Quick Fix Pro Belt kit review – How To Use It For Better Result

Quick Fix Urine PRO belt kit claims a 99% success rate but does it help you to beat urine tests? Let’s find out in this Pro Belt kit review

Getting a urine drug test, whether you’ve done drugs or not, is a pain. Getting clean is also a headache since most individuals don’t want to deal with a detox routine and want to pass their tests and return to everyday life. There’s always the fake urine approach for folks like that.

While many urine peddlers may attempt to sell you a barely presentable product, certain firms go over and above the call of duty to deliver high-quality fake pee solutions. This is where Spectrum Labs and Quick Fix come in. Let’s look at their incredible Quick fix pro belt kit 4 ounce and how it may assist you in passing your next drug test.

Quick Fix Pro Belt kit review

To begin with, it is designed to be chemically similar to human urine. This is more than simply yellow water. The substance is so genuine that it is often used as a urine replacement in situations such as animal repellent or scientific research. Even better, Quick Fix pee (more on Quick Fix Synthetic Urine in this review) is often used to calibrate drug testing equipment, making it the ideal to utilize to get past one.

It passes the eye test with flying colors, and it also passes chemical tests with flying colors. It includes urea, creatinine, and all other organic chemicals found in a standard cup of urine, ensuring that you’ll easily mislead any naïve tester. Quick Fix is based on an ever-changing formula, and the newest Version 6.3 iteration is guaranteed to provide the most outstanding results.

This is OK if you need to give someone a full cup and be done with it. However, drug testers may want to examine you while peeing to ensure you aren’t faking it. Because most establishments will not have you urinate in their general direction out of respect, we can take advantage of this. Sure, you can rapidly pour a cup while facing the other way, but it’s not recommended. You’ll need a kit that makes it seem like you’re committing the act. The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit comes in handy in this situation.

Quick Fix Pro Belt kit


Quick fix pro belt kit for professionals

The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit, which is now available on the Spectrum Labs website, assures that you will successfully extract your test sample every time. There’s no need to experiment with prosthetics or shady makeshift solutions when this belt kit includes everything you need to pass your drug test. And, like all Spectrum Labs products, it is designed to give you the most excellent product available.

The belt is one size fits everyone. There’s no need to go around fiddling with size charts. This is suitable for both men and women. It effortlessly connects to the waist and detaches without any difficulty. It’s discreet, and you won’t see it under clothes as long as you’re not wearing anything skintight.


Another miracle is the urine bag. It’s a medical-grade vinyl bag that contains biocides that prevent bacterial development. Did you realize your pee is entirely sterile? Your fake urine will be, too. The bag materials are also hypoallergenic and rip-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about wetting yourself on your trip to the testing facility.

If you’ve ever dealt with fake urine or done your homework, you’ll know that you need to ensure it’s warm before giving it in. There is no reason to be concerned. The pee bag is microwave-safe, so you can throw it there and wait. The package also includes a concrete adhesive heating pad that you put in the bag to keep warm until it’s time to submit your sample.

How to use quick fix belt kit

If you’ve purchased your own Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit, it’s crucial to understand how to use it properly. Let’s do this together, shall we?

  1. Heating

You must ensure that your specimen is between 94 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your sample at body temperature is critical to ensuring it passes unnoticed. The simplest method is to stick the adhesive heating pad to your skin for a few minutes. While it works, it takes some time for the sample to warm up. Fortunately, there is a nuclear option.

  1. Making Use of the Belt

You’ve probably worn a belt before. Slip on the elastic waistband and adjust it to fit your waist. It doesn’t have to be overly tight or anything; just comfy. But don’t get too comfortable. A loose belt will sag, and you’ll give it away before the exam begins.

  1. Before You Enter

Five minutes before you go in, check the temperature of your sample. Before handing it along, you’ll want to ensure it’s at the proper temperature. Because you can feel how warm it is via the cup, anything that isn’t warm to the touch is questionable.

  1. Submit the Sample

Insert the nozzle section into the cup and squeeze to extract the contents. Don’t push yourself too hard; merely attempt to mimic the pressure of peeing. Fill the cup halfway, then empty the remainder into the toilet as you would if you were urinating. You should be OK if you hand it over.


Bottom Line

The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit is made of industrial-grade materials that can resist even the most negligent treatment. The bag’s medical-grade vinyl is inert to synthetic pee and will not contaminate the urine sample. It is also very durable and difficult to tear. Simultaneously, vinyl is a non-allergenic material that will not irritate delicate skin or allergies.

Regarding the elastic band to which the urine bag is fastened, industry-grade cotton is the material of choice. Not only is the material flexible and can fit men and women of all sizes, but it is also quite durable, making the Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit a product you can use for a long time.

Cold storage is required for synthetic urine to retain its characteristics and extend its shelf life. This is troublesome for accurate testing since a cooled urine sample might arouse suspicion. 


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