.

How to use a powdered urine kit?

You need to remember the following guidelines to use powdered pee:

  • Take a tube and put some powdered human urine in it.
  • In the next step, fill the tube with water and close the tube with the blue cap. Shake the tube until the powder dissolves.
  • In the next step, open the heater package and peel off the paper of one heater. Stick it to the backside of the tube and opposite to the temperature strip. 

Note – Remember to verify the temperature of the urine sample before you perform the test.

To get positive results make sure you follow the guide carefully.


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The powdered synthetic urine should be used within 1 hour after the preparation. After 1 hour, the decomposition process starts, and it can affect the urinary components present in the urine. Keep the synthetic urine in the refrigerator (around 4 degrees C) to slow down the decomposition process.

After mixing with the water, the powdered synthetic urine should be color Yellow (light/pale to dark/deep amber)

Test clear – All You Need to Know About

Test clear.com is a company that offers you almost everything you need to have to perform tests. Not only urine, but it also provides you everything you need to perform tests. The kit is similar to other packages which you can find in the market with slight differences.

When it comes to differences, the very first difference is its form. Unlike other units, it comes in powdered form, which means that other companies will provide you liquid samples, but here you will get powdered form urine.

As it is available in powdered form, you need a little preparation for it. You need to mix it with water and make a solution. But you don’t need to worry about it. Follow the instructions, and you can easily do everything.

Along with so many merits, the product has some demerits also. The very first downside of the product is that you cannot use it for a long time if mixed once. If you keep it for more than 48 hours, it will expire.

Moreover, it doesn’t have a consistent success rate. However, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work at all, but it can create problems also in some situations.

Where can I get clean urine for sale?

To pass a urine test, you need to have Clean human urine. TestClear offers a clean urine kit at an affordable rate.

Powdered Urine Failure

In many cases, you will find that there are people who say that it didn’t work or they didn’t get positive results. But, in all cases, it is no fault of the product.

Many times it happens that you don’t go through the instructions, and at last, you get nothing but disappointment. So, read all the given instructions carefully, then only go for the experiment.

To make proper use of it, you need to be careful with certain things such as temperature, its expiry time, etc. Here is the detail guide on how to keep warm.

You need to remember that you can submit your sample only if it lies between the temperature 90 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use the urinator kit to keep urine at right temperature. 

Test clear urine kit also provides you a heating pad so that if your sample cools down, you can heat it again. If you don’t want to use test clear urine for the urine drug screening then you can try the quick fix synthetic urine. Here is the detailed quick fix synthetic urine review.

Frequently Asked Questions?

 Where can I use real urine simulation product?

 Whenever you go for any pre-employment tests and you are not sure about your body detox, you can take the help of clean powdered pee.

Is Powdered Urine Real Urine?

Yes, powdered urine is 100% real urine. It has all the ingredients that are present in real human urine.

Will powdered urine pass a government or court-ordered test? 

We do not recommend anyone use powdered urine to pass the court-ordered drug test. You should refrain from using fake urine products to pass the government drug test. Testclear freeze-dried human urine is not designed to pass the court-ordered drug test.

Is the powdered urine kit a way to get clean of drugs?

No, powder urine is not meant to detox the body from the drug. If you want to clean your body from the drug, you should try Toxin rid or Mega clean detox program.

Where to find powdered urine for a drug test closest to my location?

You will not find powdered urine at a local store. So the only way to purchase Testclear urine is through its official website testclear.com

Can employment drug screens detect powder urine?

No, powdered urine is made up of real human urine and is toxin-free, making it difficult for employment drug screens to detect powdered urine.

Will mixed powdered urine go bad?

Yes, mixed powdered urine will go bad if it is not used within 72 hours. So once you make powdered urine, you should use it within 72 hours. After that, it will not be effective for passing the urine test.

How much water do you add to powder urine?

You can add upto 50ml water to powder urine. You must purchase an extra vial if you need more than 50 ml for the experiment. Do not add more than 75ml of water.

How to warm powdered urine for drug test

The powdered urine kit has two air-activated heaters that you can use to keep powdered urine warm. Make sure you add the room temperature water into the powder. The heater will keep the powdered urine at the right temperature.

What type of water should I use for powder urine, distilled or purified?

You can use any water you want but make sure it is clean. 

How to carry powdered urine to a drug test

The best place to hide powdered urine for drug tests is around your private area. Women can conceal the powdered urine in their bras, and men can hide it in their underwear.

Can powdered urine be reheated for a drug test?

Yes, you can reheat powdered urine for a drug test. But make sure you reheat the sample once. If you keep warming the sample, then there are chances that the sample will go bad. Reheat the powdered urine only once if you keep the sample in the refrigerator.

Powdered urine or use a sample from a friend?

Avoid using a friend’s urine for the test. There are chances that your friend had taken drugs in the past, and they might show up in the urine. So it is better to use toxin-free powdered urine.

How hard is it to use powdered urine?

It is straightforward to use TestClear urine. Follow the steps given with the kit, and you are ready to pass the urine test.

Do head shops sell powdered urine?

No, you will not find powdered urine or other Testclear products in your nearby shop. So the only place to purchase clean urine is Testclear.

Will powdered urine give suspicious results on a urinalysis?

No, powdered urine is 100% toxin-free human urine, so it will not give any suspicious results. 

Does powdered urine expire?

 If you add water to the powdered urine, you use the sample within 72 hours after that sample expires, which will not give you the desired result.

Can you freeze pee?

Yes, you can freeze powdered urine.

Add room temperature water to freeze-dried human urine and use a heater to warm the urine.

 How to use freeze dried urine?

 One of the easy ways to use freeze-dried urine is to add warm water to it. Then put the freeze dried piss in the urine bag or the container. Hide this urine bag in your pant.

The Final Verdict

It is well-known to everyone that nowadays every company conducts a pre-employment test to make sure that the employee is healthy and in your busy and hectic schedule, you can barely remember anything. It may happen that you have consumed alcohol and forgot, or you may not be able to detox your body.

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So, in such cases, it is helpful. I gave you all the details about the product, and its merits, demerits, preparation, usage, etc.

If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to contact and ask.

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