Does Pride Transport Drug Test 2024

Does pride transport drug test? Let’s find out in this post. Pride transport is a small trucking company that offers excellent job opportunities to new and experienced drivers. Based in Utah, Pride transport has been in the industry for around 40 years. Pride transport offers industry standard salary and bonus, which makes it one of the best trucking companies for work.

Pride Transport drug test policy.

Pride Transport conducts the drug test As per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guideline. If you want to make a career as a truck driver in the transport industry, then you have to pass the DOT physical exam. The DOT physical exam checks whether the candidate is physically and mentally stable for driving on the road. The drug test is used to check the presence of cocaine, opiates, weed, and other illicit substance in a person’s body. Several drug tests, such as urine, hair, and saliva, are used to check for illicit substances in a person’s body.

Pride Transport Drug Test

Each test has its advantages and disadvantage. The pre-employment drug test is conducted to ensure that the truck driver is clean and does not have the influence of illicit drugs. The truck driver must get tested multiple times a year to ensure that the truck driver is clean from illicit drugs and alcohol.

Employers can also conduct drug tests when they notice a change in the employee’s behavior. The drug test is also conducted after the truck accident that involves fatal injury.

What kind of drug test does the Federal Motor pride transport conduct?

The pride transport uses urine or hair drug tests to check the presence of the illicit substance. Pride Transport has the right to decide the drug test type.

Pride Transport drug test preparation.

The drug test can detect past substance abuse, so the truck driver needs to stay clean before the drug test. Avoid taking drugs and alcohol. Avoid visiting places where drugs and alcohol are consumed. If you have previously consumed any illicit substance, then use a detox program to remove the illicit substance from your body.

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