Does Publix drug test 2024

Does Publix drug test applicants and employees? Let’s find out the detail about its drug test policy, what kind of drug test it uses and how to prepare for the Publix drug test.

Founded in 1930 by George W. Jenkins, Publix is one of the largest employee own supermarkets that sell all kinds of grocery items. Publix offers customers a great shopping experience, so they buy grocery items from the right store.

Publix offers great part-time and full-time job opportunities. Around 83% of Publix employees mention Publix is a great workplace. So if you want a job in a positive, safe, and supportive company, Publix is a great place to work. Publix also offers great benefits to college students and part-time workers.

But to get the job in Publix, you must understand its drug test policy.

Publix drug test

Publix drug test policy:

Publix is committed to providing a safe and secure environment to the customer so that the customer can have a great shopping experience without any worries. It is prohibited to pose any kind of illicit or street drugs on the Publix premises. Publix uses drug tests to prevent substance abuse. Publix conducts random drug tests in the following cases:

  • Employer notices any suspicious drug-related activity in the Publix workplace.
  • Employer notices any employee is working under the influence of drugs
  • Employer found cocaine, weed, opiates and other illicit substance in the workplace

Publix also conducts random drug tests in case of an accident that causes injury or damage to Publix’s property.

Types of Drug Tests Used by Publix: What to Expect

Publix uses mouth swabs and urine drug tests to check the presence of illicit substances in a person’s body. A mouth swab drug test is often used for random employee drug testing. The employer can ask the employee to give the Mouth swab drug test when the employer suspects the particular employee is working under the influence of a drug.

Publix Drug Test Preparation: Getting Ready for the Test

The mouth swab drug test can detect past five to 48 hours of substance abuse. It cannot detect past week or month substance abuse. So to prepare for the mouth swab drug test, you should stop consuming any illicit substance at least 48 before the test. However, Publix does the random mouth swab drug test without giving prior notice to the employee. So preparing for the Publix mouth swab drug test is always better.

One of the best ways to prepare for a mouth swab drug test is to use the oral choice neutralize gum. The Oral Clear gum is the best salvia neutralize gum that cleanses all the drug toxins from your saliva in just 30 seconds. So it is better to keep the oral clear gum to pass the random mouth swab drug test.


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